Hotel Crystal Family Resort & Spa 5(Turkey): reviews of tourists

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Hotel Crystal Family Resort & Spa 5(Turkey): reviews of tourists
Hotel Crystal Family Resort & Spa 5(Turkey): reviews of tourists

Serik is a rather young resort located on the Turkish Riviera. This village is located in the very south of the country, in the Belek zone. The hot climate of the subtropics here is softened by mountains covered with eucalyptus and pine trees. Picturesque nature, warm sea and clean beaches attract thousands of tourists to Serik every year, including from Russia. And of course, for the convenience of vacationers, many comfortable hotels, large and small, have been built here. For example, many tour operators from Russia work with the Crystal Family Resort 5hotel. Reviews of this hotel on the Web are mostly good.

Where is it located?

This hotel is located not in Serik itself, but 11 km from it - on the seashore. The distance from it to the center of Antalya is about 50 km. From the airport to the hotel, tourists who have rented rooms here have to get only about 40-50 minutes. This air transport hub is located near Antalya - 40 km from Serik.

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Most tour operators, judging by the reviews, offer their customers who have bought tours with accommodation in thishotel, quite comfortable transfers. Buses for tourists are provided with new, air-conditioned buses. Therefore, the way from the airport to the hotel, judging by the reviews, usually does not happen too tiring.

General information

The Crystal Family Resort 5is located, as already mentioned, on the very seashore. The total area of ​​its territory is 23,000 m2. That is, the hotel is relatively small and compact. Most tourists consider the layout of the territory of this complex to be quite convenient and thoughtful. Best of all, according to many vacationers, this hotel is suitable for couples. For children, this hotel offers a wide variety of services.

Mostly Turks live in this hotel. And although they feel like masters of the situation, they do not behave too arrogantly. So, our compatriots do not attribute the presence of a large number of Turkish tourists to the special disadvantages of the hotel. In addition to locals, Russians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks and Germans also rent rooms at the hotel.

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Hotel Crystal Family Resort (Belek) accepts guests in four five-story buildings of modern construction. This hotel was built quite a long time ago - in 2007. The buildings of the complex are located in such a way that the windows of some rooms overlook the sea. The views from these rooms, judging by the reviews, are quite beautiful. However, unfortunately, there are not too many rooms with balconies overlooking the sea in the hotel. In most cases, windows from the buildings overlook the walls of other hotels or the road.

On the first floor of the complex there are elements of the hotel infrastructure. The number count starts from the second floor (but it is usually indicated as the first floor on the ticket). Therefore, balconies at the Crystal Family Resort & Spa 5are available in all rooms. This, of course, many tourists attribute to the pluses of the complex.

The territory of this hotel is not only convenient for a pleasant pastime, but also well landscaped. The paths in the courtyard of the hotel are covered with beautiful paving slabs. Therefore, walking on them is quite convenient.


In total, this hotel offers guests of Turkey 368 comfortable rooms. Most of them are classified as standard. Also, if desired, family apartments can also be rented at the Crystal Family Resort & Spa 5hotel. Three rooms in the hotel are designed for the disabled. The area of ​​ordinary rooms is approximately 25-27 m22, family rooms - 40 m22. At least, such information is available on the websites of tour operators. But at the same time, judging by the reviews of many tourists, some family rooms, most likely, were remade in this hotel, unfortunately, from the standards. The administration simply separated the latter with a partition.

In fact, in the rooms themselves, guests of this hotel can use:

  • TVs;
  • phones;
  • safes;
  • air conditioners.
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Showers in this hotel in each room, of course, provided individual. There are in the rooms in this hotel and mini-bars. If desired, guests can also use Wi-Fi in the rooms.

Reviews of proposed housing

The opinion about the rooms rented at the Crystal Family Resort & Spa 5 hotel among tourists is very good. Despite the fact that the hotel is no longer new, the furniture in the rooms is comfortable and not shabby. Household appliances and sockets in the rooms work properly. As for the cleanliness of the premises in this hotel, tourists also have no complaints about the administration. The same goes for linens and towels. They are changed here often enough so that they do not look unkempt.

The rooms of this hotel deserve good reviews from tourists, including the fact that you can use the bar and safe here for free. Many vacationers consider the absence of irons in the rooms to be some disadvantage of the hotel. In order to iron the linen, guests have to go to a paid laundry.

Showers in the rooms of the Crystal Family Resort 5(Belek), according to its guests, are quite comfortable. At least a good set of toiletries is provided to tourists. If desired, vacationers who have rented rooms at this hotel can, for example, use shampoo, soap, bath caps, cotton buds for free.

As for the soundproofing of the rooms, many tourists also have good reviews about the Crystal Hotels Family Resort. However, in some rooms of the hotel, the rooms are separated by ordinary thin doors. Of course, in such apartments you can hear your neighbors very well. Also, some rooms overlook the construction site. Usually in the evening work onsite are terminated. However, sometimes at night they are still held. Many tourists, of course, refer to this as a disadvantage of the hotel. Also, some rooms are quite noisy until 23.00 due to animations held in the hotel near the pool.

crystal family resort spa 5

Hotel facilities

Crystal Family Resort & Spa is a five-star hotel. Therefore, for tourists here, of course, there are many amenities and directly on the territory. If desired, vacationers who have rented rooms in this complex can use:

  • spa;
  • hammam;
  • tennis court;
  • three pools;
  • volleyball court;
  • luggage storage, etc.

Most of the services at the Crystal Family Resort (Turkey) are included in the price of the tour. However, tourists still have to pay for some of them, if necessary, to use them. For example, as already mentioned, in this hotel you can not freely visit the laundry. Also, for a fee, the administration turns on the light on the tennis court.

Crystal Family Resort infrastructure reviews

The territory of the hotel, judging by the reviews available on the Web, is considered by many tourists to be very convenient. In addition, the hotel administration pays much attention not only to the beauty of the courtyard, but also to its sanitary condition. Dirty under the windows of the hotel buildings never happens. The same goes for the pools. Their water is always very clean. Thanks to this attitude of the administration, in this hotel, tourists, including children, are practicallynever catch any common skin diseases.

The advantages of this hotel, many vacationers include the fact that water slides near one of the pools are installed here for both children and adults. So both big and small guests can have fun on the territory of the hotel.

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Tourists' opinion about food at the hotel

The dining room at Crystal Family Resort & Spa 5 is also highly praised by most vacationers. In any case, the dishes served to the guests here are always very tasty and fresh. To some of the disadvantages of the hotel restaurant, tourists refer only to the fact that the menu here is not particularly diverse in terms of meat and fish food. Fruit, according to most vacationers, could also be served more in the dining room.

Actually, the very premises of the restaurant in this hotel, according to many tourists, are quite convenient in terms of layout and area. The hotel staff is polite, and the tables, floors and dishes are always clean.

In addition to the dining room, the Crystal Hotel Family Resort & Spa 5, of course, has a bar. The range of drinks offered here, according to many tourists, is quite wide. Moreover, alcoholic drinks in the bar are sold, albeit not too expensive, but not local Turkish, but branded ones.

Some disadvantage of the food in this hotel, many vacationers believe that the dishes in the local restaurant are mostly rather spicy and greasy. Some children, of course, categorically do not like such food. Therefore, parents have toadditionally visit cafes and canteens located near the hotel.

Belek crystal family resort

Fun for kids

For little guests at the Crystal Family Resort & Spa 5 hotel there are:

  • playground;
  • pool;
  • water slides;
  • game room.

If desired, for a fee, parents can leave their children with a nanny. Reviews of this service in the hotel deserved good. Employees of the children's club in the hotel take their duties very seriously. And the children themselves like the local playroom very much. Little guests in the hotel club spend time with pleasure.

Beach Reviews

The sea, as already mentioned, is literally a few steps from the hotel buildings. Tourists can reach it in just a couple of minutes. The beach of the hotel also deserves good reviews from vacationers. The coastline in this place is covered with sand, which is very comfortable to walk on. On the beach of the hotel, even simple shales are considered optional (unless, of course, the sand is too hot), not to mention special shoes.

Sun loungers and umbrellas can be used free of charge by hotel guests. But if desired, visitors can sunbathe right on the sand - on a towel or rug. The administration usually does not prohibit this. In many other hotels in Turkey, lying on the sand on the beach is not allowed. The absence of such a restriction in the Crystal Family hotel, of course, is considered by many of its guests to be its pluses.

Right next to the entrance to the sea on the beachthe complex stretches a strip of pebbles. However, the pebbles in this part of the beach are small and do not provide any amenities to swimmers. Tourists with children even consider this a plus of the hotel. After all, little guests of the complex can make different figures from pebbles, which makes their vacation on the beach more diverse.

Is it comfortable to swim?

Entrance to the sea, so next to the hotel is quite convenient. You can go into the water just barefoot, and in shales. The depth in the sea starts about 2 m from the shore. Therefore, experienced vacationers advise parents to watch children on the beach more closely.

crystal family resort 5 Belek

Actually, the water itself in the sea in this place, judging by the reviews, is always clean. Even the bottom is visible through its thickness to the very buoys. There are no particularly dangerous living creatures in the sea in this place. The only thing is that in past years there were cases when the hotel administration was forced to close the beach belonging to it for visiting tourists. The reason then was the invasion of sea turtles. These reptiles decided to lay their eggs in the sand right on the beach. And since local turtles are a rare species, the administration and vacationers had to wait for the hatchlings.


Of course, the guests of the Crystal Family Resort & Spa 5, like any other in Turkey, have the opportunity to visit all sorts of interesting places. If desired, guests of the complex can buy an excursion either directly on its territory or just on the street (it is usually cheaper on the beach). Actually, the sights themselves inThere are many around the hotel. But the most frequently visited, of course, are the ruins of the ancient city of Aspendos (1000 BC). Experienced vacationers advise beginners to inspect them.

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