Feodosiya: reviews of holidays, hotels, attractions and entertainment

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Feodosiya: reviews of holidays, hotels, attractions and entertainment
Feodosiya: reviews of holidays, hotels, attractions and entertainment

Feodosia is the oldest settlement, first of the Hellenes, and then of merchants from Genoa, who called it Kafa. It will open to tourists all the attractions and entertainment for adults and children. Only in advance you need to prepare for the trip, read at least reviews about Feodosia.

Impressions of seasoned travelers

These are those who love the city and come here for vacation regularly. Preparing for the trip, they anticipate in advance how the sunny shining blue expanses of the sky and the sea will appear before them. Tickets, of course, must be bought in advance, including for the return. Reviews about Feodosia are different. Someone constantly goes to the same "owners" and is very grateful to them for the amenities provided: air conditioning, shower, toilet, kitchen, internet. Some change places of residence and at the same time are not always satisfied. Most prefer to spend time on the Golden Beach. It is located on the outskirts of the city, but the water in itclean and transparent. The beach in the village of Aivazovskoye, which is located near the railway and bus stations, is highly praised. In it, the bay is washed by the current, and the sea is always clean, and the beach itself consists of shell rock with sand. Entrance to the beach is free. Reviews of Feodosia are very favorable.

Dacha Stamboli

An interesting dacha of Stamboli, the museum of antiquities, the remains of the Genoese citadel, Mount Mithridates - the highest point of the city. Vacationers admire the ancient Armenian temple of the XIV century, which is called Surab Sarkiz. Next to it is the grave of Ivan Aivazovsky. Curious people conclude that the lover of antiquities will find something to see in Feodosia.

Newbies in Feodosia

Those who first arrive in Feodosia leave different reviews. For example, they prefer small Alushta or Sudak. Someone likes Feodosia at first sight.

Especially if a professional artist is looking at her. He will not miss even the slightest more or less interesting place, he will “surf” all the surroundings and bring a lot of sketches and paintings. He will take pictures of the shelves of wine shops, artists on the streets of the city. He will be interested in the branches of the Crimean pine, the distant pier and the open boundless sea. The artist will not miss the memorial plaque on the house with the inscription: “August 18, 1820, the house that belonged to Admiral D.N. Senyavin, the mayor of Feodosia Pavel Vasilievich Gaevsky, was visited by N.N. Raevsky with his family and A.S. Pushkin.”

A Brief History of the City

Crimea, Feodosia! These words fill a mananticipation of a meeting with beautiful antiquity, with the magic brush of Ivan Aivazovsky, with the fabulous dreams of the great romantic Alexander Green.

The ancient city with a convenient bay, which housed merchant ships, survived the devastating raids on it by the Alans, Byzantines, Khazars, Ottomans. In the 15th century it was owned by Genoa. It was a busy port, which housed trade missions of various countries. In a city with 20 thousand houses, which was called Kafa, there was a mint where their coins were minted. There was a theater, more than a hundred fountains, shops, bazaars, temples and palaces. At the same time it was also the center of the slave trade. Later, the Crimean Khanate arose on the peninsula, which raided the cities of Russia.

Only in 1783 Feodosia together with the peninsula after the Crimean War became part of the Russian Empire. It was a small provincial town, in which life revived only after the construction of the port and the railway. The age-old calm has been broken. In the 19th century, the great marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky settled in the Crimea in Feodosia.

Monument to the artist Aivazovsky

Together with his family, he did a lot to transform the town. Here, by the Black Sea, he worked every day, and now in his house there is a museum with the most complete collection of paintings by the great artist in the country.

Feodosia, together with the whole country, suffered the shocks of the 20th and 21st centuries: the Civil and Patriotic War, the restoration of resorts, the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine, a quarter of a century of desolation and, finally, the return to the Russian Federation.

Where to live in Feodosia

There are not just a lot of hotels in Feodosia, but a lot. It is more interesting for everyone to stay on the promenade overlooking the sea. But this option is more expensive, and not always there are all the usual amenities. It is also good to be located in a quiet residential area. This is far from the resort noise, and at the same time a 15-minute walk to the beach. A very good option if there is a garden with roses and grapes around. In the evening it is nice to sit in the shade and relax in a green oasis. It is also convenient if there is a pool.

Hotels in Feodosia

But hotels do not provide everything at once, and therefore you have to choose. Many private hotels can offer only a TV and a refrigerator. Not all have air conditioning, internet, microwave, kettle, iron. Bed linen is usually changed at the request of residents. There are 27 hotels in the city center. They are either on the first level from the sea, or on the second and are suitable for families, as well as with children or with friends. Prices for hotels in Feodosia range from 500 to 2500 rubles per day. Suites are much more expensive (3400 - 6200), but we focus on the average Russian. Prices "grow up" by the middle of summer, and at this time it is better to book accommodation in advance. For the rest of the year, it's easy to find an option that suits you financially and otherwise.

Interesting places in the city

Sights and entertainment in Feodosia will be enough to fill the entire fast-flying vacation with them. Walking along the embankment, which is considered one of the best in Crimea, is always a fun experience. On hercafes and restaurants are open, souvenirs are sold. It is interesting to watch the work of local artists, listen to street musicians and sing karaoke. But besides this, you should definitely visit:

  • dacha Milo";
  • stamboli's dacha;
  • dacha Flora;
  • villa Otrada;
  • Victoria Villa.

Museums not to be missed:

  • art gallery I.K. Aivazovsky;
  • Museum of A.S. Greena;
  • Museum of the Tsvetaev sisters;
  • museum of antiquities;
  • money museum.

Of course, you should go to the ruins of the Genoese fortress, which will offer a view of the sea and the city.

Cult establishments, boat trips on a catamaran, boat, yacht, a trip with children to the dolphinarium in the village of Beregovoye or to the Koktebel water park can be of interest. Enough for all holidays and recreation in Feodosia in the summer.

Stamboli Dacha

Tobacco tycoon I. Stamboli, whose ancestors were from Turkey, built a magnificent building in oriental style on the embankment. It is decorated with domes, miniature minarets, arched galleries and lined with cypresses. There is a fountain in the yard.

Interior of Stamboli cottage

The interior decoration of the cottage with high ceilings, stucco, marble of various species, patterned parquet is also striking.

Cottage "Milos" and Villa "Victoria"

Dacha Milos and Villa Victoria

Supposedly they belonged to a we althy Crimean family. These are amazing decorations of the Feodosia embankment, which stand in one row. "Milos" is amazingwith its caryatids and an arbor with a copy of the Venus de Milo. It was she who gave the name to the cottage. The villa, unlike other buildings, was built in the Gothic style. Now a sanatorium is located in these dachas and villas.

Museum of A.S. Grina on Gallery Street

Writer A. Green Museum

This is a small one-story building. It was written 4 of the 6 novels of the writer and many stories. This recreated romantic dream of A. Green takes visitors to unprecedented countries created by the author's fantasies. This is not just a museum, but a sailing ship, where the rooms are cabins. Only his office was recreated from things that belonged to the writer personally.

The best beaches of Feodosia: description

There are at least ten of them in the city, and basically you have to pay not for entrance, but for using sunbeds, playing volleyball, going to the shower.

First, tourists run to the central beach "Kamushki". It is very good, but after looking around, many people move to the sandy-shell, very shallow 50 m from the shore - "Children's". This beach is paid. But he will not bring anxiety with children. Between these beaches is Camelot. It is famous for its attractions. The Dynamo beach is small, but wide, with fine sand and a smooth entry into the sea. There is also a "Pearl" with a gentle slope, as well as an entertaining "Bounty" and, finally, two more: a private beach "Club 117" with a Goa-style bungalow, and the best - "Golden", which is located in the suburbs, and rush to it is possible by boat from the central embankment.

Golden beach of Feodosia

Golden sand andthe level of service made it the best in Feodosia.

Feodosia in winter

The holiday season ends, but this does not mean that tourists do not come to the city at all. This is the best time to visit all the museums in detail. The city is beautiful in any weather. At least once you need to see Feodosia in January. You can walk along it for hours without sweating like in summer, enjoying the peace and beauty of old mansions. The sea breeze is healing in itself. Almost every day there are agricultural fairs from nearby areas. Here you can buy delicious products at fairly low prices.

In conclusion, the seaside town is good at any time of the year: the sun is shining, the temperature rarely drops below zero, there is almost no snow.

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