Dolphinarium in Rostov-on-Don: how much does it cost to make friends with a dolphin?

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Dolphinarium in Rostov-on-Don: how much does it cost to make friends with a dolphin?
Dolphinarium in Rostov-on-Don: how much does it cost to make friends with a dolphin?

Rostov-on-Don is a city where real dolphins live. The Sea of ​​Azov closest to the city cannot boast of an abundance of flora and fauna, and therefore, if you manage to meet dolphins in the wild, then these will most likely be animals that accidentally fell into these waters. The real large Black Sea or Pacific three-meter cetacean bottlenose dolphins in the capital of the Southern Federal District are located in only one place - in the dolphinarium of Rostov-on-Don.

Dolphinarium Rostov-on-Don

Why go to the Dolphinarium

Dolphinarium is a place where a holiday always reigns, children's laughter and enthusiastic applause of the audience are heard. Marine mammals now and then perform funny tricks, soaring high into the air and splashing those who sit in the front row. More recently, scientists have questioned the healing power of the so-called dolphin therapy. Alas, many dolphinariums today promote this newfangled service as a panacea, they say, communication with these smartest animals can cure many diseases. Trusting parents pay a lot of money tohope that their children will recover.

And indeed, at first, patients feel relief, but as it turned out, this is due to the fact that dolphins really give a storm of emotions. It's more of an emotional healing than a physical one. Therefore, if you are depressed, stressed or just very tired, then it's time to go to the Rostov-on-Don Dolphinarium for a portion of unforgettable sensations and impressions during the show, which is held here all year round every day, except Mondays. You can also order an additional service and swim with dolphins, play with them, ride a fin, pet them - in a word, make friends with this "man of the sea".

Dolphinarium Rostov-on-Don price

How much and where is it

The Rostov-on-Don Dolphinarium is located in the Skazka park at 36/4 Kommunistichesky Prospekt. A good location allows you to add a visit to this place to the list of must-haves during a family walk. As for prices, they are quite democratic. In particular, 1 ticket will cost only 400 rubles, and children under 5 years old go to the performance for free. The show itself lasts about 50 minutes, and after it, everyone has the opportunity to take a photo with marine mammals. This pleasure will cost another 300 rubles.

Groups of 3 people gather here, so it is important to take care to book a place for yourself, your child or a loved one, and call in advance or come to the dolphinarium in Rostov-on-Don. The price depends on the day of the week youchose to get acquainted with mammals: on weekdays it costs about 2,500 rubles, on weekends - 3,000 for 15 minutes of playing and "cuddling" with a dolphin. It should be noted that not everyone is allowed in the pool with animals. Firstly, you need to be able to swim, and secondly, you should not have skin diseases. Finally, children under 10 years old and pregnant women are strictly forbidden to be in the same pool with a three hundred kilogram animal.

Visitor reviews

Every day, dozens and hundreds of citizens and guests of the city come to the Skazka Dolphinarium in Rostov-on-Don. Reviews and impressions are extremely positive. Entire families come here on purpose several times, with children, to see dolphins a few meters away. Many fans of this theater of marine animals advise taking seats in the first two rows in summer, as in this case the dolphins will shower you with cold splashes and help you escape from the summer heat. However, if suddenly you do not like water, then the third or fourth row is what you need. Regarding visibility, it should be added that the dolphinarium has a well-thought-out scheme of spectator seats, so the sea show will be visible to absolutely everyone from any place.

Dolphinarium Rostov-on-Don "Fairy Tale" reviews

Ethical component

Dolphinarium in Rostov-on-Don has all the necessary licenses and permits that confirm the satisfactory level of animal welfare. However, it should be said separately that the dolphinarium is captivity. In the wild, dolphins travel hundreds ofkilometers, which they cannot do in cramped chlorinated pools. Constant performances, dolphin therapy sessions, filter noise and human control create conditions under which the inhabitants of the dolphinarium lose their own lives. There are cases when cetaceans committed suicide in captivity. Fortunately, there were no incidents in the Rostov Dolphinarium, but you need to separate the dolphins in the pool and the dolphins in the sea - these are different fates, different animals and different impressions. Therefore, it is probably better to make a choice in favor of wild and free cetaceans and go out to meet them on the high seas than to finance a sometimes cruel and at the same time profitable business.

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