Wedding in Portugal: required documents, features, reviews

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Wedding in Portugal: required documents, features, reviews
Wedding in Portugal: required documents, features, reviews

Wedding celebration against the background of exotic landscapes surprises few people. Travel agencies offer a wide range of services for organizing events in Europe, Africa, South America. A holiday on the coast is, of course, not cheap. But not only millionaires can afford it today. You can learn about the features and prices for organizing a wedding in Portugal from this article.

Madeira island
Madeira island


Portugal is a small state, but it is characterized by incredible geographical diversity, which attracts millions of tourists. Both adherents of a beach holiday and lovers of excursions come here. For a wedding, Portugal is a wonderful place.

Agencies offer various tours to this country. Of course, not every city is suitable for organizing a wedding in Portugal. Top Resorts:

  1. Algarve.
  2. Azores.
  3. Madeira Island.
  4. Lisbon Riviera.


This is the southernmost province. The largest city - Faro - has long been loved by travelers. There are luxurious five-star hotels on the territory of which weddings are held. Portugal is a country with a rich history and a large number of architectural monuments. But the Algarve is one of the young resorts. Just a few decades ago, the British chose these places, after which the province became a major tourist center. The main resorts of this Portuguese province are Monte Gordo, Albufeira, Vilamoura.

There are many beaches in the Algarve. Some of them are well-equipped and modern. But there are also semi-desert beaches. Photos of weddings in Portugal are bright, unusual. Sea coast, deserted sandy beach - of course, no banquet hall can compare with this.

Many believe that a holiday in the south of Portugal is available only to those who have a Swiss bank account. But it is not so. Organizing a wedding in Portugal on your own is quite expensive. But firms offer various options for last-minute tours, which is very profitable. A wedding in Portugal can be cheaper than in a major Russian city.

wedding in portuguese resort
wedding in portuguese resort


The archipelago is an autonomous region. The islands are of volcanic origin, some of them are uninhabited. When planning a wedding in Portugal, future newlyweds often choose these heavenly places.

It's worth knowing that a desert island is by no means a piece of land where you won't find anyone living soul except for dangerous and bloodthirsty predators. On many so-called uninhabited islands, excursions are conducted, there are hotels for honeymooners. Such places are the best option for organizing an unusual wedding in Portugal.

San Miguel is an island famous for its abundance of forests, thermal springs, emerald valleys. Faial is famous for its old port and unique sights. Santa Maria is for everyone who wants to spend their honeymoon on the best beaches in Portugal.

Eco-style wedding is very popular today. That is why, in recent years, many people have chosen beaches for holding a solemn event - noisy restaurants have long become boring to residents of megacities.

Coastal wedding
Coastal wedding

Madeira Island

This resort is located 700 km from Africa. A subtropical climate prevails here. In summer, the thermometer rises to 30. In winter, it does not fall below 20. Of course, there are also many beautiful places here that are suitable for organizing a wedding. In Portugal, according to reviews, the service is at its best. The hotel staff is polite and prudent, regardless of the number of stars.

Lisbon Riviera

These places are suitable for sophisticated travelers. The Lisbon Riviera has long attracted aristocrats. It has everything for an exquisite holiday: velvet sandy beaches, and many luxurious restaurants, and golf clubs, and all kinds of water activities.

Organization of a wedding in Portugal
Organization of a wedding in Portugal

Wedding in Portugal

Travel agents eloquentlydescribe the charms of this country. Representatives of companies specializing in organizing weddings in Portugal claim that the weather and natural conditions in this state are unique, and there are no more picturesque places anywhere in the world. They are, of course, exaggerating. Any resort is suitable for such an event. But how is a wedding in Portugal different from a wedding in another tourist country?

People come here not only for the solemn ceremony against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes. Same-sex marriages are allowed here. For a wedding in Portugal, in addition, not the most extensive package of documents is required. There are no citizenship requirements here. Residents of any country can register a marriage here. Documents for a wedding in Portugal:

  1. Birth certificate.
  2. Documents from a notary on the absence of obstacles to marriage.
  3. Document of divorce or death of spouse (if this is not the first marriage).
  4. Certificate of change of surname.

Foreigners, arriving in Portugal, first of all go to the Central Registry Office, located in Lisbon. To submit documents, a state fee of 120 euros is paid. In order for a marriage concluded in Portugal to be recognized in other countries, an apostille must be affixed to the certificate. Wedding agencies assist in the collection of documents.

Documents submitted to the registry office are considered within six months. This is quite a long time. Future newlyweds from Russia, if this, of course, is not a same-sex couple, marry in their homeland, and then go to Portugal, where a brightcelebration.


Wedding in Portugal can be organized in any style. However, those who plan to spend their honeymoon in this country, of course, are interested in local traditions. What are the features of a real Portuguese wedding?

The traditions that the inhabitants of this country observed a hundred or two hundred years ago, of course, differ from modern ones. But for some reason, when talking about a Portuguese wedding, they often remember customs that have long gone down in history.

Weddings in Portugal are allegedly quite unusual. For example, guests should come to the celebration not only with gifts, but also with food. This rule has been out of date for a long time. Modern Portuguese marry in the same way as residents of other European countries. They send stylish invitations to guests, friends and relatives do not interfere in the process of organizing a festive table.

The wedding ceremony is held only in the church. The celebration itself can take place in any open place. The newlyweds pass under the elegant flower arches, installed on the way to the church. Wedding organizers for foreigners remember this attribute. The flower arch is a constant element of the Portuguese celebration.

Wedding in Madeira
Wedding in Madeira

Agency Services

Wedding agencies offer their clients various venues for celebrations. It could be a beach or a cliff in the Algarve, a palace hotel in Lisbon, a wine estate or a medieval fortress.

The center of Portugal is the province of Alentejo. The wedding celebration here is held near the vineyards or olive groves. This partPortugal is rich in picturesque lakes, against which bright, incredible photos are obtained.

Prices in Portugal are lower than in the rest of Europe. Especially in spring and autumn. Renting a luxury villa for 15 people can cost as little as 100 euros per night.

The package of services of the wedding agency includes the decoration of the site, the rental of a cabriolet, the work of a photographer, the organization of a buffet table. The average cost is 150 thousand rubles. Many agencies offer ready-made packages of services. Customers can only choose the appropriate option.

wedding portuguese resort
wedding portuguese resort


Organizing a wedding in Portugal is a very popular service throughout Europe. Newlyweds from Germany, France, Great Britain and Ireland spend their honeymoon here. It happens that in the season there are no free sites. Employees of wedding agencies recommend contacting them about six months before marriage. This will avoid unpleasant hassle.

Madeira wedding
Madeira wedding

Portugal has a large selection of hotels for honeymooners. In such hotels, everything is created for a romantic getaway. However, the choice of a hotel should be taken seriously - get acquainted not only with the information provided by the agency, but also with the reviews of the newlyweds.