Waterpark "Riviera" in Kazan: photos and reviews of tourists

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Waterpark "Riviera" in Kazan: photos and reviews of tourists
Waterpark "Riviera" in Kazan: photos and reviews of tourists

Dozens and even hundreds of thousands of people every year visit the famous water park "Riviera", which is the largest not only in Russia, but throughout Europe. It strikes the imagination with a huge variety of rides and entertainment that will allow some to get a positive charge, others to get an adrenaline rush, and others just give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your vacation in a pleasant company of friends.


Water park location and opening hours

The water park is located almost in the very center of Kazan, so you can get to it from anywhere in the city. Knowing the address of the Riviera water park, which is located on Fatykh Amirkhan Avenue, house 1, it can be easily reached by buses at numbers 37, 71 and 89, as well as by trolleybus at numbers 5 and 10. You can also drive directly to the water park along the central metro line from the points of the shopping center "Yuzhny", "McDonald's", "Kinomax" and the FERZ bar. And if these options are no longer available, then go by any other form of public transport that stopsnear the streets of K. Nasyrov, Yunusovskaya Square-1, as well as the Paris Communes-1, 2 and 3. From them you can walk to the water park in just a couple of minutes at a leisurely walking pace.

The main thing when heading to the water park is not to forget about its opening hours, otherwise some tourists said that they came there too late, because of which they had to stand in line for a long time, and then they did not have time to relax. Therefore, it is better to remember that the water park is open on weekdays and on Sunday from 9:00 to 23:00, and on Saturday from 8:00 to 23:00. So in order to be in time for everything, you just need to come to the water park a few minutes before its opening. According to tourists, then there will be no queues, and the rest will be rich.

Waterpark Riviera
Waterpark Riviera

Memo for visitors to the water park

Judging by some reviews about the water park "Riviera", it can be assumed that not all tourists are familiar with the rules of its visit, which can significantly affect the degree of satisfaction with their vacation. Therefore, before going to this amazing entertainment complex, you should read the memo for visitors to the water park.

  1. Outerwear and shoes will have to be removed upon arrival at the water park, so it's better to bring a change of shoes in the form of flip-flops.
  2. No food or even ordinary drinking water, which will be taken at the entrance, can be brought into the territory of the water park.
  3. It is better to take a minimum of things with you, because only one small locker in the locker room is allocated for one family.
  4. Before visiting the water park you need to take a shower, so it's bettertake a couple of towels with you, one for drying after a shower, the other for visiting the pools and slides.
  5. It is better to immediately put money on the bracelet in the amount of about 1000 rubles per person, so that later you can safely eat in the water park and use various services.

Summer vacation in the water park

It is best to visit the Kazan water park "Riviera" in the summer. It is at this time of the year that you can get maximum positive emotions here, because most of the high-speed slides, turns and descents are located on the street, and not in a building on the territory of this huge entertainment center. And in the warm season, it's so nice to go surfing, for which an artificial wave is created, thereby feeling like a real tourist plowing the ocean. Yes, and you can dive with scuba gear, feeling like a diver who is not afraid of even the most terrible depths of water.

And what a picturesque view opens from the Ferris wheel located on the territory of the complex! Those who do not want an active holiday can simply lie on cozy sunbeds under the warm sun, sunbathing and relaxing. Moreover, the kids at this time will be busy having fun on the playground. By the way, parents who come to the water park with their children claim that adults and children can relax separately. Children are looked after by water park workers.

slides in the water park riviera
slides in the water park riviera

Waterpark in winter

But even in winter the work of the water park "Riviera" does not stop. After all, in addition to the huge outdoor entertainment areaof the complex, a large area of the water park is under the roof, which allows you to relax and enjoy the summer warmth even in frosty cold.

Start your vacation in the indoor part of the water park, according to vacationers, by all means, you should swim along the amusement river "Amazon", which runs through almost the entire building, crosses amazing caves and grottoes.

And only then you can relax at your pleasure. After all, the building also has a lot of slides, attractions of varying degrees of extremeness, warm bubbling jacuzzis, pools of various shapes and sizes, and of course, a sauna where you can sweat and take a good steam, which in winter, according to tourists, is simply unimaginable delight. The main thing is not to leave the water park immediately after the sauna, so as not to accidentally catch a cold.

Variety of rides

Fans of a fun and interesting holiday will surely appreciate the huge variety of rides in the Riviera water park, each of which gives a charge of positive mood. And the greatest pleasure, judging by the reviews of tourists, can be obtained from such entertainment as:

  • Joint riding with the whole family or friends on the Niagara, Tornado or Anaconda slides;
  • Kamikaze high-speed slide will give you the opportunity to feel like a real racer, because the flight along it is carried out at a speed of 80 km/h;
  • swimming in the pool, made in the style of the Amazon River, which not only crosses the entire water park, but also gives you the opportunity to visit the dark grottoes and swim out to the platform from whereoffers a fantastic view of Kazan;
  • Flow Rider, which mimics a surf slope, although according to tourists, you have to pay extra for visiting it, which causes a wave of indignation, but it's definitely worth it.
surfing in the riviera
surfing in the riviera

Water park pools

Lovers of a relaxing holiday without unnecessary worries can simply splash in the pools of the Riviera water park, especially since, judging by the reviews of tourists, the water there is simply fabulous. Most liked:

  • wave pool, where the waves reach as much as one and a half meters, which allows you to feel at sea, not in a water park;
  • pool next to the Aqua Bar, where you can swim and drink delicious refreshing cocktails at the same time;
  • pool with splashing jets will bring everyone back to a carefree childhood when it was fun to jump in the rain;
  • large outdoor pool for adults, where you can go for a fee, so you can just relax on the weekends, as if you were visiting the beach;
  • the second smaller outdoor pool, where the water is not heated, which allows you to harden in the cold season.
splash pool
splash pool

Extreme Entertainment

Extreme and thrill-seekers will also be satisfied with the rest, because even judging by the usual photos of the Riviera water park, you can see how many extreme rides there are, which will take your breath away and take your breath away. As they sayvisitors, the best among them are:

  • Niagara slide is 211 meters long, making it feel like it takes forever to ride;
  • slide "Jump into the Abyss", at the end of which there is a jump into the turquoise waters of the pool from a height of three meters, because of which the heart sinks into the heels for a few seconds, and then real euphoria sets in;
  • Slide "Tornado" allows you to feel all the power and strength of this hurricane element, filling the heart with true delight and awe before it.
extreme descent
extreme descent

Recreation for children

But do not think that only adults can have a good rest in the water park "Riviera" in Kazan, because there is everything for a wonderful pastime for children, both the smallest and those who are older. First of all, two pools are equipped for them at once, and the water depth in one of them is only 0.8 meters, so little children who can’t even swim have fun there, and in the other - 1.2 meters, older children are already resting there.

But regardless of whether the children can swim or not, according to parents, they are not at all afraid to leave the children in the pool and then go to rest, because the children at this time are wearing life jackets and are under the watchful supervision of lifeguards. If children don't want to splash in the water, they can enjoy playing with each other in the recreation area, where they can take part in a real pirate ship storming adventure and feel the unreal excitement of real mermen.guns.

children's area of the Riviera
children's area of the Riviera

Catering area

After having enough rest, everyone will want to eat. But there is no need to be indignant, as some visitors do, that they are not allowed to take food with them to the Riviera water park. Indeed, on the territory of this entertainment complex there are so many cafes and bars where they cook unrealistically delicious. Each visitor will be able to find there dishes and drinks that they like. Those who want to have a quick bite will be able to purchase tasty, nutritious and satisfying fast food. Those who like to drink and relax will be able to enjoy beer and any alcoholic drinks with light snacks. And those who want to eat delicious home-style food can head to the second floor, where there is a cozy dining room, which, according to tourists, has a huge selection of dishes at relatively low prices.

aquabar in the riviera
aquabar in the riviera

Other services

But don't think that water recreation and gatherings in cafes and bars end with the opportunity to enjoy visiting the water park. According to the visitors, they got a lot of pleasant emotions from the entertainment complex "Riviera", located next to the water park. After all, there is everything for the most unforgettable vacation - 3D and 5D cinemas; bowling with ten excellent lanes; karaoke bar where you can sing your favorite songs from the heart; a spa where you can completely relax both your body and soul, as well as the famous Hermitage Concert Hall, where various shows and concerts are periodically held.

As you can see, there are a lot of things in the water park,what you can see and visit, therefore, judging by the feedback from visitors, it is better to come and buy tickets to the Riviera water park earlier in order to have time to see everything and get the maximum charge of positive emotions.

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