Moika River: description, history. Embankment of the Moika River

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Moika River: description, history. Embankment of the Moika River
Moika River: description, history. Embankment of the Moika River

Who among us does not like to spend time in one or another picturesque place of his beloved city? As a rule, these are squares, parks or embankments. After all, how wonderful it is to read a book under the branches of an old oak in your free time or just take a walk, enjoying the light breeze of the city river!

River in the city

If you take a map, you can see that our country is simply rich in "water arteries". Dozens of reservoirs are scattered throughout Russia. Due must be given to the rivers that cross the map along and across. A huge number of them flow in various cities.

moika river

It would seem that from the point of view of construction, this fact greatly complicates the process of developing the territory. This is due to the fact that rivers have seasonal "problems". For example, in the spring, a flood is possible, which can cause disruption in the functioning of the construction complex.

But, as practice shows, rivers in many ways simplify the life of citizens. This applies to both everyday life and leisure. The water supply of many settlements directly depends on water bodies. They become a source of water for every citizen.

If we talk about the spiritual side, it is worth noting that we are all childrennature. And sooner or later we want to spend time with her. In this case, many people like to look at the calm waves, walk in the direction of the current, or just be alone with themselves, thinking about something under the sound of the water.

An aesthetic decision also plays an important role. After all, even the most gray and dull city will turn a small pond or stream into a livable environment.

Petersburg pond

As we know from history, quite a lot of cities were based in coastal areas of rivers, lakes, seas. Then it was dictated by the need to have water resources for domestic needs. But today this fact makes it possible to decorate not only the landscape design of any city, but also the life of each of its inhabitants.

Moyka river embankment

The Moika River is such an attraction. St. Petersburg is a rich city not only in terms of architectural heritage, but also in terms of beautiful natural places. Quite often, city dwellers want to retire with nature, breathe fresh air. In this case, the embankment of the Moika River helps many. This quiet nook in a bustling city allows you to enjoy natural beauty that connects with the modern world.

Leningrad beauty

The Moika River is one of the most popular reservoirs in St. Petersburg. Its length is about 5 kilometers. In some places, the width of the stream reaches 40 meters. At the same time, the depth of the reservoir is not very large. Its maximum size does not exceed 4 meters.

The embankment of the Moika River was called "Russian Venice" by some residents. This factdue to the fact that the width of the reservoir easily allows you to swim in boats. On both sides, the river is surrounded by old houses with rich architecture, which makes the walk more colorful.

The Moika River, although not the only body of water in the city, is especially popular. Both tourists and locals come here. This is due to the fact that it flows in the central part of the city, which is always full of people.

Historical background

The emergence of this reservoir is associated with the XVII century. Then the river originated from the swampy area. At the same time, the modern name did not exist, and the locals called the water stream Muey. In translation, this word means "dirty". The choice of such a name is easily explained by the swampy environment. The current name - Moyka - was coined in 1726, as for most of the townspeople the former name was too difficult to pronounce.

moika river saint petersburg

Later it was decided to connect the river with another reservoir - the Fontanka. Thus, an artificial island was created, which is washed on all sides by water. It was decided to place a garden on it.

Toward the middle of the 17th century, a wooden embankment was created, which was located directly on the banks of the Moika, and by the end of the century it was replaced with granite slabs.

In addition, one of the main advantages are the bridges thrown over the river. To date, there are 15 of them. At the same time, each one is distinguished by its development and exterior. They all look very aesthetically pleasing anddelight the eye of every passer-by.

Tourist demand

As practice shows, the Moika River is popular with tourists. This is especially true for those people who come to St. Petersburg not for the first time. They are not interested in looking at the sights that were previously considered. The drawing of the bridge and the white nights are great, but no one can devote the whole weekend only to these places.

Therefore, a huge number of tourists prefer to enjoy the "safe haven". In many programs that are provided by guides, visiting this place is mandatory. The Moika River, like nothing else, shows the versatility of St. Petersburg.

penza moika river

Administrative value

Quite a lot of central streets are primarily designed to carry out certain management decisions. Naberezhnaya Street, the basis of which is the Moika River (St. Petersburg), was no exception. The northern capital is a huge city of federal significance. There are many administrative units located here. In addition, since this is the cultural center of the country, it is worth paying tribute to the architectural sights.

So, on the streets that are located along the river, a huge number of buildings were built. Almost all of them have a history dating back to the last millennium. The main advantage of a walk along the embankment will be the architectural view. At one time, Lomonosov lived here. Now his house has cultural significance and is protected by special funds. It is also on this river that the famous arch of New Holland overlooks.In addition, Naberezhnaya Street became the address for the palaces of Princess Xenia Alexandrovna, Yusupovsky and Razumovsky.

moika river russia

Namesake of St. Petersburg sights

It is noteworthy that not only in the historical center of the country there is an embankment of the Moika River. Penza became the owner of such a reservoir in the 19th century. Then the street was created, which has an identical name. It runs from Zamoisky Street to Sverdlov Street.

Moyka river embankment Penza

But over time, the river changed its course. And in the place where it flowed before, it began to flow into the collector. Therefore, today, as such, there is no reservoir on this street. The sink is flowing in the other direction. But they did not change the name of the street, as all residents have long been accustomed to it.

Now another river flows in the place of the Moika - the Sura. This allows you to save the landscape, which has adapted in the last millennium specifically for this kind of reservoir. This is a special decoration of a city like Penza. The Moika River is preserved in the memory of the townspeople with the help of the name of the street, which does not change for a long time. There are no such plans to this day.

Many facets of beauty

As we can see, one of the many domestic attractions is the Moika River. Russia is such a huge country that there are two reservoirs with the same and such an unusual name. Traveling around the state, every time we are surprised how much beauty surrounds us. At the same time, although much has been done by human hands, the natural environment is stillis the basis, base. Mountains, sea, steppe - all this somehow very succinctly and logically correlates with each other.

moika river spb

Naturally, it is necessary to pay tribute to the huge number of rivers that flow on the territory of Russia. From the smallest to the largest, they all allow you to reconnect with nature. This is especially important in big cities, where everyday fuss sometimes just sucks the life force out of a person. Just a walk along the promenade can give peace of mind and tranquility.

Appreciate the nature around you. She is beautiful and needs our care. And at the moment when we need her, she will definitely come to the rescue!

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