Rechnoy Vokzal metro station in Moscow

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Rechnoy Vokzal metro station in Moscow
Rechnoy Vokzal metro station in Moscow

Rechnoy Vokzal metro station is located on the green line of the Zamoskvoretskaya line of the Moscow Metro. Residents and guests of the capital have been using it for over 50 years. It got its name thanks to the Northern River Port, which is located nearby.

River station, metro
River station, metro

For 2017, the station is the terminus of the northern direction and one of the most congested. In this regard, two more stations, Belomorskaya and Dybenko, have been designed and are under construction.

Entrance to the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station

To the right of the entrance to the station there are ticket offices where you can buy a travel card for one and several trips, as well as issue a Troika card. There are terminals for replenishing Troika and checking the balance in the room.

The passage is through a turnstile, equipped with a descent for wheelchair users and an escalator, a security system, tracking and warning. There is tunnel ventilation with air heating during the cold period of time, the temperature regime is monitored daily. The lighting in the lobbies is quite bright and comfortable, electronic monitors are installed on the platform, where you can watch the exact time.

metro River Station,Moscow
metro River Station,Moscow

Rechnoy Vokzal metro station in Moscow starts at 5:40 am, towards Alma-Atinskaya station. The usual interval for rolling stock is no more than 3–5 minutes.

There is a security and control service, and CCTV cameras are installed. The loudspeaker informs about the rules of use and actions in case of emergency.

Going out to the city

In accordance with standard designs, the station is lined with ceramic tiles, granite and red marble columns, has two standard glazed lobbies that overlook Festival Street.

Leaving the first lobby you can get to the shopping center "At the Rechnoy", to the Leningrad highway and to the stops of urban ground transport.

Trolleybus No. 58 – Petrozavodskaya street.


  • 342k - Pavlova street.
  • 949 - Sheremetyevo Airport (terminal F D B).


  • 451 - Mitino 8th microdistrict.
  • 173 – Bratsevo.
  • 199 - Tushino 13th microdistrict.
  • 958 - the town of Yurma.

Exit 2 - to the Rechnoy shopping center, Druzhby Park and transfer to urban and suburban ground transport.


  • 233 – Petrozavodskaya street.
  • 90 – Voykovskaya metro station.
  • 801 – Festivalnaya, Lavochkina, Petrozavodskaya, Onega, Timiryazevskaya streets.
  • 851 – Leningradskoe shosse, Sheremetyevo airport (terminal F D), Smolnaya street.
  • 200 – Lobnenskaya street.
  • 673 – Businovo.
  • 958 – Yurma.
  • 284 – Altufievo metro station.
  • 559– Cherepovets street.
  • 857 – Beskudnikovo (station).
  • 188, 745 – Zelenogradskaya street.


  • 532k – sports base MO.
  • 986k - Obi shopping center, Khimki MO.
  • 481 - Shopping center "MegaAuchan", Khimki MO.
  • 338 - sixth hospital;
  • 138 – Smolnaya and Dybenko streets.
  • 270 - Smolnaya, Izhorskaya, Angarskaya, Korovinskoye highways.
  • 739 – Smolnaya, Dybenko, Lavochkin streets.

Ground transport departs from these stops at an approximate interval of 8-15 minutes. Ticket offices are located near bus stops.

Common areas

Bicycle parking is located to the right of the second exit (76 m), next to the Rechnoy shopping center. Another bike parking is located 130 meters from the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station, next to Druzhby Park.

Biotoilet - 120 meters from the station (paid), next to Friendship Park and bike parking. You can visit the stationary bathroom in the building of the Rechnoy shopping center, on the second floor (for a fee).

There are more than 200 boutiques, cafes, recreation areas, restaurants, parking in the Rechnoy shopping center. It is located on the right side of the second exit, and to the left of it is a building with trading floors and McDonald's.

Interesting places and how to get there

Behind the second exit from st. m. "River Station", on the territory of 51 hectares, there is the famous Friendship Park, in the laying of which representatives from various countries of the world participated. It is one of the most beautiful places in Moscow, has many interesting monuments, monuments,sculptures symbolizing friendship and memory of peoples. Its territory is equipped with benches, graceful lawns, well-groomed flower beds, bicycle paths and everything necessary for a relaxing holiday in the shade of green alleys.

Metro Station Rechnoy Vokzal
Metro Station Rechnoy Vokzal

Northern river port is located not far from the Leningradskoye highway, and in order to get there, you need to exit the second exit of the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station (770 m) and head towards the Leningradskoye highway. After passing through Friendship Park, go down the passage and further - through the green square, focusing on a tall building with a spire - this is the Northern River Station of the Khimki Reservoir. At the pier you can admire pleasure boats, breathe in the light breeze and purchase tickets for various boat excursions and activities.

Fun facts: subway fossils

In the red granite lining the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station, paleontologists have found shells of cephalopods that presumably existed in the Mesozoic era.

st m River Station
st m River Station

On the columns of the station, one can observe numerous shells of gastropods, ammonites, needle pods, sea urchin shell. Many fossils are only partially visible and almost merge with the surface, but if you look closely, you can see the structure of the partitions. An interesting story on this topic can be read on the website of the Moscow Metro.