Where to go in Lyubertsy: the most interesting sights and entertainment

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Where to go in Lyubertsy: the most interesting sights and entertainment
Where to go in Lyubertsy: the most interesting sights and entertainment

The city of Lyubertsy "became famous" throughout the country as one of the largest criminal centers of the Moscow region. The bad times are long gone. Today it is an ordinary town located in close proximity to the capital of Russia. Where to go for a walk in Lyubertsy and what local attractions may be of interest to tourists?

Cultural program in Lyubertsy

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The official status of the city of Lyubertsy was received only in 1925. The real age of the settlement is counted from 1621 (the first mention of the village in this area). You can find out under what circumstances the settlement was founded and how it developed in the local museum of local lore. It has over 10,000 items in its collection. Thematic expositions are devoted to the history of the region, various areas of art, and outstanding residents of the city. During the tour you can see the paintings of recognized masters: Aivazovsky, Shishkin, Savrasov. Separate expositiondedicated to Yuri Gagarin. The local history museum is located at the address: st. Sound, d. 3.

Where to go in Lyubertsy after the tour? There is another significant cultural institution in the city - DK. In the Lyubertsy Palace of Culture there are various circles and sections in which children and adults study. Periodically, concerts, performances and other events are held here. The Palace of Culture is located at 200 Oktyabrsky Prospekt. It is recommended to book or buy tickets for concerts of popular stars in advance.

City attractions

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In Lyubertsy and its environs, a number of historical buildings have been preserved. Unfortunately, without proper attention, many architectural monuments look deplorable today. A worthy example of the historical development of the city is the house of N.A. Kruming. You can look at this wooden mansion at the address: st. Krasnaya, 1. The oldest surviving Orthodox church in the city is the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord built in the 17th century (Oktyabrsky Prospekt, 117). Where can lovers of real ancient architecture go in Lyubertsy? You can feel the spirit of the times and the mixture of different eras in the historical center of the city. In its vicinity, you can visit the old estates, which are now in ruins. The most famous of them are: Bogorodskoye-Kraskovo (village of Kraskovo) and the Zenino estate with an old aqueduct, located in the village of the same name.

Monuments and sculptures on the streets of Lyubertsy

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Oneof the newest and most unusual monuments in Lyubertsy can be seen on Oktyabrsky Prospekt. This is a sculptural composition "Guys from our yard", dedicated to the musical group "Lube". The monument depicts the permanent vocalist of the group - Nikolai Rastorguev and a girl with dumbbells, presumably, she is the heroine of one popular song. Those who wish can sit on a bench next to the bronze figures for an original photo.

Where to go in Lyubertsy for tourists interested in street sculpture? In the city there is an interesting monument to Y. Gagarin, installed near the school where the future cosmonaut once studied. The sculpture depicts Yuri Alekseevich, confidently walking along the stylized path of the discovery of space. The city also has monuments dedicated to the heroes of the Second World War and memorial plaques to prominent citizens.

One of the most original monuments of the city is a monument to military pilots flying helicopters. The monument is a military vehicle MI-24 mounted on a high stele. The monument did not appear by chance: two helicopter plants are successfully operating in the city at once. MI-24 is one of the best machines in its class, featuring high reliability characteristics.

City parks

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Where to go with a child in Lyubertsy for a walk and relax? The city has two large parks. The central one is considered the most important in Lyubertsy. Mass festivities on holidays, various cultural and sporting events are held here. There are attractions in Central Park, there are sports and children'splaygrounds, bike paths and alleys for quiet walks. Natashinsky Park is another large landscaped recreation area. In addition to traditional carousels, there is a rope park and a petting zoo. In Natashinsky Park, there is a designated area for the use of barbecues, and a rental of boats and other water transport is available near the pond.

Leisure and entertainment

There are so many modern entertainments in the city that sometimes locals think for a long time where to go in Lyubertsy on the weekend and how to visit all the most interesting places in time. Several cinemas are open daily, where you can watch movies in 2D and 3D. There are many children's entertainment centers in the city, where young researchers are waiting for dry pools with balls, labyrinths, trampolines, climbing walls and other entertaining attractions. In the summer, a water park operates in Lyubertsy. Year-round you can visit the planetarium and the museum of military equipment. Where to go in Lyubertsy in the evening with the company of adults? There are enough billiard clubs in this city, and you can play bowling in some entertainment complexes.

Nightclubs, restaurants and cafe-bars

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The youngest and most active tourists can end their evening in Lyubertsy in one of the nightclubs. The most decent and popular establishments in this category are: "Labyrinth", Crazy Cash and "Tropicana". All clubs periodically host theme parties, Moscow DJs and popular musicians come here. Where to go in Lyubertsy for those who do not dance? The city has plenty of bars, restaurants andjust cozy cafes. Quite decent and original are: Jazz Café, Tavernella, "Stained glass family club &cafe". These establishments have in common a variety of menus, an exquisite interior and a high level of service. The Moy Dvorik cafe is very popular; in the evenings, every guest can sing their favorite song in karaoke. There are also special thematic establishments in Lyubertsy. For example, fans of board games will love the Tea-Coffee-Let's Play cafe. You can have a hearty and inexpensive meal in any cafe-bistro or in the food court of any shopping center. What is especially pleasant, recently in Lyubertsy there are more and more fast food restaurants, in the menu of which there are vegetarian, lean and even special children's he althy dishes.

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