Ferry Helsinki - Stockholm. Fabulous holiday

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Ferry Helsinki - Stockholm. Fabulous holiday
Ferry Helsinki - Stockholm. Fabulous holiday

Today, the most popular way to move from one country to another by water is a ferry crossing. This holiday is similar to staying in an expensive hotel, only it is located on the water.

Benefits of a ferry cruise

This is very convenient, as border and customs formalities, which are associated with the crossing of third countries, fade into the background here. In addition, you can “capture” your car on such a trip. Hundreds of tourists use the Helsinki-Stockholm ferry every day as a comfortable and inexpensive way to travel.

Vacation with your car
Vacation with your car

Disadvantages of water travel

A person seeking to relax alone, most likely, will not be interested in such tours. Ferry Helsinki - Stockholm in this case is no exception. This is especially true during meals and landings and landings.

An important drawback will be seasickness. You should not trust those who are trying to prove that a tourist on a large ship is not afraid of pitching. This is only possible with fullcalm. And in windy weather, the ferry sways noticeably on the waves. Therefore, you should take care of the availability of anti-sickness funds in advance.

The impression of a cruise tour can be ruined by not knowing a foreign language. There will be no problems while on the ship, but during entertainment events or excursions you risk not understanding anything, as they are held mainly in English.

Where to travel

From the Finnish capital you can get by ferry to nearby countries. For example, fans of Germany can get to the suburb of Lübeck called Travemünde. You can also visit Mariehamn. This is one of the main ports of the Archipelago Sea, which is part of the autonomy of Finland. It is located on the territory of the Åland Islands.

Fans of the B altic countries can go on a cruise on the Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallinn ferry. Travel time will not exceed two and a half hours. Residents of the northern capital prefer to make a tour to Helsinki from their city. The most popular ferry is Helsinki - Stockholm.

attractions in Stockholm
attractions in Stockholm

On this route, ferries depart several times a day, and the travel time is quite long - more than sixteen hours. Here it should be remembered that the time difference in these countries is one hour, and the schedule always indicates local time.

Mysterious Sweden

The Helsinki-Stockholm ferry stops in the Swedish capital for two or three days, and vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy itattractions.

Even the most religious people visit Wadsten Abbey. This is a monastery founded in the XIV century, which for a long time was both a female and male monastery.

A favorite place for travelers is the Globe Arena - a spherical building where various concerts of world stars and prestigious sports competitions are held.

The Helsinki-Stockholm ferry gives you the opportunity to visit the Russian Compound Square. This is the location of the Stockholm City Museum. Here are indecent visual aids and a rather confused collection. This is how tourists who use ferries from Helsinki to Stockholm for travel speak of it.

Royal Palace. Stockholm
Royal Palace. Stockholm

The Royal Palace is also popular. The residence of the Swedish rulers is located in the city center, on the embankment of the island of Stadsholmen. The building is striking in its majesty. And there is always a guard of honor near its doors.

Worthy of admiration and open to the centenary of the establishment of the Nobel Museum. It is dedicated to the founder of the award, its laureates and, in fact, the award itself.

If you have a couple of hours of free time, you can visit the National Museum - the largest art gallery in the country, as well as the open-air museum of culture - Skansen.

Medieval Tallinn

The Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallinn ferry stops at the latter for just one day. This time is usually enough to get an idea of the life of the old city.


Tallinn Town Hall, built in the Gothic style, is the only one that has survived to this day in all of Northern Europe. Today she is already 613 years old.

In front of the building is the Town Hall Square. It is a venue for festivals and concerts, and there are a large number of tourist bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

You can also look at the remains of the once reliable and formidable bastion - the Viru Gate. The Church of the Holy Spirit is also a cultural monument of the Middle Ages. Among the few cultural centers of our country here is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

These and many other memorable places can be visited by active tourists interested in the history of old Europe.

Holiday entertainment

vacation on the ferry
vacation on the ferry

During the trip, tourists are provided with a large number of entertainment. You can buy various "nice things" in shops or visit restaurants and bars. When moving over a long distance, people are provided with saunas and gyms. Ferries from Helsinki to Stockholm provide an opportunity to participate in an incendiary show program and have fun at a night disco. And lovers of passive recreation can enjoy watching movies thanks to a high-quality Internet connection.

You will be informed about all events by qualified crew members. In addition, brochures with detailed information about events and weather conditions are delivered to the cabins of vacationers.

On ticket pricethe cabin class chosen by the traveler, the time and date of the flight, as well as the presence of a personal car on board will be reflected. The Helsinki-Stockholm ferry is sure to suit active holidaymakers who want to cover many attractions in one trip.

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