Barcelona Attractions: Arc de Triomphe - the gate to Ciutadella Park

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Barcelona Attractions: Arc de Triomphe - the gate to Ciutadella Park
Barcelona Attractions: Arc de Triomphe - the gate to Ciutadella Park

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and perhaps the most beautiful city in Spain. Almost ten million tourists come here every year, about a quarter of them are residents of the country itself. The city successfully holds the second place in popularity after Paris. And it really is a place that deserves special attention. Almost every street and lane in this city is witness to many events.

Barcelona Attractions

This city is so full of cultural and historical values ​​that it could easily pass for a jewelry box. You can sort through and inspect them almost endlessly. Each time choosing the same diamond, you can find new facets again and again. Therefore, when planning their trip, all travelers almost hourly schedule their movements from one point on the map to another.

The main points where you must visiteach, are:

  • Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, which does not require a separate introduction.
  • The Rambla.
  • Park Güell and the Citadel.
  • House of Mila and Batlló.
  • Agbar Tower.
  • Spain and Catalonia Squares.
  • Gothic quarter.
  • Palace of Catalan Music and many museums.
  • Cathedral.
  • Montjuic.
  • The Arc de Triomphe of Barcelona, ​​which is the entrance to Ciutadella Park.

This is just a small part of the wonders that await the traveler in the capital of Catalonia. In addition, many seek to visit the famous Camp Nou stadium and the museum exposition attached to it. It is also one of the significant symbols of the city. And families with kids prefer to definitely visit one of the largest European oceanariums, which is also located in the city.

Arc de Triomphe Barcelona

But we will still stop and explore in more detail the Arc de Triomphe of Barcelona, ​​a photo of which is available to almost all travelers who have visited the city.

Why are triumphal arches built?

The tradition of installing triumphal arches is rooted in the days of Ancient Rome. Thus honored the winners and heroes. At the same time, such structures could be temporary and permanent. Most of the latter have survived to this day. These are monumental structures with many spans, bas-reliefs and statues.

Historical note on the arch from Barcelona

What triumph is immortalized by the arch of Barcelona? It turned out not at allnot victories in hostilities were the reason for the construction of a monumental structure. But still, there was an event that required that descendants remember it for years and centuries.

barcelona triumphal arch photo

In 1888, the World Exhibition was planned to be held in Barcelona - a significant event in the world circles of that time. The main entrance to it was supposed to be the hallmark of the meeting. It was for this that the Arc de Triomphe of Barcelona was erected. It was the gateway to the exhibition, which hosted representatives from 27 countries. In total, during the event, more than two million people from all over the world marched under the arches of the arch.

Arc de Triomphe of Barcelona: building description

The author of the project was Josep Vilaseca i Casanovas (Jusep Vilaseca). The building was built of red brick. Among such structures, this choice was innovative. Indeed, for the most part, shades of gray and gray-beige prevailed. Its height is 29.8 meters. The neo-Moorish style was a fashionable trend of the time, reflecting the splendor of the resurgent city and country. This is an incomparable elegance of lines combined with regal severity.

arc de triomphe train station in barcelona

The Arc de Triomphe of Barcelona has several bas-relief and sculptural compositions:

  • "Barcelona welcomes the nation";
  • "Reward";
  • "Allegories of agriculture and industry";
  • Trade and Art.

The most detailed view of all the figures can be through binoculars, but withoutall elements are clearly visible from it, including the coats of arms of the country and provinces along the entire facade.

How to get to the arch?

Barcelona's Arc de Triomphe is located at the intersection of Sant Joan (Saló de Sant Joan) and Passeig Lluís Companys. You can easily reach it on foot from Plaça Catalunya or Ciutadella Park.

triumphal arch of barcelona description

There are many bike rental shops in the city. The most favorable rates, of course, are for the residents of the city themselves, but travelers can also use the services of the centers. This will most often require a deposit.

For those who are tired of walking around the city, who are no longer inspired by cycling, there is public transport.

The train can deliver to Barcelona's Arc de Triomphe train station. You should navigate along the lines R1, R3, R4. The metro station of the same name is also available if you use the L1 line. There are also many bus routes from all over the city arriving at Passeig Lluís Companys.

Arc de Triomphe Barcelona

In order to save some money on travel tickets, travelers should take advantage of the comprehensive offer in the form of a T10 ticket. Moreover, you can buy it right at the airport of the city, and it applies to several types of transport at once.

For those who are not inclined to save money, a taxi service will help. These are black and yellow cars equipped with meters. That is what they will be paid for. by the mostan economical way to hire a taxi is to land in a special parking area. When calling a car to the address, a fee will be charged for the fuel spent on the trip to the place where the passenger sits down. If you try to stop the car directly in the stream on the street, an additional fee will be charged.

Every traveler can choose the best way for their physical and financial capabilities in order to get to the Arc de Triomphe of Barcelona.

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