Krakow: attractions. What to see in Krakow

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Krakow: attractions. What to see in Krakow
Krakow: attractions. What to see in Krakow

Krakow… The sights of this city are probably known to every modern person. And even if for some reason it was not possible to visit it in person, it is simply impossible not to pay attention to the numerous postcards and booklets with views of this amazing place.

General description of the former Polish capital

krakow attractions
krakow attractions

The question of what to see in Krakow disappears as soon as you find yourself on its streets. I just want to say: "What to see? - Everything! Actually everything! Every corner!"

The city is one of the oldest in Poland. Therefore, the museums of Krakow are interesting not only for local residents, but also for travelers who want to get to know this amazing country better.

In the 11th-16th centuries, it was here that the capital and the residence of the monarchs were located. Coronations and burials of kings were held in this city. The history of the region was long and interesting. No wonder experts consider the city the heart of the entire state.

Ancient Krakow… Attractions, both modest, local, and widely known, bear traces of the works of the great masters of the departedcenturies. Here you can find Baroque, Renaissance, and Art Nouveau.

Despite numerous wars, during its long existence the city was not severely destroyed and therefore preserved architectural monuments, fortifications, narrow streets. They contain all the charm and mystery of the past centuries. The castle in Krakow, by the way, has also remained virtually untouched since its construction.

In general, to be completely honest, the city attracts tourists not only with beautiful architecture, but also with a variety of cultural events and entertainment programs.

National pride of Poland

what to see in krakow
what to see in krakow

Not everyone knows that in 1978 the Old Town of Krakow was added by UNESCO to the list of the most valuable monuments of world heritage, because a large number of architectural monuments have been preserved in it. So there is something to see here.

Experienced travelers note that the sights of Krakow on the map are not difficult to find. However, one should take into account the fact that it is better to purchase a bilingual map of the city - in Polish and in English. Otherwise, you will simply get confused by reading and matching the names of streets, squares and parks.

A short guide to the ancient city

They say that Krakow shows its sights willingly and even with some pleasure. Here, in almost any weather, you can take amazing pictures, as the light, according to professional photographers, is simply perfect. The climate allows long walks. Neither the exhausting heat northe bone-chilling cold is generally not a threat to tourists.

Look around. Do you see the hill on which the castle stands on the left bank of the Vistula? From this place, perhaps, it is worth starting your acquaintance with the city. By the way, rich collections of works of art and tapestries are still kept in this ancient refuge of the Polish rulers.

It should be noted that the nearby cathedral hosted coronations, burials of kings and prominent cultural figures and statesmen. It is considered a treasure trove of Polish culture.

Poland is amazing and unique… Krakow, whose sights are located mainly in the center of the Old Town, is perhaps difficult to compare with any other city on Polish soil.

Krakow today

castle in krakow
castle in krakow

Every hour on the central square, the trumpeter performs the so-called "geynal", which suddenly breaks off in memory of the musician who died during the siege of Krakow by the Tatars.

In the center of the market stands the building of the oldest shopping arcade - Sukennice. It sells various souvenirs.

Festival performances, festivals and concerts are organized in the market square. There is also a huge number of cafes and restaurants, cabarets, theaters and galleries.

The city has its own emblem - dachshunds and peacocks. Everywhere in the city you can see wooden, glass, painted and live dachshunds.

If any locality in Poland is still able to surprise the modern and quite sophisticatedtraveler, so this is Krakow. Attractions delight from the first minute and remain in memory for a long time.

The Majestic Wawel Castle

poland krakow attractions
poland krakow attractions

The building was built by order of Casimir the Great. It was originally Gothic, but after a fire in 1499, King Alexander and his brother Sigmund the Old restored it in the Renaissance style.

Wawel Castle is a fine example of Italian Renaissance style. The courtyard is surrounded by a triple garland of galleries, separated by piers, arches and balustrades. The columns of the two lower tiers smoothly merge into vaults, while the thinner structures of the upper tier support the canopy. The walls of the galleries are decorated with fragments of murals from the 16th century.

Museum "Galicia" - a place that cannot be forgotten

museums in krakow
museums in krakow

The exposition "Galicia" in Krakow is dedicated to Jewish culture. It is located in the Kazimierz quarter, which was previously inhabited by Jews. Its founders are British photojournalist Chris Schwartz and Professor Jonathan Weber.

The main languages of the museum are Polish and English. Approximately 30,000 visitors visit the establishment annually.

The main exhibition is called "Traces of Memory". It is dedicated to the flourishing of Jewish culture in southern Poland. For 12 years, Weber and Schwartz collected photographs of synagogues, cemeteries, and various Jewish household items.

The museum consists of 5 departments that give an idea of the different stages of the past of the Jewish people. In 2008The exhibition "Polish Heroes" is open, where you can learn about the Righteous Among the Nations.

Waterpark - summer all year round

Note that this is the largest park of its kind in Eastern Europe. There are 8 roller coasters in total. The longest slide is the black pipe. It has a length of 201 m, a height of 18.5 m and electronic lighting.

The water park has hydro massages, fountains, jacuzzis, grottoes, a roaring river, geysers and climbing walls. The total area of the pools is 1586 sq. m. There is also a gym, solarium, fitness club, saunas, cafes, restaurants, bars, beauty salons.

And again, Her Majesty Gothic - St. Mary's Cathedral

what to see in krakow
what to see in krakow

It was built in 1397 in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It is the main cathedral in the city. It has two towers: one is decorated with a high spire in the Gothic style, and the other with a low helmet in the Renaissance style.

Inside it is richly decorated with sculptures, works of art and stained glass windows. The most important treasure of St. Mary's Cathedral is the main altar, made by Wit Stwosh in the second half of the 15th century. This linden polyptych is a recognized masterpiece of the Gothic era with Renaissance elements.

History of the Benedictine Monastery

It is located near the Polish city of Tynz, 13 km from Krakow. The monastery stands on the right bank of the Vistula, on a limestone rock. It was built in 1044 by order of Casimir I. The first rector of the abbey, Aaron, contributed to the reform of the church structure in Poland. were later builtadditional monastic buildings. This monastery has become one of the largest and richest monasteries in Poland.

In the 12th and 13th centuries the abbey was raided by Tatars and Czechs. In subsequent centuries, it was repeatedly reconstructed: first in the Gothic style, then in the Baroque and Rococo. In the 16th century, the abbey excelled economically and culturally.

In 1816 it was closed for some time after the war between France and Russia. The abbey was also badly damaged after World War II. Restoration work began in 1947.

Former main shopping street in Krakow

Grodskaya street stretches from the Market Square to the south. Once it was a segment of the trade route. Its name appears in city documents from the 13th century.

You can walk along this street to the most important sights of Krakow: All Saints Square and the Dominican Square, the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.

Until 1850, Grodskaya Street was narrow, which caused difficulties for traffic, but after the fire it was significantly expanded. Many houses standing on it are of historical importance.

Tourist Tips

krakow attractions
krakow attractions
  • In cafes and restaurants in Poland it is customary to leave a tip of 10% of the order, but in Krakow it is not shameful to leave even less.
  • Students should take care of the availability of an international student ID ISIC. With such a certificate, you can get a 50% discount on tickets to all museums in the city.
  • Basically all hotels in Krakowquite expensive, it's hard to find a cheap one. The average cost of a single room in a hotel is about $40, the most budget option is $25. During the summer student holidays, many dormitories work as hotels. The cost of a dorm room will be $4.5-18, but the amenities here are minimal (shower for 2-3 rooms, kitchen for 1-2 floors).
  • The currency exchange points here are called Kantorwymianywalut. Near each item there is a list of accepted currencies. In such offices, it is more profitable to change money, since banks charge a certain percentage for the exchange. However, it should be borne in mind that they do not accept the currency of the CIS countries.
  • Please note that smoking is prohibited on railway platforms. For violation of the ban, the policeman will issue a fine without warning.
  • How beautiful Krakow is! Photo "Sights of the city" forever becomes an adornment of any family archive. However, you should be aware of some shooting points. Polish policemen do not like to be photographed while on duty. In order not to run into trouble, you should ask their permission. Although if a policeman accidentally gets into the frame, then it's okay.
  • krakow photo attractions
    krakow photo attractions
  • Usually, in museums for photography and video filming, you need to purchase separate tickets. In some churches, you also need to pay for the right to take pictures. Pay attention to the prohibition signs, as in some temples you can take pictures, but only without a flash.