Marburg, Germany: sights and places of interest

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Marburg, Germany: sights and places of interest
Marburg, Germany: sights and places of interest

The city in Germany, where one of the oldest universities in Europe is located, where the legendary Vetter cafe operates, where Bulat Okudzhava performed, where the Brothers Grimm translated folk tales, where Lomonosov lived in his youth, is Marburg. It is a university city with a rich history that is reflected in its architecture - tourists from all over the world come here to see the city's old castle, gothic church and other ancient sights.

In the 16th century, the world's first Protestant university opened here, where young Boris Pasternak studied for one year.

Attractions Marburg

Where is Germany and Marburg?

The Federal Republic of Germany is located in Western Europe and ranks 62nd in terms of area among European countries. The capital of Germany is Berlin. The state, which has 16 administrative-territorial units, is washed by the Northern andB altic seas. In the east, Germany borders on the Czech Republic and Poland, in the north - on Denmark, in the south - on Austria and Switzerland. In the west, there is a border with the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium.

The city of Marburg is located in Hesse and is the center of the district of Marburg-Biedenkopf. The population is about 73 thousand people.

City Attractions: City Hall

One of the most ancient and beautiful town halls in the country. The structure resembles an amazing fairy-tale castle. It is made of natural stone. The building is crowned with an original roof with small turrets. The outer facade of the building is decorated with an old clock, which informs the townspeople of the exact time every hour.

The interior of the building is also impressive. Although the town hall has been rebuilt several times, the main old decor elements have been preserved. Tourists are not allowed to visit the building, so you can only see it from the outside.

Town Hall Mrburg

University of Marburg

The oldest institution of higher education in Marburg in Germany, which is located in a building of extraordinary beauty. The academic activity of the university began in 1527. The University of Marburg is a prestigious educational institution in the country, consistently ranked in the top 30 universities in Germany. According to international experts, the strongest areas in which the institution confidently ranks 288th in the world are life sciences and medicine.

The University of Marburg in Germany has over 26,000 students. Not only citizens of the country, but also foreigners can enter this educational institution. At the universitymore than 2100 teachers work. During their studies, students can take part in various international exchange programs.

University of Marburg

Ernst von Huelsen House

The low-rise but artfully designed building was built in the city at the beginning of the 20th century for the needs of the expanding University of Marburg. It became one of the most important educational institutions in the twenties of the last century. It was originally called Jubilaumsbau ("Jubilee"), as it was built for the 400th anniversary of the founding of the university.

After the death of a prominent cultural figure and politician Ernst von Hülsen, who oversaw the construction of the building, it received his name. Now there is a museum here, the expositions of which are dedicated to the university and Marburg since its foundation. The museum is adjacent to a cultural center with a concert hall.

Ernst von Hülsen House

Marburg Castle

The ancient palace, which is located in the city of Marburg, rises on a hill, and therefore it is clearly visible from anywhere in the city. The unusually beautiful castle was built in the 11th century as a defensive structure. This confirms the presence of massive towers. It became the first residence for the counts of the Landgraviate of Hesse. Over the centuries, the castle has been built and expanded, which is why different parts of the building and neighboring buildings are made in different styles.

Today, the castle houses a cultural and historical museum, the exposition of which tells about the history of the ancient fortress. In addition, the castle hosts tours, exhibitions,concerts, theater performances and other cultural events.

Church of St. Elizabeth

Roman Catholic Church

The parish church of St. Elizabeth, unfortunately, has not been preserved in its original form. The temple, which tourists can see in this German city, was built in 1960 by the architect from Munich, Armin Dietrich. The building was intended to replace the temple built in 1777. The architect planned to make the new church part of the city. It must be admitted that he succeeded: huge windows on both sides of the building, reminiscent of passageways, seem to break the boundaries between the city and the parish.

Grimm Brothers Museum

Paul du Ry in 1714 built a small château next to the Neues Gallery, to which he gave the name Bellevue. In 1960, a museum dedicated to the famous storytellers and linguists Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm was opened there. The brothers lived in this city for 30 years, working in the elector's library, processing numerous folk tales.

The exposition of the museum is represented by numerous exhibits telling about their work. Among them, both manuscripts and the first books of the authors have been preserved. In addition, in the Marburg Museum in Germany you can get acquainted with the work of the brother of storytellers - Ludwig, who was a talented illustrator.

Brothers Grimm Museum

Castle Elnhausen

Magnificent palace complex, which is located on a hill near Marburg in Germany. This manor is a two-story building with a hipped roof, which was built in the Baroque style inearly 18th century. This is the only secular baroque building in the area that has survived to this day almost unchanged - it was never destroyed or rebuilt.

During its long history, Elnhausen Mansion has changed hands several times and is now privately owned.

Botanical Garden

It includes an arboretum and a city public park. The botanical garden is located in the historical part of Marburg in Germany. This is a very cozy old and picturesque park with several lakes, shady alleys, an arboretum and groves, and rare plants.

In the far 15th century, the park was founded by the physician, humanist and botanist Eurykos Kordus. Active development and expansion of the garden began only at the end of the 18th century. Today, the area occupied by the picturesque garden is almost 3.6 hectares.

Marburg, Botanical Garden

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