Recreation in the Kaliningrad region: sea, beaches, hotels, fishing

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Recreation in the Kaliningrad region: sea, beaches, hotels, fishing
Recreation in the Kaliningrad region: sea, beaches, hotels, fishing

The Kaliningrad region is separated from the rest of our country by land borders and international sea waters. But the uniqueness of this region is not limited to this. People come here to enjoy the beauties of nature, get spa treatment, and also see interesting sights. Today we will talk in detail about holidays in the Kaliningrad region, where you can stay and what to do in your free time.

rest in the Kaliningrad region

Climate and weather

This region can please tourists with frost-free winters, when the temperature rarely drops below -6 °C, and warm summers. In July, the air temperature usually reaches 21 °C. What else can please tourists in the Kaliningrad region? The sea warms up to 18 °C, and in some places up to 21 °C. The climate in the region is close to temperate continental and maritime, and there are not many sunny days.less than in Sochi.


Since the development of the region is closely connected with tourism, hotels, inns, guest houses and tourist bases have been opened in cities and towns. If you wish, you can stay in the private sector or rent a city apartment.

Hotels in the Kaliningrad region are marked with stars, which indicate the level of comfort and service. However, before you book a place, search the Internet for reviews and read what guests who have been here have to say.

sanatoriums of the Kaliningrad region

Treatment in the Kaliningrad region

One of the main healing factors in this region is the climate. The air is saturated with particles of sea s alt, as well as compounds of iodine and bromine. Meteorology also plays an important role in this process. The fact is that under the influence of their fluctuations, a person’s metabolism is activated, the cardiovascular system works better and the respiratory system begins to function well. In addition, tests show that patients have increased blood oxygen levels.

Treatment and recreation in the Kaliningrad region is also attractive because here you can carry out therapy with healing peat mud. They improve the condition of joints and muscles, help with chronic diseases of the nervous system, and also treat gynecological diseases.

hotels in the Kaliningrad region

Local mineral waters are the pride of the inhabitants of this region. The brands "Svetlogorskaya" and "Zelenogradskaya" were awarded bronze, silver and gold medals forvarious international exhibitions.

Sanatoriums of the Kaliningrad region

Next, we will talk about where you can get treatment and relax if you decide to come to this wonderful land:

  • Sanatorium "Yantarny Bereg" is one of the best he alth resorts in the region. It is located away from the central streets of Svetlogorsk in a green, ecologically clean area. Gynecological diseases, neurology, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, digestive organs, and the cardiovascular system are treated here. Aromatherapy, mud therapy, hirudotherapy, massages, dietary nutrition, as well as balneotherapy are used here. The sanatorium has a good diagnostic base, which includes clinical and biochemical laboratories, an ECG room, ultrasound diagnostics and much more. On the territory there are wells with warm mineral water, as well as wells supplying a strong bath solution.
  • Sanatorium "Yantar" (Svetlogorsk city) is a wonderful medical resort complex, which is known for its medical and diagnostic base, qualified personnel and modern equipment. High level of service, comfortable rooms and developed infrastructure will make your stay pleasant and memorable. People often come here with problems of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the heart, respiratory organs and the nervous system. In addition, they provide assistance with urological problems, gynecological diseases and diseases of the urinary tract. The sanatorium accepts not only adults, but also children. Babies get qualifiedtreatment and breathe fresh sea air, which improves sleep and appetite. There are children's rooms for the little ones, playgrounds and attractions, a cinema and a cafe.
  • Sanatorium "Zelenogradsk" (city of Zelenogradsk) is one of the oldest and most popular institutions on the B altic coast. It is located in the resort area of ​​the city, 20 meters from the sea. Affordable prices for tours, highly qualified staff and a wide range of treatment attract many vacationers here every year. In addition, holidaymakers are attracted by clean white beaches, a mild maritime climate, beautiful landscapes, and the presence of their own peat mud and mineral water.

Sanatoriums of the Kaliningrad region have a lot of advantages. Low prices, amazing nature and ample opportunities for treatment - this is just a small part of them.

Beaches of the Kaliningrad region

The western border of this region is a continuous series of beaches. The best of them is considered "Amber" and located on the Kushir Spit. If infrastructure is important to you, then pay attention to the beaches of Zelenogradsk and Svetlogorsk. Those who want to escape from civilization should go to the B altic Spit, Primorye and Kulikovo.

beaches of the Kaliningrad region

The beaches of the Kaliningrad region are very clean and long. They are divided into equipped, belonging to sanatoriums and camp sites, and "wild". In some places it is forbidden to make fires and put up tents, so take care of food and accommodation in advance.


The quarries of the B altic Sea, numerous rivers and lakes attract anglers from all over the country and neighboring countries to this region. Fishing in the Kaliningrad region is of interest to many people. According to statistics, more than 600 thousand people visit the reservoirs every year. Most of them come from the CIS countries, while the rest come from Poland, Austria, Germany and many other European countries.

fishing in the Kaliningrad region

Fishing in the Kaliningrad region can be paid and free. Those who choose the second option usually go to the Neman River, Lake Vishnetetskoye, the Rzhavka and Prokhladnaya rivers. The fee is taken by camp sites that rent boats and equipment to vacationers. You also have to pay if you decide to go fishing in a private pond. The latter include the Razino pond, Karpovoe lake and some others.

Excursion program

Recreation in the Kaliningrad region is impossible to imagine without visiting famous sights. There are many popular routes and we will list some of them:

  • Sightseeing tour of Kaliningrad - in a few hours you will see the most interesting places in the city, including the Cathedral, ancient bridges and gates, fortifications and much more.
  • Knight's castles - they appeared in those days when the lands of West Prussia were conquered by the Poles and the knights of the Teutonic Order. If you love history and adventure, then don't miss out on this amazing trip.
  • Curonian Spit - this trip should bean obligatory item of your cultural program. Here you will see the unique nature of the B altic coast, get acquainted with its flora and fauna. You will definitely be interested in the dancing forest, the bird ringing station and the height of Efa.
settlements of the Kaliningrad region


Practically all cities and towns of the Kaliningrad region can boast of their own attractions:

  • Swan Lake is one of the most popular tourist sites in the region. The amazing beauty of the surrounding nature will not leave indifferent even the most inveterate skeptic. Here you can see white swans that flock here to make nests and breed.
  • Estenburg Castle is one of the oldest historical sites in the region. Nowadays, exhibitions are often organized here, various festivals are organized, the popular Night of Museums event and much more.
  • Muller Height is the highest point of the largest dune. It is located in a picturesque area, which is very popular with tourists. The tourist route runs along the path, framed on both sides by fir trees, and ends at the observation deck, which offers a beautiful view of the B altic Sea.
Kaliningrad region sea


Recreation in the Kaliningrad region can be rich and entertaining. You can easily combine it with treatment in a sanatorium, fishing or a relaxing beach holiday. The time spent here will be remembered for a lifetime.Therefore, do not delay, feel free to buy a ticket and go to this amazing land with your family or friends.

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