Goa in March: weather, rest, tourist reviews

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Goa in March: weather, rest, tourist reviews
Goa in March: weather, rest, tourist reviews

Many tourists who have never been to the tropics before are wondering when is the best time to go to Goa. Is March suitable for a trip? In this article, we will try to clarify this issue. Below you will find information about air temperature (day and night) and water in March in the Indian state of Goa. We will also tell you what to do in the first month of spring at the resort.

Goa in March

What is a pronounced tropical climate?

The state of Goa is located in the Northern Hemisphere, like Russia. But unlike the Russian Federation, it is located very close to the equator. Therefore, the climate in Goa is characterized as a pronounced tropical. What does it mean? For a person who is not privy to meteorological processes and does not know about the impact of monsoons on the climate, let's just say. Goa has two seasons. The first is dry, when the minimum amount of precipitation falls, the humidity decreases, and the sea is very calm. This period is justifiably considered the high tourist season. It falls in November, the winter months and March. April and May dry seasoncontinues, but it can no longer be called a high tourist one. The heat intensifies to +37 degrees in the shade. May in Goa is considered the hottest month of the year. And finally, all the summer months and September continues the rainy season.

October is considered a transitional period. And the question of when is the best time to go to Goa can be answered as follows: from November to February. What about March? Meteorologists refer to this month as summer in terms of temperature. But March is also considered the dry season. Let's look into this in more detail.

Weather in Goa in March

The weather in Goa in March

Yes, many tourists claim that the temperature indicators in this state are more comfortable for Europeans in the winter. Since March, the thermometer has been inexorably creeping up day after day. The average daily temperature is +27 degrees. But meteorologists also include in this indicator the first hours after dawn, when it is still quite fresh. And if we consider the day as a period from 11 to 16, then at this time the thermometer shows all +33 degrees. And this is at the beginning of the month. There are also very hot years. For example, in 2014, the temperature in Goa in March was +37 degrees in the shade. Do not expect coolness at night in the first month of spring. It was in January that tour operators advised their clients to take long-sleeved clothes on a trip to Goa. In March, the temperature at night does not fall below + 24-25 degrees. The sun of the tropics knows no mercy. Be sure to take protective cream and a hat with you on a trip to India.

When is the best time to go to Goa


In March, Goa continues to delight tourists with a complete lack of rain. The first month of spring is the dry season. Precipitation in March falls only three millimeters. In simple terms, only one day in the entire month can be rainy. And even then it will not be a prolonged downpour, but slight precipitation for half an hour. The sky above the heads of tourists in March is mostly clear. Slight small clouds may appear. But these harbingers of the wet season are rare guests even at the end of the month. But the humidity is slightly higher than in February. This figure averages 71 percent in March. But for the tropics, this is quite acceptable. Tourists claim that they did not have the feeling of a Russian steam bath in Goa in March. The tropical (and increasingly increasing by the end of the month) heat near the coast is especially easy to tolerate. During the day, a fresh breeze blows from the sea, so the heat becomes invisible. But air conditioning in the room is a sine qua non for a comfortable stay.


Of course, tourists going to Goa want not only to get a bronze tan. How about water procedures in Goa in March? It should be said that the Arabian Sea off the western coast of India is never cold. Storms are another matter. In the winter months, the water element calms down. There is practically no wind, the waves are small. But March reminds tourists that the high season is coming to an end. The monsoon wind begins to blow, bringing heavy rainfall to India by June. True, in March it is small, only seven kilometers per hour. It does not cause serious storms. But there are also yearsextreme scores. So, in March 2008, a very strong storm passed off the coast of Goa, accompanied by a downpour. But such cases happen every few years. Tourists who visited Goa this spring say that the weather was wonderful all month.

Goa tours in March

Holidays, events

When planning a trip to Goa for March, you should know that your vacation can become not only a beach holiday, but also educational. In India, as in the northern latitudes, they celebrate the passing of winter. Such Maslenitsa in the country is called Holi, and in the state of Goa - Shigmo. The culmination of the holiday is Vhadlo, which lasts for five whole days. In the cities and towns of Goa, people douse each other with water and sprinkle powdered dye. So at such a time you should not wear expensive and new clothes, and the camera should be hidden in a waterproof case. Vhadlo Shigmo is accompanied by a carnival, street processions and dances.

Some years at the end of February, but most often at the beginning of March, Shivratri is celebrated. God Shiva is considered the patron of spiritual development. Therefore, seminars and trainings on the study of yoga are organized on his holiday. And it will be interesting for Christians to take part in the procession of all saints, which is celebrated on the fifth Monday of Great Lent (according to the Gregorian calendar). On this day, the inhabitants of Old Goa, many of whom profess Catholicism due to the colonial Portuguese past, take out 31 statues from the cathedral.

Goa in March reviews

Minuses of the March holiday

This month closeshigh season curtain. Air temperatures are no longer as comfortable for a European as in winter. And at the end of the month, the heat becomes simply unbearable for many. The humidity also increases. There is no effect of the steam room yet, but it is already difficult to breathe. The weather in Goa in March can be changeable. There are no big storms yet, but the wind creates a steady surf. For young children and people who cannot swim, this can be a problem. Because of the heat and stuffiness, you no longer want to go on excursions. Tourists in their reviews say that they were limited only to boat trips and participation in the open air trance party. Going to Goa in March, you must definitely book an air-conditioned room. Without it, rest will turn into torment.

Goa in March prices

Pros of a March holiday

During the summer months, Goa is cooler than in the spring due to heavy rainfall and thick clouds covering the sky. Therefore, those who wish to "calcinate the bones" can easily go here in March. Surfers will also find great surf with long waves. The best spots for professionals are Twin Peaks and Ashvem Rock. And beginners can try to ride the wave on the board in Shanti, Kivis and Arambol. But the best advantage of going to Goa in March is the price. They are noticeably reduced compared to the winter months. If you are an unpretentious tourist and consider North Goa (this part of the state is always cheaper than the south), then a week-long vacation for two with a flight from Moscow can cost you fifty thousand rubles. A similar tour, but to a five-star hotel (if you take a last-minute ticket) will costfrom 59,000 to 88,600 rubles. ($1,000 to $1,500) per person.

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Goa in March: reviews

Tourists who visited this "most non-Indian state of the country" in the early spring of 2017 claim that the weather was wonderful throughout their vacation. The Arabian Sea is very warm, its temperature reached +28 degrees. There was not much excitement, but if you want complete calm, then you should choose resorts with a beach located between two capes, such as Palolem and Agodna in the south, Fort Aguada (Coco Beach) and Vagator in the north. At the beginning of the calendar spring, there is still no precipitation, you will only need an umbrella from the sun. The wind is steady but not gusty or strong.

Hotel prices are slightly lower than in winter, but they are higher than in summer, when the rainy season is in the tropics. But the fan can no longer cope with the ever-increasing heat. In the first month of the calendar spring, many interesting events take place in India. You can enjoy Ayurvedic procedures, go on various excursions, and become a participant in colorful festivities. So, you can safely go on tours to Goa in March - you are guaranteed a good vacation.

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