Visa to Thailand: features, required documents and cost

Visa to Thailand: features, required documents and cost
Visa to Thailand: features, required documents and cost

Thailand is an amazing country filled with exotic, positive, a country of a different culture and religion. Thailand is today one of the most popular destinations for tourists. This country has a high reputation for its rich wildlife, excellent climate, vibrant tropical scenery, affordable prices for tourists, beautiful beaches, a large number of historical and natural attractions.

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Today, Belarusians and Russians visit Thailand less often than Egypt, but every year the number of tourists to this exotic country is increasing. And before going on vacation, people often ask the same question: “Do I need a visa to Thailand?”. For citizens of Belarus and the Russian Federation, a visa to Thailand is a necessary condition to get to this unforgettable country.

You can issue such a document at the Thai Consulate in Moscow. As a rule, the applicant himself must submit all the necessary documents in order to receive the mark "visa to Thailand". However, the Thai Embassy in Moscow may also accept documents submitted by authorized touristagencies or from any of their representatives. The travel company or agency has the right to independently establish the cost of visas, depending on the costs that will be required for its issuance. Please note that citizens of the Republic of Belarus are prohibited from applying for an “on arrival” visa, i.e. upon arrival at the airport of this amazing country.

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To apply for a visa to Thailand, you need to be very careful about preparing the necessary package of documents. To obtain a tourist permit, you must collect the following list of documents:

1. Passport, (valid for at least six months from the date of departure from Thailand). At the same time, there must be a place in the passport - a blank page with the label “VISAS / VISAS”. A separate passport must be issued by parents for a child from two months old.

2. 2 photographs no older than six months (size - 3x4cm or 4x6 cm without corners and ovals).

3. Special application for a visa. It must be filled in in Latin letters and certified by the signature of the tourist (you must also write the code of the city of residence and at least 2 contact numbers).

4. From the place of work it is necessary to take a certificate indicating your position and direct salary in dollar terms on the letterhead of the organization. Also indicate the address and phone number of the place of work.

5. Make a photocopy of all completed pages of the passport.

6. For schoolchildren and students, it is necessary to make a certificate from the place of study (for students - a photocopy of a student card).

7. Minor citizensit is necessary to have a copy of their birth certificate (even for those traveling accompanied by parents) and a statement of sponsorship.

8. Minors traveling alone or with one parent must have a copy of their birth certificate and a power of attorney from both parents (or one parent not traveling) and a sponsorship statement.

9. Each tourist must provide financial guarantees, namely an account statement or travel checks (for one visa they provide copies of travel checks + the original receipt for the purchase of currency) in the amount of 700 dollars or 600 euros per person or 1500 $ (1400 €) for family. The signature on the travel check must be identical to the signature on the tourist's passport.

If spouses have the same last name, travel checks are issued to the head of the family. If the names of the spouses are different, the head of the family draws up checks for himself. At the same time, a marriage certificate and its English version certified by a notary are provided.

10. Private entrepreneurs must show the Certificate of Registration, as well as a certificate from the tax office that there are no debts.

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Documents must be provided in the original in English or with a translation into this language, certified by a notary.

The validity period of a tourist visa to Thailand for one entry into the country is from 30 to 60 days. Visa applications must be submitted at least 15 days before departure.

The cost of obtaining a visa to Thailanddepends on the travel company that deals with visa processing. It can vary from $90 to $150. In addition, when issuing a document "visa to Thailand" a consular fee is paid, which is $ 45.

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