Rest on the sea in Azerbaijan: reviews. Tours to the Caspian Sea

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Rest on the sea in Azerbaijan: reviews. Tours to the Caspian Sea
Rest on the sea in Azerbaijan: reviews. Tours to the Caspian Sea

Going to rest in Azerbaijan every year becomes a tradition, and not only among the inhabitants of Russia. Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the light and mild climate of this beautiful country. Tours to Azerbaijan can be purchased throughout the year, but the best time for swimming and sunbathing is from the beginning of May to the end of September.

coast of the Caspian Sea

Many different places: which one to choose?

Based on the purpose with which each tourist goes on a trip, and determine the direction of travel. To improve your he alth with thermal water, it is better to go to Lankaran, smear yourself with healing oil - welcome to Naftalan. It is better to spend a quiet holiday in unity with nature in Kusar, Masalla or Nabran village. But if the Russian soul demands a celebration of life with festivities and fireworks, then it is better to choose Baku. Although, of course, each of the listed places of rest is able to please with a cultural program, but the latter will be more crowded. To expand their historical knowledge and explore the ancientcultural monuments it is better to go to Shiki, Nakhichevan or Shemakha. But first things first.

baku city republic of azerbaijan

Where to improve he alth?

Azerbaijan is famous for its he alth resorts. Consider the best of them.


Rest on the sea in Azerbaijan Reviews of restoring he alth with the help of thermal waters are positive. Thermal springs are located near the city of Lankaran, in the Gaftonin forests. In the city itself, there are several sanatoriums that specialize in various diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as the restoration of immunity.

Lenkoran stands on the swampy coast of the Caspian Sea. As archaeological excavations prove, people settled here already in the Bronze Age, in other words, 2-3 thousand years before the advent of our era. The city itself arose already in the 10th century AD.

In addition to medical procedures, it is worth taking a closer look at the beauty of the city. Many very well-preserved sights date back to the 8th century. Particular attention should be paid to the Lankaran fortress and Khanig.

Lenkoran fortress

It is a circular structure with high stone walls topped with rows of sharp battlements. Previously, a couple of bazaars were located in the fortress, but over time they were abolished.


Behind the fortress wall are hidden several mosques and mausoleums, which have become famous for their magnificent architectural decoration - beautiful stone carvings. MainKhaniga's buildings were erected in the 11th-14th centuries, but over time they were repeatedly rebuilt. Khaniga is adjacent to the mosque, which houses the tomb of Pir-Hussein. The great pride of the mosque is the mihrab - a niche in the wall, consisting of two columns and an arch, decorated with Kufic inscriptions and ornamented with colorful tiles.

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Rest at sea in Azerbaijan reviews of treatment in Naftalan are extremely enthusiastic. Naftalan rightfully bears the title of the most unusual medical resort in the world. He gained his popularity thanks to the deposits of "liquid black gold", which can cure many diseases. Naftalan baths and smears are used to treat more than 70 types of various diseases of the body: musculoskeletal tissue, nervous system, improve the condition of the skin of the body and face, alleviate gynecological and urological diseases. Naftalan also helps with inflammatory processes, is able to relieve pain, improve blood circulation, and is also an excellent stimulant of metabolic processes in the body. The patient, depending on the severity of the disease, the doctor prescribes from 10 to 15 baths. There should be rest intervals between procedures, so the entire course of treatment is about 20 days. The patient is immersed in a bath filled with oil for 10 minutes, the temperature of which is in the range of 36-380. Through the pores expanded from heat, oil partially penetrates into the blood, in order to then leave the body along with toxins. Such a vacation in the Caspian Sea is not only useful, but alsounique.

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Quiet vacation time

The resorts of Azerbaijan will also appeal to lovers of a relaxing holiday. Families with children also speak well of them.

Kusars (Hussars)

According to legend, 22-year-old M. Yu. Lermontov came to Qusar in 1836 to meet with the philosopher and scientist Haji Ali Efendi. A little later, here Legzi Akhmedov, a folk poet and singer, told him about Ashug-Gharib, based on the story later Lermontov wrote "Ashik-Kerib". The house-museum of M.Yu. Lermontov is located in Qusar, the facade of which is decorated with a memorial plaque with words of greeting to the Caucasus.

To get to know the city a bit, you can visit the local history museum, which has about 3,000 exhibits, take a walk in the park named after Nariman Narimanovich, and also go to the square of acquaintances and dates.


Rest on the sea in Azerbaijan reviews of the nature of the city of Masalli are admiring. The city is located 230 km from Baku, but nevertheless has a fairly high chance of entering the country's most popular routes in the future. Looking at Azerbaijan on the map, you can see that the city of Masalli somehow stands out, probably due to its amazing location. On the one hand, the coast of the Caspian Sea, on the other - the Talysh mountains. And wherever the eye is enough, nature is of amazing beauty. People go to Masalli to enjoy the purity and coolness of the Caspian waters, dense forests with valuable tree species: beech, oak, hornbeam, alder and iron tree. Here, in the forest thicket, there is an amazingthe beauty of the lake. Both tourists and residents of neighboring cities come here for fishing. Mineral springs located near the city of Masalli will help patients with diseases of the joints and bones.

In Massaly, as in almost all cities of Azerbaijan, there are many historical buildings and structures. It is worth visiting a mosque built in the 19th century, and if you take a trip to the nearby villages, you can find buildings dating from the 16th century. To learn a variety of interesting facts about the city, as well as to get acquainted with handicrafts, you should go to the local history museum.

Tourists who do not want to live in the city can stay in modern recreation centers that also have healing mineral springs.

Nabran (village)

Rest on the sea in Azerbaijan reviews of Nabran as a good place to stay has enough. They will be useful to those who are going to go there. Nabran has long established itself as a resort area, and not only among the indigenous people of the country, but also among citizens of countries that were previously part of the USSR. Summer holidays in Azerbaijan at the sea in Nabran attract people with their comfort. This place has a temperate climate. Temperatures are mild throughout the year, with warm and dry summers and wet but not severely frosty winters. Water parks, cafes, walks and night discos are offered as entertainment.

Historical culture: welcome to history

Those who do not like to just lie on the beach will be happy to explore the ancient sights of the country. Let's listthe main ones.


Recreation in the Caspian Sea is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, get acquainted with the ancient culture and traditions of the country.

Archaeological excavations have shown that in the northwestern part of the city there used to be a settlement whose age dates back to the 4th-5th century BC. e.

In 1222, Shemakhia was under a long siege, but could not resist for a long time, so the fortress was captured and destroyed by the Tatar-Mongolian troops.

The location of the city (it was on the way of the intersection of several roads) contributed to the fact that for a very long time Shamakhia was attacked by its neighbors. They constantly looted and destroyed the city.

Later, the Great Silk Road began to run through the city. And all because in Shamakhia there were schools of carpet weaving and miniatures. Silk was also traded here between representatives of different countries: Azerbaijan and Iran, Russia and India, as well as Arab, Western European and Central Asian merchants.

The most famous building in Shamakhi is the Gulistan fortress built in the 12th century. On its territory, archaeologists found several objects whose age was determined by the 9th century. Therefore, the fortress is over 1000 years old. For several centuries, the walls of the fortress defended the inhabitants from the attacks of the troops of the Mongols, Arabs and Ottomans. The main feature of the Gulistan fortress is the secret passage that leads from it to the gorge. Gulistan was used until the 16th century, but subsequently it was destroyed almost to the ground by numerous earthquakes. At presentfrom it there were picturesque ruins, which are located at the approaches to the city.

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Yeddi Goombez

At the foot of the Gulistan fortress is the mausoleum "Seven Domes", or Yeddi Gumbez. Noble people from the Shirvanshahs family were buried in this tomb. The seven domes represent the number of burials, which look like spheres grown from the earth.

Juma Mosque

Built in 744, it is the oldest mosque in the Caucasus. During its construction, a unique architectural solution was applied: 3 prayer halls, which were connected by wide openings.

Many wars and earthquakes led to the fact that the mosque had to be rebuilt several times. But during its reconstruction, the basic principles of construction were preserved: one central hall, located under a large dome, and two side ones with smaller domes. As before, each hall has its own separate entrance and mihrab.


Buying tours to Azerbaijan in Sheki, you should know that this is one of the oldest cities in the Caucasus. In the old days, Sheki was the capital of the Sheki Khanate, which later, in 1805, was annexed to Russia. And with the death of the last of the khans, Ismail, in 1819 it became a Transcaucasian province of tsarist Russia. Like all resorts on the Caspian Sea, Sheki also boasts memorable buildings, but there are not very many of them.

Palace of Sheki Khans

It was built in the 18th century. Window openings are decorated with openwork, and on the walls there are images of creativity.Nizami.

Fortress Telesen-Geresen ("you will come and see") for a long time protected its inhabitants from the attack of various enemies with its impregnable walls.

The ancient city of Sheki used to be a major trading center. Here were caravanserais that have survived to this day: Lezgin, Isfahan, Tabriz, as well as hotels and inns. Silk was produced, which was famous in other countries. Today, it is produced by a silk mill, silk weaving and silk-spinning factories.

Due to numerous earthquakes, Sheki is not rich in historical monuments, but the city is still famous for the production of copper utensils, embroidery, chasing and jewelry. The famous silk shawls are loved by women all over the world.

holidays in the Caspian


The age of the city is estimated at almost five thousand years. And the proof of this are rock paintings, writings, archaeological finds.

Rock paintings that have come down to our time can be seen today on the slope of Mount Gapydzhik. The ancient Azerbaijanis, who lived at the foot of the mountain, painted images of various animals on stones: dogs, wolves, goats, deer, as well as symbols and fantastic images of people. The drawings were made in single version and in pairs. Today, you can admire the surviving images of hunters with bows and dancing couples, which were beaten out by someone's hand.

Noah Mausoleum

There are many monuments in Azerbaijan, therefore, in order to examine everything carefully, it is better to travel to the resorts on the Caspiansea ​​repeatedly.

The tomb of Noah dates back to the 9th-12th centuries and is located in the southern part of the city, not far from the ancient fortress. According to legend, after a long voyage, Noah's ark found its refuge at the top of Mount Gapydzhik.

summer vacation in azerbaijan at sea

Turn around soul: Baku city, Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku is the capital and one of the largest cities in the Caucasus. You can visit the capital all year round, the weather is favorable: dry and hot summers, cool winters with little rainfall. For aesthetic pleasure, you can walk along the narrow old streets, see the fountains and embankments, walk through the squares and ancient palaces. A beach holiday in Azerbaijan in Baku involves, in addition to sunbathing and sea bathing, diving, boat trips along the turquoise sea on scooters and water skis. The city has 2 categories of beaches: free, on which there is not much sand, and paid, equipped, respectively, according to all the rules. Entrance to the second is free, but you have to pay for a sunbed. In addition, it is forbidden to bring food and drinks to the beach.

resorts on the Caspian Sea

Azerbaijan does not occupy a very large area on the map, but this does not mean that there are no interesting places for every taste. In Baku, a large area is occupied by shopping centers and fashion stores. There are very good discounts in shopping centers, so when you go shopping, you can please yourself with inexpensive things and funny trinkets. Prices in Azerbaijan are quite high: a tourist spends approximately110-130 dollars a day, and for a low quality of service, this is quite a lot. Of course, you can save money, but for this you will have to rent housing on the outskirts of Baku, where public services leave much to be desired.

Go on tours to the Caspian Sea, travel, try to learn as much as possible - because our life is so short!

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