Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland

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Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland
Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, located on the River Clyde. In its place was originally a small fishing village, but by the eighth century it was transformed into a full-fledged port center. Translated from the local language, the name of the city sounds like a "green place".

From an economic and cultural point of view, Glasgow ranks second in Scotland after its capital, Edinburgh. The city surprisingly combines the past and the present. In it, imperial mansions border on modern buildings, and rich estates border on poor quarters. The locals speak the Glasgow Patter dialect, which is nothing more than a mixture of English and Scottish. The city with a population of approximately 640 thousand people is highly valued by lovers of architecture and art. Along with a variety of cultural life, there is a wide range of entertainment for the most sophisticated travelers. Today we will learn everything a tourist needs to know about Glasgow.

Glasgow (Scotland)

Climatic conditions

Due to the temperate maritime climate, the nature of the weather in the city often changes. On thea bright sun may be replaced by heavy rain, and an overcast day may suddenly become warm and clear. The weather of the largest city in Scotland - Glasgow - is formed by the flow of the Gulf Stream and the air currents of the Atlantic Ocean. The summer here is sunny, with rare rains and an average air temperature of 18 °C. Winter in the city is humid and rather warm, with an average air temperature of 3 °C. The summer months are the best time to explore the city. In principle, to take the most suitable clothes with you, it is enough to check the weather in Glasgow and Scotland for a week or two before leaving.


Like many other cities in Scotland, Glasgow can be called a cozy corner of wilderness in industrial Europe. The city is really buried in the shade of trees, and its surroundings are full of endless flower fields. There are more than 70 gardens and national parks in Glasgow. Loch Lomond is especially popular. The city is located on the Mid-Scottish Lowlands, near the North Scottish Highlands, which determines its unusual landscapes. Obviously, he got his name precisely because of the abundance of vegetation. Seeing the picturesque landscapes in the photo of Glasgow (Scotland), many set themselves the goal of definitely coming here.

Scotland Capital Glasgow


Of course, people go to Glasgow and Scotland in general not only for the sake of nature. A special atmosphere here is created by the contrast of modernity and the echoes of past industrialization. The historic center of Glasgow has more of itAttractions: Throne Steeple, St. Mungo's Church, 19th century graveyard and more.

Among the city's museums, the following are worth noting:

  1. Barrell Museum. It houses a large collection of antique furniture, ceramics, art and other artifacts. Public access to these exhibits was opened only in 1943.
  2. Mungo Museum. In this institution, you can get acquainted with extensive collections of artifacts, one way or another related to religion.
  3. Transport Museum. Here, tourists are waiting for a huge number (more than a hundred) of cars produced in different parts of our planet, in different years. In the same museum you can see the layout of the central part of the city.
  4. Glasgow University Museum. Scotland is famous for its high level of higher education, and the country's largest city, of course, is no exception. Among other things, the University of Glasgow has a museum, which presents rooms dedicated to various topics: from the collection of coins to the famous inventions of local scientists.

Fans of theatrical art are recommended to visit the Royal Theatre. This is a typical prim British establishment, which is very popular among tourists. It hosts opera concerts and modern ballet performances.

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall hosts various musical events. On different days, you can meet representatives of a wide variety of musical trends here: from classical to club music.

University of Glasgow(Scotland)

The following attractions are also recommended for visiting: Glasgow Cross Five Streets, Clyde Arch Bridge, Mitchell Library, Glasgow Necropolis, Kelvingrove Park, University of Glasgow-Caledonia. This is just a short list of interesting places in the city that are recommended for a mandatory visit. In general, as in other cities in Scotland, in Glasgow attractions are represented mainly by buildings and institutions with a rich history. However, there are enough modern interesting places here.


Most of the gastronomic establishments of the city serve dishes of national cuisine. The Black Sheep Bistro restaurant is very popular among tourists. This colorful establishment is perfect for both family vacations and for relaxing in a fun company.

Inexpensive, but very tasty and hearty meals are served at Fanny Trollope's, a national cuisine restaurant. In the evenings, there is a big buzz in this establishment, created mainly by tourists.

In the Charcoals restaurant, travelers are treated to Indian cuisine unusual for these latitudes. Once a week, theme nights are organized here, during which guests are offered rare exotic dishes.

Seafood lovers will love Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery. The impressions of a delicious dinner will be complemented by live music, which is played here every evening. This place will satisfy even the most sophisticated gourmets.

Business meetings and important conversations are recommended to be held at the English cuisine restaurant Shandon Belles. The institution attractsguests with privacy and fine cuisine.

Those who like Italian cuisine will certainly enjoy Roma Mia restaurant. During the day it is calm and quiet, and in the evening you can get acquainted with the work of local musicians.

Scented coffee and European desserts are served at the Trans-Europe cafe. The institution is famous not only for its cuisine, but also for its spacious terrace, which is surrounded by beautiful green spaces.

Glasgow is a city in Scotland


Among the budget three-star hotels in Glasgow, Devoncove is popular with rooms ranging from 30 to 110 euros per night. In second place in this segment is the Premier Inn Glasgow City Charing Cross. Here the price per room varies between 37-99 euros. Another popular budget hotel, Alexander Thomson, accommodates its guests for 30-120 euros.

Apartments with all amenities and additional services in 4-star hotels The Grand Primary Hotel and Hot-el-apartment can be obtained at a price of 50 to 450 euros.

Recreation and entertainment

Glasgow has over seventy parks for recreation and entertainment. They attract tourists with their original design, exotic plants and cozy seating areas. Let's get acquainted with the main ones:

  1. Glasgow Green. This is the oldest park in the city, founded in the 15th century. Many holidays and major cultural events are held here. This park is a favorite vacation spot for both young people and the elderly. There are sports grounds equipped with everything necessary.and cozy picnic areas.
  2. Botanical Garden. This place will be interesting for those who love exotic plants. The garden, founded in the 19th century, is famous for its rich collection of orchids and begonias. Interesting sculptural compositions are an additional decoration for plants.
  3. Kelvingrove Park. This place is best suited for outdoor activities and spending time with children. Here you can also ride on diverse attractions for the whole family.
Photo Glasgow (Scotland)

Among young people who love bright parties, The Corinthian night bar is popular. For the older generation, the Bon Accord club, located near the city center, is perfect.

Glasgow Rangers home games can be a great entertainment for sports fans. In Glasgow and Scotland, this team is recognized as the most titled.


Shopping fans in Scotland and Glasgow will not be bored. It is noteworthy that the quality of goods here is at the level of London, and the price is much lower than in Edinburgh. A large assortment and reasonable prices have made the city a popular destination among buyers. Autumn and after the New Year in Glasgow is the season of discounts.

Buchanan Galleries is the largest shopping mall in the city. Here you can find any goods from the world's leading companies. The St Enoch Centre, which is the city's first building with a glass roof, is also popular. In this store you can find goods for any wallet.


Like other cities in Scotland, Glasgow has a developed transport system. Public transport here is represented by buses, trams, trains and metro. The subway deserves special attention, which has 15 lines connecting the southern and western districts of the city. A one-time bus ride here costs about 1.3 euros. For 3.7 euros you can buy a ticket that allows you to ride buses and trams all day. A similar metro ticket costs 2.4 euros.

Glasgow (Scotland) attractions

Business climate

Glasgow is the engine of the economy in its region. In terms of financial development, it is on par with the capital of Scotland. Glasgow replenishes its budget mainly through the services and tourism business. The industry of the city is represented by such industries as energy, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. Here are the headquarters of many of the world's most important corporations, in particular the large energy company Scottish Power. This place is so famous that many are wondering: "Which city is the capital of Scotland - Glasgow or Edinburgh?"

Since Glasgow is the fourth most popular city in the UK among foreign tourists, the most profitable investment here is the opening of tourist infrastructure. At the same time, do not forget about the high level of competition.


Residential apartments are concentrated mainly in the southern and northern districts of the city. The southern region is distinguished by silence, which cannot be said about the northern one.Living conditions are worse here, and the crime rate is much higher. Real estate in the northern region is cheaper than in the south - about 1,500 euros per square meter.

The city has a fairly large and varied offer of both commercial and residential real estate. When buying a rented area, the tenant has an advantage over other applicants.

Tourist Tips

When visiting restaurants in Glasgow, it is customary to leave a full tip. Tipping for taxi drivers and maids can be smaller. If you are late for an important event, it is not recommended to choose a taxi as a transport, as city streets are often busy. It’s all the more not worth driving a rented car, because due to ignorance of the streets, the trip will drag on even more. By the way, fines for traffic violations are quite high here. The most suitable transport in this case is the subway.

Weather in Glasgow (Scotland) for a week

Walking the streets of Glasgow, you should pay attention to prohibition signs. The city has a ban on smoking in public places and heavy fines for throwing garbage outside the bin with exemplary frequency.

If you want to have a picnic in a specially designated park area, be sure to read its rules.

In crowded places, you should carefully monitor your belongings, since the fight against pickpockets, unfortunately, does not belong to the huge list of advantages of this city.

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