Official Italy Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg: document requirements and customer reviews

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Official Italy Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg: document requirements and customer reviews
Official Italy Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg: document requirements and customer reviews

Who has never dreamed of seeing the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa with their own eyes, tasting delicious wine or walking through the fine shops of Milan? If such desires are visited, then it's time to go to the Italy Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg, which works for residents of the North-Western Federal District. This organization is the official representative of the Italian state in Russia and is authorized to represent its interests.

Variety of visas

Since this country is one of the members of the Schengen Agreement, then, accordingly, in order to enter its territory, you need a visa (Italy). The Visa Center (St. Petersburg) will help citizens of the Russian Federation to apply for it, but you just need to decide on the type of entry permit.

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There are 21 types of visas to the Italian state, such as for diplomats, service, work, transit, for students or for those who accompany their relatives, and others. But the most common appeal to the Italian Visa Center in St. Petersburg is an application for a tourist visa, which is also divided into the following four types:

  1. Transit type of visa. It is needed for those tourists who simplywill be in transit in Italy and are not going to leave the airport building. Thus, the holder of this permit only has the right to be in the transit zone.
  2. This type is similar to the first kind. Their only difference is that such a visa allows a person to travel through the Italian state to another country many times.
  3. This type is the most common among tourists, as it is valid for several entries into the Schengen zone, but the total number of days spent in Italy should not exceed three months.
  4. This tourist visa is not a Schengen visa, but its holder can stay in Italy for more than ninety days and gives the right to transit through European countries.

When a tourist decides on the purpose of his trip, he can safely make an appointment at the Italy Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg, and it is better to do this in advance, and not before the trip itself.

Where should I start?

After registering with this organization, in order not to waste time, it is best to go to a photo studio and take two pictures that meet the requirements of the center. They must be 3.5 x 4.5 cm in color and on a white background.

When this is done, you can proceed to the next step, which is to fill out an application for a visa, which will be submitted to the Italian Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg. Its form must be downloaded from the organization's website and filled out only in block letters. There are two types of application: Italian and English.

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What documents do I need to collect?

After this, the most difficult stage of obtaining a visa begins. It will be necessary to carefully collect all the certificates and papers to obtain permission, in order to then submit them to the Italian Consulate in St. Petersburg (visa center). This list looks like this:

  1. An official invitation from relatives, friends or another citizen of the state is needed if the purpose of the trip to Italy is to visit relatives.
  2. Ordinary tourist must provide confirmation of the booked hotel, which will indicate the name, hotel contacts and length of stay.
  3. Reservation or availability of tickets for public transport or a round trip.
  4. A completed medical policy in the amount of at least thirty thousand euros, valid in the Schengen area.
  5. A completed application with a photo (the rules for filling out and requirements for pictures were discussed above).
  6. Document confirming financial independence. As such a guarantee, you can provide a statement from your deposit account, traveler's checks, savings cards or credit cards and postal bonds.
  7. Certificate of employment, issued on the letterhead of the enterprise, which indicates its address and telephone number, as well as the position, salary and length of service of the applicant. The form must be signed by the head and certified with a seal.
  8. Copies of foreign and Russian passports.

After the entire package of documents is collected, you should pay the consular fee and attach a receipt of payment toother official papers.

Italy visa application center in St. Petersburg reviews

What to consider?

When submitting documents, you need to pay attention to several important nuances:

  1. If the person applying for an Italian visa is a private entrepreneur, you will also need to provide the consulate with a copy of the activity registration certificate and a certificate from the tax office.
  2. A student of a general education institution is required to bring a certificate from the school, and a student from the university.
  3. Pensioners must present a photocopy of their pension certificate.

When it's all done and the pickup date is right, you should go to the Italian official.

Italy visa application center in St. Petersburg address

Customer Reviews

Many tourists applied for a visa through the Italy Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg. Reviews of his work are mostly positive. All customers like that polite and qualified staff work within its walls, and there are many reception windows in the room for the convenience of visitors. All this in general allows you to get a visa very quickly.

The location of this organization plays an important role, as it is very convenient for its customers to get to it.

Contact details

Near the metro station "Nevsky Prospekt" is the Visa Application Center for Italy in St. Petersburg. Its address is as follows: Kazanskaya street, house 1/25.

Appointment is made at the following number: +7 (812) 33-480-48.

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Self-issuing a visa is possible, and as many tourists experience, a fairly simple process. You just need to approach this matter with full responsibility, and the staff of the Italy Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg will help speed up the procedure for obtaining a visa.

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