Where to go in Serpukhov: the main attractions that you must see

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Where to go in Serpukhov: the main attractions that you must see
Where to go in Serpukhov: the main attractions that you must see

Psychologists advise to travel at every opportunity. A change of scenery and new experiences perfectly relieve stress, charge with positive and fill with energy. Can't get lost this weekend in another country? This is not a problem - explore your home region and neighboring areas. Even a one-day trip to a neighboring city can be an excellent option for organizing leisure activities. Where can a tourist go in Serpukhov?

Historical and Art Museum

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It is best to start your acquaintance with a new city with a visit to the local museum of local lore. Even an independent inspection of the exposition will allow you to learn basic information about the history of the settlement, local crafts and attractions. Where to go in Serpukhov in the first place? Start your acquaintance with the city with a visit to the historical and art museum. The main branch is located at the address: Serpukhov, st. Chekhov, 87. This is a historic building built in the 19th century by the merchant Maraev.

Experts consider the Serpukhov Museumthe best among art museums near Moscow. Today there are more than 40,000 exhibits in its fund. This is a unique collection of paintings, for which the museum is sometimes called the "small Tretyakov Gallery". An impressive collection of minerals, ornamental stones and arts and crafts made from them. Authentic pieces of antique furniture and household items, interesting examples of sculpture and porcelain. For its guests, the museum conducts classic and interactive tours. The youngest visitors are offered several programs to choose from, among which there is an option with tea drinking from a real samovar.

Peacock Museum

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A peacock is depicted on the coat of arms of Serpukhov. You can find out how this exotic bird came to the city near Moscow and why it became its symbol by visiting the thematic exposition. Peacock Museum is located at: st. Gorky, d. 5b. This is a great option where you can go to Serpukhov with the whole family. The museum was opened in 2006 for the birthday of the city. Its collection includes exhibits that tell about peacocks and their significance in the history of the city. Interactive excursions and master classes are held for children. A coffee shop with an original interior and a souvenir shop are located next to the museum.

Cathedral Hill

The official date of foundation of Serpukhov is 1339. A large number of historical architectural monuments have survived to this day in this city and its environs. Once the heart of Serpukhov was the Kremlin. The fortress walls were finally dismantled at the end of the 20th century.

Today is historicalCathedral Hill is rightfully considered the center of the city, because it was here, on a hill, that the Kremlin once stood. Of the buildings that once stood on the territory of the fortress, only one temple has survived to this day - the Trinity Cathedral. Cathedral Hill offers a picturesque view of the city. This place is unique in that several ancient temples of the city can be seen from here. Here is the main city memorial complex dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. Many tourists ask: "Where to go in Serpukhov to feel its atmosphere and touch the history of the city?". Cathedral Hill is a great place to take a walk and enjoy the panorama of the city.

Old architecture of Serpukhov

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In the historical center of the city you can see buildings of pre-revolutionary construction, but, unfortunately, most of them have not been properly restored to date. Where to go in Serpukhov for connoisseurs of ancient architecture? The city is famous for a large number of churches, most of which are active today. In ancient temples, you can not only admire the architecture and interior decoration, but also attend the service. The main shrine of the city is the Vysotsky Monastery, founded in 1374. On its territory there are several temples built in different periods. The Vvedensky Convent is another significant shrine in Serpukhov. This Lavra was built in 1360. The monastery is included in the list of the oldest in the Moscow region. Also in the city you can visit such old Orthodoxshrines, such as the Church of All Saints (1858), the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1744), the Cathedral of St. Nicholas Bely (1610).

Parks of Serpukhov

Serpukhov parks

Where to go with a child in Serpukhov for a walk in the summer? In addition to numerous squares and cozy landscaped courtyards, this city has two large parks. The central one is located on Sadovaya street. It was founded in the pre-revolutionary period. Today on its territory there is a picturesque pond and a large number of tall trees. Here you can walk along the shady alleys, feed the birds. Central Park has sports grounds, a chess pavilion, cafes and many other entertainment facilities. Modern playgrounds are equipped for children.

Pitomnik Park is a great place for residents and visitors of all ages to relax. If you are thinking where to go in Serpukhov with a girl on a romantic date, feel free to choose this place. On the alley of attractions, the Ferris wheel takes pride of place, which offers a picturesque view of the city. There are also other carousels designed for visitors of different ages. On weekends, the park "Pitomnik" hosts entertainment events and concerts, children are offered to ride ponies and horses.

Shopping and entertainment centers

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After visiting the sights and walking around the city, you can go to the shopping and entertainment center. The largest in the city - "Korston-Serpukhov" is located on the Borisov highway. This mall was built in the bestMoscow traditions. On its fifteenth floor there is an Extra lounge restaurant with chic panoramic windows overlooking the city, other cafes and bars. In "Korston" there is a cinema, bowling, billiards, children's entertainment centers. If you ask a local resident where to go in Serpukhov on the weekend, he will surely recommend this mall to you. In addition to boutiques and shops, it has a hotel and a concert hall where famous musicians who come to town on tour perform.

If you drive into Serpukhov from the north, it is impossible not to notice another large mall called "B-Class" (Moskovskoe shosse). It houses a water park, an ice arena, a cinema, a huge number of catering establishments for every taste.

What to see around Serpukhov?

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Tourists traveling by private car during a trip to Serpukhov can visit sights in its suburbs. The most famous and unusual among them is the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve. There is a bison nursery on the territory of the nature protection zone. At any time of the year, tourists can see these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Animal lovers will surely enjoy another unusual attraction - Serpukhov Russian Ostrich Farm. This is the first officially registered place in our country where they began to grow and breed black African ostriches. On the territory of the farm, you can get acquainted with a giant bird and visit a mini-zoo, which presentsvarious animals. The pride of the collection is real camels and buffaloes. Now you know where to go in Serpukhov in the evening and during the day. Local guides recommend coming to this city with at least one night. The city has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, and you will find a hotel without any problems. Residents of Moscow and neighboring regions can come on excursions to sights of interest to them one day and return home.

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