Ships from Perm: cruises on the Volga

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Ships from Perm: cruises on the Volga
Ships from Perm: cruises on the Volga

The Perm Territory is unique in its nature and variety of family vacation options, so it is not surprising that tourists from all over the country come here for new experiences.

Ancient cities and unique landscapes

cruises on the ship from Perm
cruises on the ship from Perm

Besides the magnificence of the Ural Mountains, the beauty of the Volga, Kama and many other large and small rivers, this area is rich in cultural, architectural and historical monuments. It will be interesting to go to Perm on vacation or for a weekend both for fans of outdoor activities and for those who like a quiet contemplative pastime. Boat cruises from Perm along the Volga are very popular. Both Russians and foreign tourists are happy to go on a river trip.

It is not for nothing that the Volga is called a mighty river, because it is one of the longest waterways in the world, on the banks of which ancient and modern cities stand in the arms of magnificent Russian nature.

Cruise ships from Perm run in different directions, making it possible to choose the most interesting water excursion. The routes provide an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Volgaopen spaces, swim along narrow rivers, admire the picturesque landscapes, get acquainted with the history of this area and see the ancient cities of Russia with their ancient monuments and colorful curiosities.

Popular Cruises & Destinations

All ships from Perm, despite their external similarity, have their own characteristics and their own excursion routes. Each offers guests an individual entertainment program on board. Several ships are currently active. Summer is the best time to travel, but other times of the year the cruise will bring a lot of pleasure.

The ship "Kozma Minin" is ready to ride everyone, even during the day, even at night. A short walk along the Kama or a week-long trip to Valaam, Kizhi and the cities of the Golden Ring - everything for tourists!

The route of the ship "Ural", which many people know under the name "Taras Bulba", will entertain with a cruise in the direction of Astrakhan, Akhtuba, St. Petersburg and other equally exciting routes.

The ship "Mikhail Kutuzov" is famous for its weekend tours and long cruises along the Golden Ring of Russia, to Astrakhan, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. The river route includes calls to Usolye, Cherdyn, Tchaikovsky, Berezniki.

Beautiful ship “A. Fadeev will please the most popular destinations: Nizhny Novgorod, Kizhi, Valaam, Yekaterinburg, Astrakhan.

The motor ship "Anatoly Papanov" appeared in the local water spaces not so long ago, but has already become very popular. Not the last role is played by panoramic cabins with large windows for the widest possibleoverview and variety of cruise itineraries.

The ship "Kapitan Pushkarev" offers its cozy cabins for weekend tours, week-long and longer trips along traditional routes from Perm to Ulyanovsk and Kazan or along the Golden Ring of Russia.

Fantastic experience at a reasonable price

Motor ship Perm Astrakhan
Motor ship Perm Astrakhan

Boat cruises along the Volga are relatively inexpensive entertainment for the weekend and a fairly economical option for a vacation. The ticket price depends on the duration of the tour, its content, the level of the selected cabin, and the ship itself. Almost everywhere passengers are offered attractive discounts on tickets for children.

Those who dream of going along the Volga from Perm to Moscow, Kazan, Volgograd or Yelabuga, the ship "N. V. Gogol will gladly accept on board. You can choose it for a trip to Astrakhan: the excursion program includes a visit to the famous capital of the Don Cossacks - Akhtuba. Tourists love the motor ship Perm-Astrakhan (a route from one city to another) called "Native Russia". Its deck is also not empty during courses to Moscow, Taganrog, the village of Starocherkasskaya, Azov, St. Petersburg.

The last two ships offer the most economical prices for their tours along the Volga from Perm. If you're looking for an inexpensive yet action-packed cruise, they're the perfect choice. In addition to the above ships, at the Perm pier you can meet handsome men with the names "Pavel Bazhov", "Fyodor Gladkov" and "F. I. Panferov, whichprovide equally interesting river trips and are always happy to meet new passengers.

Ships from Perm: accommodation, service and cruise program

Motor ships from Perm
Motor ships from Perm

Tourists will have to make a choice in favor of one of the ships, based on their own preferences, the route direction of the ship and the time of its departure from the port. Someone travels on a steamboat for the first time, and someone once again decided to relax on the expanses of their favorite river. Many have long decided on their favorite ship, while others are striving for new experiences on the deck they have never been before.

All ships departing from Perm are equipped with cozy cabins of different levels of comfort. On board you can count on high-class service, three meals a day, attentive service, the opportunity to freely walk on deck and visit public areas on board, enjoy the opening landscapes and entertainment activities.

Some river excursions, in addition to the standard list of services, include in the price of tickets an overland continuation of the journey, for example, in St. Petersburg. Or from the coast of Yaroslavl, tourists will be taken to Rostov-Veliky, Vologda, Sergiev Posad and the city of Myshkin. Quite often, cruises to Astrakhan from Perm provide for entry into the Volga delta. All programs are well thought out, so you are guaranteed a great trip.

Cruise ships from Perm are an exciting vacation for the whole family. Regardless of the company and age of vacationers, the trip will be remembered for a lifetime as one of the most interesting and amazingadventure.