La Grace Resort 3/4, Benaulim, India: hotel description, reviews

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La Grace Resort 3/4, Benaulim, India: hotel description, reviews
La Grace Resort 3/4, Benaulim, India: hotel description, reviews

La Grace Resort is a popular Indian hotel located in the famous resort town called Benaulim. Many people come here to relax, sunbathe, enjoy the beautiful beaches and the sea. Why is this hotel so attractive and why should you choose it for your vacation? Worth telling.

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In brief about the hotel

La Grace Resort is located in a very favorable location for tourists. Firstly, near the airport - it takes a maximum of half an hour, or even 20 minutes to go to it. But nevertheless, the distance is more than 20 kilometers, so that planes flying by regularly will not bother travelers with their noise.

What about the sea? It is also nearby. A little over 500 meters must be walked to reach Benaulim beach. Many do not like that this is not the first coastline, but the second. But what to do, all the same, 500-600 meters is not two or three thousand kilometers, so this nuance can be tolerated. In addition, it is still considered a plus (at least among the locals). Nicelylive in a place located on the 2nd coastline, as you do not have to constantly face a crowd of other tourists.

There are local attractions nearby the hotel. One of the most important is the Old Church, it is located 25 km from the hotel. By the way, the railway station is located nearby - you only need to drive three kilometers to it.

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Best booking option

La Grace Resort has several categories of rooms and, accordingly, more than one accommodation option. But the best is considered to be booking a spacious apartment with two bedrooms. This is an amazing number! People who have stayed at La Grace Resort leave extremely positive reviews. Everyone says that for such a price the conditions are simply gorgeous. And the cost is really as low as possible - 75 thousand rubles for four people for 14 days (!) with breakfast. It turns out about 1300 rubles. from each per day. And this is really very little. True, we must make a reservation that sometimes the price can be more than the declared one. It all depends on the moment at which the person makes the reservation. It depends on the season or whether the hotel has set some discounts and super deals. But if you get there at such a good time (and the hotel regularly arranges discounts), you can save a large amount.

Residence conditions

And now it's worth telling in more detail about the conditions that are offered in the 2-bedroom apartments of the La Grace Resort hotel to guests. It's worth starting from the square. It is as much as 107 square meters! On this huge square are placedtwo bedrooms, a private kitchen with a dining area (although it would be more correct to call it a dining area) and, of course, a bathroom with a toilet. A full-fledged apartment - you can say with confidence.

Each room has a huge king-size bed (although it is declared as an ordinary 2-bedroom in the conditions) and furniture - bedside tables, a wardrobe and other “little things”. The room also has a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, air conditioning, a work desk, a comfortable sofa and even a private seating area. And of course, wake-up calls and towels are provided for people staying in this room.

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Deluxe Apartment

Another option that is often booked at the La Grace Resort 3hotel complex. If you have time to get on a special offer (promotional or discount), then you can book this room for 30 thousand rubles for two (the price is indicated for 7 days) with breakfast. The deluxe apartment can accommodate up to two guests.

What can please the conditions? The area here, of course, is small - 19 square meters. But there is everything you need for comfort and coziness. In the sleeping area there is a large comfortable bed. There is also good air conditioning and a private minibar. The bathroom, which has both a bathtub and a shower (and of course a toilet), is spacious and clean. By the way, each guest is provided with towels, which are regularly changed throughout the rest. A work desk, a separate seating area, a plasma TV with satellite TV - all this is in the apartment. So it's no wonderthat this category of rooms in La Grace Resort 3is in demand.

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Leisure activities

All popular hotels are known for offering not only comfortable rooms, but also various ways to spend your free time with benefit. On the territory of the hotel La Grace Resort 4there is an outdoor swimming pool. The hotel itself has a good fitness center with a variety of equipment. This place is actively visited by those guests who cannot imagine their life without physical activity.

Those who like to relax both body and soul will definitely enjoy the wellness center located here in the hotel. Reviews recommend a spa where you can indulge in a variety of treatments.

Even in the hotel they decided to focus on a popular pastime. Cycling! Many people cannot imagine life without it. And if this is true, then the hotel can rent a bike. As you can see, the administration of the La Grace Resort 4hotel anticipates desires. In addition, the local surroundings are amazing, and it is much more pleasant to explore them by cycling, with a breeze, and not by public transport.

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Many people, going on vacation to a particular hotel, learn in advance about how the food issue is organized there. Well, in the case of La Grace Resort (Goa), you can be absolutely calm about this topic. On the territory of the complex there are two pleasant establishments where you can taste deliciouseat. The first is a restaurant called Imperial Venus. It serves fresh and original dishes related to international cuisine. The restaurant hall is designed for 56 guests. The institution opens at 12:30 for two hours (that is, until half past three) and then at 19:30, after which it works until 11 pm.

And the second place is a cafe called Sun Dial. It can accommodate 48 people. It is open from seven to half past ten (as you might guess, breakfast is served there). Then the cafe is open again from 12:30 to 14:30 and in the evening on the same schedule as the restaurant of the La Grace Resort.

Reviews from tourists who have visited these establishments are inspiring. People claim that portions in restaurants and cafes are not spared, and the food every day is varied, original and tasty. And if you didn’t manage to eat, then not far from the complex there are various cafes and grocery stores. There, too, you can find a lot of interesting things.

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La Grace Resort Benaulim boasts not only good rooms and a restaurant, but also a level of service. The registration desk here works around the clock, so if any unforeseen circumstances occur, you can check in or check out regardless of the time set by the rules (it is only advisable to warn the staff about this in advance).

The hotel has a currency exchange office, as well as a laundry, which anyone can use. The rooms are cleaned every day, and very high quality, as evidenced by the reviews. At the request of the touristfood with drinks can be delivered to the room, as well as a fresh newspaper. For people intolerant of bad smells, a non-smoking room can be provided.

And finally. In addition to renting bicycles (as discussed above), they can also offer car rental. In general, the staff is very pleasant and polite, which is definitely good news.

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Additional information

And finally, a few more important nuances that you should know when going to rest at the La Grace Resort 4hotel (south of Goa). Firstly, the hotel can still offer an airport transfer, which is a very useful condition for a non-local person. True, it may be paid.

If guests come to the hotel with a small child who is two years old or younger, then you do not need to pay for it. An extra cot can be provided upon prior arrangement. And on existing beds, accommodation is absolutely free. Also, only pre-registered guests can be occupied in the rooms, so the F.I.O. when booking, you must specify in full - each tourist.

And the reviews also advise you to reserve an apartment long before the start of your vacation. Since the hotel is quite famous and available rooms can be simply sold out if you catch yourself a week before the trip.

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