Umrevinsky prison (Moshkovsky district): description. Sights of the Novosibirsk region

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Umrevinsky prison (Moshkovsky district): description. Sights of the Novosibirsk region
Umrevinsky prison (Moshkovsky district): description. Sights of the Novosibirsk region

Umrevinsky prison was built in 1703 by Russian Cossacks. The prerequisites for this were the tense military-political situation in the Novosibirsk Ob region. At that time, the Russian population could migrate very limitedly. This continued until, in 1695, Alexei Stepanov, son of Kruglik, received a special document. It was a confirmed right to use this land. The Tomsk Voivodship Office issued this paper.

The location of the prison

In the place where the Umreva River flows into the Ob, a prison was located on the left bank. Today it is the Novosibirsk region. The building is located 3 km northwest of the village of Umreva.

The construction of Russian prisons began in 1590. Thus, moving from the city of Tobolsk along the Ob River, the eastern defensive line of the Russian kingdom was built.

umrevin prison

Russian prisons

Since then, many such structures have been erected on vastRussian open spaces:

  • Achinsky - 1641;
  • Berdsky - 1716;
  • Ket - 1596;
  • Kuznetsky - in 1618 it was erected near the confluence of the Kondoma River into the Tom River, and in 1620 it was relocated to the right bank of the river. Tom;
  • Melessky - 1621;
  • Narym - 1595;
  • Semiluzhny - built in 1609 as an outpost, and 53 years later it was rebuilt as a full-fledged prison (fortress);
  • Surgut - 1594;
  • Tomsk - 1604;
  • Umrevinsky - 1703;
  • Urtamsky - 1684;
  • Chaussky - 1713.

Future fort-cities were built on the Yenisei River, except for Surgut, which belongs to the Tomsk district.

The built Umrevinsky prison was the first on Novosibirsk land and laid the foundation for the construction of the next ones. This happened due to fortunate circumstances - the Kirghiz were defeated in 1701 by Ivan Tikhonov and Alexei Kruglikov. As a result, the militant nomadic Yenisei tribes were driven into the depths of the Khanate (northwestern China) by the Dzungars in 1703.

Umrevinsky Ostrog how to get there

What did the prison look like?

In 1702, A. Kruglikov, together with a detachment of servicemen, boarded a ship along the Ob River to the Oyash and Umreva Rivers to determine the site for the construction of a new prison.

Umrevinsky prison was located on a flat area with the following dimensions:

  • along the coastline 700 meters;
  • from the water deep into the coast 250 - 300 meters.

There was a forest around the prison, consisting of birches, poplars and pines.

In the 17th century, the prison had a quadrangular shape, and along its perimeter there was a moat, a shaft and a wooden palisade with three observation towers. Umrevinsky prison was larger than its neighbors - other wooden defensive structures of Siberia. Its dimensions exceeded even Kazymsky and Lyapinsky, which were located on the middle Ob. However, this prison was not the largest - in terms of its parameters, it aspired to Sayan, built on the Middle Yenisei.

According to the chronicles, behind the high wooden walls there was a clerk's house and a place was allocated on which there were granaries (“granaries of the sovereign”) and the Church of the Three Saints. Other household and residential buildings were located outside the walls of the prison - in the settlement, whose number in 1727 reached a record figure - almost 50 households.

Umreva river

Umrevinsky prison: how to get there?

From Novosibirsk-Glavny station you need to get to Moshkovo station by train (Moshkovsky district). From this settlement on a regular bus you can get to the village of Umreva or to the village of Tashara. When getting on the bus, it is best to let the driver know about your intention to visit the prison, then he will tell you where it is better to get off. After all, you can get to the prison in several ways:

  • From Umreva you will need to walk about three kilometers, looking around the surroundings and breathing fresh air. If there is no such desire, then you can hire a car in the village and drive to the prison.
  • FromNovosibirsk, you can get to Tashara by regular bus, but it is best to choose a bus that leaves at 17:00, since the route has been specially extended to the prison.
  • You can also hire a taxi from Novosibirsk - the price for the train will be 600 - 700 rubles.
  • There is another option: go from Bolotny (from the village of Oyash) through the village of Raduga and the village of Voronovo. But here there are quite big problems with transport, so it’s better not to choose this path, although it is considered the shortest.
sights of the novosibirsk region

Ostrog as an archaeological site

Umrevinsky prison (Novosibirsk region, Moshkovsky district) is an archaeological site that had a rather complex structure.

The prison included the following fortifications:

  • "Garlic" - was a star-shaped steel pins that were scattered on the ground, preventing infantry and cavalry from passing.
  • Nadolba - several rows of logs that were dug into the ground vertically or with a slope towards the enemy. They protruded 0.5-1.2 meters above the surface.
  • Earth rampart - was a high embankment, usually having a moat next to it with water. He acted as an obstacle to the enemy and covered the internal fortifications located nearby.
  • Slingshot is one of the most ancient field barriers, which was used to stop infantry.
moshkovsky district

The buildings inside the prison were mainly household purposes:

  • granaries;
  • clerk's house.

Other buildings were few:

  • The necropolis that appeared in the prison at the end of the 18th century.
  • Church of the Three Saints. Unfortunately, it was not found, but it was listed in the annals.
  • Posad - the territory outside the prison, to which city buildings were later attached, and where craft settlements were originally located and auctions (trades) were held.
  • Masonry cannonballs.

In the end, the construction of the prison had a positive impact on trade relations between the local population and Russian settlers. The raids came to naught as the warlike tribes tempered their ardor.

The prison gradually disappeared from the map of Siberia, but the memory of it is still alive. Novosibirsk archaeologists, having carried out excavations, discovered the remains of pillars from the guard walls, ancient burials, as well as fragments of the foundation of one of the buildings. A two-story tower with loopholes was restored on it. Looking into the future, we can assume that one day an old prison will be revived on the steep bank of the Ob River.

fishing on Umrevinsky prison

What else to see in Novosibirsk?

Other sights of the Novosibirsk region worth paying attention to:

  • Barsukovskaya cave is the largest wintering place for bats. Some of their species are listed in the Red Book.
  • Belovsky waterfall is located on a plain, and its source is a deep ground lake, which was once a coal mine. Highlya beautiful place where many tourists come to relax.
  • Botanical Garden - for decades, collections of plants from all the environs of the Novosibirsk region were collected in it. There is a herbarium, the rarest seeds and more than 5 thousand representatives of the world of flora.
  • Mother Square is decorated with a sculpture "Mother and Child" made of gray-pink granite stone. The park is dedicated to mothers who lost their children in local wars.
  • Sun Museum - located in Novosibirsk and includes about 2 thousand sun exhibits.
  • Museum of Happiness - contains about 1000 exhibits that charge tourists with their positive energy.

And this is not all the sights of the Novosibirsk region. It is better to visit them and see everything with your own eyes.


Fishing in Umrevinsky Ostrog enjoys stable popularity. Here you can catch perch, carp, burbot, bream, pike, chebak, roach and bleak. Fishermen often come here overnight, and sometimes for several hours, to enjoy the process and admire the local places.

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