The best resorts in Egypt: reviews of tourists

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The best resorts in Egypt: reviews of tourists
The best resorts in Egypt: reviews of tourists

Egypt is not only a place for budget holidays for those who just want to “warm their belly” in the sun and drink alcohol immensely using the all-inclusive system. This is a country with an ancient culture, the cradle of ancient and European civilization. It has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, good hotels, decent food, decent service and amazing excursions. Pyramids and ancient temples, mysterious monasteries, bright colors of coral reefs, harsh mountains and sand dunes - all this is Egypt. Many tourists have been here more than once and may well give advice to other people who are just going to this Arab country. In this article, we will use their stories about which resorts in Egypt are considered the best. But first, let's remember what we know about this country and its features.

Resorts of Egypt Hurghada

What resorts in Egypt do we know?

This state has always been considered quite inexpensive for a beach holiday. In addition, tourists note that Egypt is extremely interesting for its layers of cultures and eras. Ancient Egyptian, early Christian and Arabicmedieval sights are equally attractive to travelers. Therefore, many tourists choose resorts in such a way that it is not too far from there to go on excursions to where they want. The most popular places among foreigners are numerous settlements on the Red Sea. Two resort areas compete here - Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. The first of them is often called the queen of the beaches. From here it is also convenient to visit the historical sights of Egypt. But Sharm is the main resort of the Sinai Peninsula. It is famous for its coral reefs, excellent diving and natural beauty. There are several other resorts on the Mediterranean Sea, which travelers are only now beginning to pay attention to.


Traditionally, most beachgoers rush here. After all, this is the largest resort in Egypt - Hurghada. In addition, it is also an international center for water sports. There are not too many coral reefs on the beaches of Hurghada, but they are flat and sandy. This resort is preferred by family tourists. Although it is very popular among young people. It is in Hurghada that the most famous nightclubs in Egypt are located. In addition to hotel beaches, there are municipal ones, but they are very interesting. People are specially taken there on excursions. Tourists call Mojito, Old Vic and Dream Beach among the most developed sections of the coast. Entrance there is paid, but they are very comfortable. And after sunset, foam discotheques with the participation of famous DJs of the world and Europe are arranged at Mojito. It has its own Disneyland and the Thousand and One Nights Palace, wherethere are show performances about the life of the pharaohs and ancient Egypt. Jeep and ATV safaris are very popular in Hurghada. From here it is good to go on excursions to Cairo and Giza to see the capital of the country and the famous pyramids.

The best resorts in Egypt

El Gouna

Of the best Egyptian resorts on the Red Sea, this star tourist resort is the northernmost. It is located thirty kilometers from Hurghada, and from there they often go to El Gouna on sea excursions. The resort was built specifically for we althy people, and was designed by the architect of Disneyland. Due to the abundance of artificial canals, it is often called the "Egyptian Venice". The fact is that this resort is located on sandy islands connected to each other by bridges. Tourists note that El Gouna consists of the most luxurious holiday complexes. As befits a "millionaire" district, there are no huge buildings here. All housing in El Gouna is cozy and extremely comfortable houses and villas on the shores of sea lagoons. Between them, guests move on boats, as well as on bridges and crossings. It has its own streets, square, as well as the Museum of the Sea. El Gouna has a lot of nightlife - discos, nightclubs, cafes and restaurants with shows and attractions. You can relax in the resort all year round. Guests can choose between beaches in the lagoons and the open sea, where they also go by boat.

What are the resorts in Egypt

Makadi and Safaga

These resorts in Egypt are located several tens of kilometers south of Hurghada. Tourists describe Makadi Bay as beacheswith golden fine sand and clear sea. The coral reef here is located 50 meters from the entrance to the water, and many hotels extend a pontoon to it. Hotels on this coast are mostly decent, 4 and 5 star, and are often built in the style of oriental palaces. These are Grand Makadi, Nabila, Sanvin. True, there is no infrastructure here, except for a few bazaars between hotels. Outside the hotels - only desert and mountains, no cities, no villages. But in Makadi there are very beautiful sunsets. And all entertainment, as a rule, is concentrated on the territory of hotels. Further south is Safaga. Tourists who come here first of all appreciate the very good ecology of the region. There are many sandy islands of unprecedented beauty, from which coral shallows go deep into. The bays of Safaga were chosen by windsurfers. The beaches in this Egyptian resort city are magnificent, equipped with elegant bamboo umbrellas. The village itself is beautiful, with snow-white houses and mosques. Hotels are mostly expensive and with excellent service. And the sands of Safaga are considered healing. They are recommended for people with sore joints and skin problems.

Egypt resorts photo

Soma Bay and Marsa Alam

Now we will talk about the resorts that have become popular recently. Soma Bay is an Egyptian resort on the Red Sea, which is located a little south of Safaga, in a very picturesque bay surrounded by mountains and desert. It belongs to the young settlements built specifically for tourists on the Soma Peninsula. Travelers appreciate the pristine coral reefs, peace and quiet here.Soma Bay hotels are chic. Many of them have their own spa centers, and the Les Residence des Cascades also has a thalassotherapy salon. Connoisseurs of water activities like yachting, windsurfing, kiteboarding love these places. And sixty kilometers from the resort are the quarries of the era of Ancient Rome - Mons Claudianus. Tourists often go there on excursions. According to reviews, the most popular Soma Bay hotels are Imperial Shams, Amway Blue Beach and Movenpick. Tourists refer to the coast of Marsa Alam as one of the best resorts in Egypt on the Red Sea. It is located almost 300 kilometers south of Hurghada, not far from the places where the Great Silk Road once passed. Therefore, excursions to Luxor, the Valley of the Kings and Queens, as well as to Lake Nasser are quite cheap from here. The resort of Marsa Alam is one of the youngest, it has recently begun to develop. Therefore, here is the cleanest water, the coast, untouched corals, as well as a variety of plants and animals. Divers and other snorkellers love to come here.

Egypt cities resorts

Sharm El Sheikh

Most tourists call it the most promising resort in Egypt. "Royal Gulf" - as its name is translated from Arabic - really offers a vacation of the appropriate level. There are many shopping centers, upscale hotels, and prices are very affordable. In addition, those who come to Sharm el-Sheikh and the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula do not have to pay for an Egyptian visa. The climate in these places is dry and warm, in winter it is not as windy as in Hurghada. In a word, you can relax here all year round. Myselfthe resort, unlike Hurghada, was built specifically for tourists. Therefore, this entire zone, which stretches for 35 kilometers along the coast, is protected. Charm is very safe. Hotels and apartments are concentrated near the bays, which are separated by the desert and the road along which minibuses run. Tourists write that for not very big money you can always get from one place to another. Not far from the resort is one of the best marine reserves with coral reefs - Ras Mohammed. Many divers go there. On the other hand, some hotels have their own coral reefs, which are not inferior to the reserve in terms of the number of colorful fish. The most interesting places in Sharm are the Old Market with an Arab bazaar, the Naama Bay area with a promenade and the amazing Soho Square.

Resorts of Egypt on the Red Sea


The name of this resort in Egypt translates as "Gold Coast". It is chosen not so much for its coral reefs (there are not so many of them near the local coast), but for the fact that almost all of its hotels are on the first line. The entrance to the water is very gentle, so families with children love Dahab. Not far from this place is a cult attraction for divers - Abu Galum, or the Blue Hole. This is a deep depression in the Gulf of Aqaba, which was formed as a result of a meteorite fall. And they also take them from Dahab on an excursion to the famous Colored Canyon, which, although inferior in size to that in Colorado, but, as tourists assure. leaves unforgettable impressions. This resort is sandwiched between the sea and the mountains andstretches along the bay for several tens of kilometers. Travelers consider Happy Life Village, Tropitel Oasis and Le Meridien Resort to be the best hotels.


Divers and lovers of traveling to other countries come to the shores of this resort. Nuweiba is located in the Gulf of Aqaba, two hundred kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikh. But it is close to the ferry crossing to Israel and Jordan, and Saudi Arabia can be seen from there with the naked eye - it is on the other side. This resort developed from a Bedouin village, and until now the northern part of the town is a very colorful place, living mainly by fishing. Camel rides and jeep safaris, the opportunity to ride in Aqaba on a boat often attract active tourists who believe that real Egypt has been preserved here, and not an artificial image from an advertising brochure. The best place for snorkeling nearby is Devil's Head. Great underwater photos are taken here.

Resorts of Egypt Taba


A small but ancient village on the very border with Israel is often perceived by Russian tourists as a transit point on the way to Jerusalem or Petra. But in vain. Because those who have been there describe Taba as one of the most original resorts in Egypt. His photos are quite colorful. Within the borders of Taba is the island of Pharaoh, where in ancient times the Phoenician port and customs were located. And in the Middle Ages there was a fortress here - the stronghold of the famous Sultan Saladin, the opponent of Richard the Lionheart. The most luxurious hotels in Tabaconcentrated literally in one place, not far from the Hyatt complex - these are chain hotels such as Sofitel, Strand Heights. There are also many golf courses here, and fans of this English game are simply delighted with the resort. But since the mountains here are closest to the sea, it gets dark very early in Taba. And in February, when it's almost summer in Hurghada, it gets pretty cool here.

Egyptian resorts on the Mediterranean Sea

In the north of this country there are also very interesting places for a beach holiday. Usually they are preferred by the Egyptians themselves. There are fewer people, cleaner water and much lower prices. But in recent years, the number of holidaymakers in the resorts of Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea has increased significantly. Foreign tourists prefer to stay in Alexandria. There are good equipped beaches, many restaurants with inexpensive seafood, close to various historical places. In this city, it is best to live in rented apartments or apartments. Another popular city on the Egyptian Riviera is Mersa Matruh. There are hotels, and huge holiday complexes, and gentle sandy beaches, and secluded bays, and even underwater caves.

Resorts of Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea

Reviews of tourists about the best resorts in Egypt

As we see, this country can offer you a completely diverse holiday. Therefore, tourists are advised, when choosing a resort, to pay attention to its features. So, for holidays with children, family and the elderly, it is better to choose Hurghada. There are many hotels focused specifically on such guests and theirneeds. If you are an active tourist and love water sports, then this is, of course, Makadi, Safaga or Soma Bay. For those who prefer diving or snorkeling, Marsa Alam and Sharm el-Sheikh are suitable. The last resort, like Hurghada, will be very attractive for youth companies. Well, those who love something original will find a lot of interesting things for themselves in Taba, Nuweiba or the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea.

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