Beaches of Mui Ne, Vietnam: reviews of tourists

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Beaches of Mui Ne, Vietnam: reviews of tourists
Beaches of Mui Ne, Vietnam: reviews of tourists

Mui Ne is a small resort in the southern part of Vietnam, territorially belonging to the town of Phan Thiet. It is located on a cape with the same name, which is constantly blown by strong winds. Why is this place called a paradise for surfing? What types of recreation are possible and who will like it here, we will figure it out further.

Features of rest in Mui Ne

Practically the entire coastline of Mui Ne is a beach. This attracts a lot of tourists to the place. It is always warm here, but the influx of travelers occurs seasonally due to the location of the cape.

It is the winter months that are accompanied by a minimum of precipitation and a stable presence of waves at a water temperature of +27 to +30 degrees.

The resort is essentially a small fishing village. It has long been mastered by Russian tourists, like Phan Thiet, located just 15 km. The infrastructure is well developed, there are many restaurants and shops. Most of them have signs and menus in Russian.

The resort is stretched along the coast. The beaches of Mui Ne stretch for about 20 km. There are hotels on both the first and second lines,separated by an unpaved road. The width of the resort area is no more than 300 meters. Outside, wastelands, forests and mountains.

Weather and tourist seasons

The area is characterized by a warm and mild climate throughout the year. More or less clearly, two seasons can be distinguished:

  • Low, otherwise it's rainy time. This is the period from May to October.
  • High, so-called dry, it lasts from November to April.

Don't be afraid, even if the trip falls on the first one. Rains are short-lived, no more than half an hour in duration. They go mostly at night.

January February march April May June July August September October November December
night temperature +22° +22° +23° +24° +25° +25° +25° +24° +24° +24° +23° +22°
day temperature +31° +32° +33° +34° +34° +34° +33° +33° +32° +32° +32° +31°
water temperature +25° +25° +26° +28° +30° +28° +28° +28° +28° +28° +27° +26°
precipitation, in mm 8,5 5, 2 11, 7 18, 4 75, 9 74, 3 83, 5 102, 3 178, 5 138, 8 34, 9 26, 9
wind speed, m/s 4, 2 4, 6 4, 3 3, 6 3, 0 3, 8 3, 9 3, 9 3, 3 2, 8 3, 7 4

The resort is popular year-round, but those who go just to lie on the beach and splash in the coastal strip should take into account the climate and winds.

Surfers paradise

In Vietnam, the beaches of Mui Ne are synonymous with the best surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Coastal waters do not hide underwater reefs, protruding rocks. Sufficiently strong wind is maintained almost constantly. It blows at an angle of 45°.

bay of flying wings

In the morning, novice surfers head to the beaches of Mui Ne. At this time, the waves are even. They are suitable for easy learning. After lunch, the situation changes: the wind intensifies, and the crests of the waves become more dangerous. It's time for the pros. Waves can reach four meters in height.

The beaches of Mui Ne are characterized by the so-called "perfect" wave, which allows you to practice "clean" surfing. Particularly passionate about this come here at the same time as the typhoons in the Philippines. This happens mainly from June to October up to 20 times per season, and echoes reach Mui Ne.

Resort Facilities

On most beaches of Phan Thiet and MUI nethere are points where equipment for all types of surfing is rented. There is never a shortage of equipment.

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Surf equipment

Work on the beaches of Mui Ne and schools for beginners, in some of them training is conducted by Russian trainers. Many have official websites on the Internet, which allows you to familiarize yourself with all the services provided, navigate the price, determine the scope of the training program and the experience of mentors. The cost depends on the duration of the lesson and the experience of the teacher.

Most Popular Surf Spots

When looking for the best Mui Ne beach, we are talking about the most optimal surf spots. In different parts of the coast of the cape, not only the speed of the wind and the strength of its sharp gusts are different, but also the history of the formation of waves.

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The beach of each of the hotels can suit both surfers and those who are just going to lie on the sand. The last thing to consider is the location of the resort and immediately tune in to the presence of wind. For those who come to surf, many beaches are suitable. Popular among the most recommended spots are:

  • Malibu. This is a great opportunity for beginners, since the cape is closed from sharp gusts of wind and high waves. The day can be conditionally divided into two parts depending on the type of wave. The first half is ideal for kitesurfers, while the second half is ideal for those who love the classic version of surfing. ATin winter, the complaisance of the spot changes, there may be waves up to 4 meters.
  • Sea Links. Differs in an ideal and long wave. Some surfers manage to ride one up to 300 meters.
  • Secret spot. Due to its location, it is quite tolerable to catch a wave even in a strong wind.

There are many other smaller spots as well.

Beach vacation

Despite the fact that the resort is focused on a certain type of holiday, quite a lot of tourists come, counting on the traditional beach break. Fun parties. Rolling on a sun lounger. Turquoise waves and white sand. Wedding photos on Mui Ne beach. Children building sand castles at the water's edge. Such a traveler will be somewhat disappointed.

Life at the resort flows measuredly and calmly. So those who want peace and tranquility against the backdrop of palm trees will get it in full. There are quite a lot of hotels with pools and spas, cottage complexes and country houses in Mui Ne. There is a wide choice and moderate prices among three- and four-star hotels. But when choosing a star, it is worth making an allowance for the region.

the main street

Beaches stretch along the entire resort area. Some of them are not fully equipped, just the steps immediately lead to the sea. The other part is quite presentable, with a wide sand strip, sunbeds and umbrellas.

The sand on the beaches is quite coarse. The tides bring and leave a lot of shells, jellyfish and debris on the shore. The latter seems to be thrown into the water from many fishing boats that drift most of the day.close to the coast. The water does not look crystal clear as there are always waves raising sand from the bottom.

Those who go just to lie on the beach and hang out at local discos should take into account not only all the above factors that impede the traditional beach holiday. There are practically no nightclubs in the resort. For a disco and a party, you will have to go to Phan Thiet, a neighboring town.

Mui Ne beaches: traveler reviews

Reviews of tourists regarding any resorts are always ambiguous. Regarding Mui Ne, of course, there are both positive and negative vacation experiences. This or that opinion is inherent in a certain type of traveler.

Positive impressions are received by fans of classic surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing. The resort provides an excellent opportunity to catch a wave and relax actively. Moreover, it is suitable for both beginners and pros.

Paradise for surfers

Negative reviews tend to come from people dreaming of golden beaches with turquoise waters, gentle breezes under the shade of palm trees.

Waves and wind

In addition, people who expect European service in local hotels risk being dissatisfied with their vacation. Disappointing for many and the lack of noisy night discos.

Recreation in Mui Ne is considered highly specialized. Therefore, choosing this particular resort, you should take into account its features.

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