The train "Arktika" is one of the best branded trains of Russian Railways

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The train "Arktika" is one of the best branded trains of Russian Railways
The train "Arktika" is one of the best branded trains of Russian Railways

Railroads have long been part of the lives of ordinary people, unencumbered by impressive we alth. This is a convenient and relatively affordable way to move around such a huge country. However, trains are very different. The Arktika train is one of those that stand out both in direction and in other interesting features.

Trains in Russia

Trains are different

There are three types of rolling stock in total. Namely - branded, high-speed and fast trains. The difference between them is significant. The fact is that the concept of branded trains, such as the Arktika train, is based on several basic requirements. Each company car must be new and comfortable. It should also be clean and well equipped. These carriages often feature wider shelves, air conditioning, clean bio- or vacuum toilets, and additional services. For example, very often on such trains they give out rations or meals, which, unfortunately, are very mediocre and not worth the money. It is these trains that are most preferred in long-distancetrips, such as from Moscow to Murmansk. In this case, the journey takes about 35 hours, which is best spent with pleasure.

High-speed trains differ in capacity, abundance of seated cars, affordable prices and, of course, travel time. It is generally accepted that only Peregrine Falcons, Swallows and Allegro are such, but this is not entirely true. Any non-branded train that is capable of reaching speeds of more than 140 km/h can be recognized as a high-speed train. Ordinary trains with sit-down cars that make a minimum of stops and reach speeds of more than 140 km/h are also considered high-speed trains.

Fast trains are ordinary rolling stock of various configurations. They differ from the usual ones in that they make stops only at large stations - due to which the travel time is reduced.

RZD branded train

Unbranded carriages of the branded train

Many Russian destinations are not well served by trains. In this case, branded rolling stock, such as the Arktika train, is equipped with additional trailer cars that are not branded. That is why very often passengers do not see the difference between the cars. The existing possibility of purchasing a ticket at the price of a branded, but in a trailer conventional car turns ticket purchases outside the final stations into a lottery. Unfortunately, such cars are often not in the best technical condition and are much worse equipped. For example, they may have very few outlets, which can be very inconvenient on long trips.

Arctic train

WoDuring the Soviet Union, there were many branded trains performing long-distance flights. However, the country was changing, at one moment it did not exist at all. The turmoil also affected the railways.

This branded train has been running in the direction of Moscow - Murmansk since the times of the USSR and far from always it had the status of a branded one. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, hard times have come for this train. He lost his status until 2010. With the newly acquired status, the composition has changed. Old, far from the most comfortable carriages were replaced with new ones and are still regularly updated.

Train Arktika


Trains are inconceivable without carriages. It is known that there is a huge variety of wagons with different classes and types of service. However, for many people, their classification based on location is more common. So, there are reserved seat, compartment, SV and luxury cars. The Arktika branded train includes 7 reserved seat cars, 6 compartment cars, 1 SV and 1 dining car. All wagons in this rolling stock are new. Even in the reserved seat there are air conditioners, sockets and dry closets.

Arktika train compartment


Before you study any reviews, you should understand that most of them are written under the influence of emotions, most often negative ones. Satisfied with the quality of service, passengers take all this for granted and leave no feedback. However, in this case, the reviews about the Arktika train make you think about exceptions. This is one of those trains about which there are a lot of positive opinions.Passengers note cleanliness, modern carriages, convenient location of sockets, polite conductors, clean toilets and air conditioners. This train is often preferred to other branded trains and, if possible, they try to get tickets for it.

Almost all negative reviews are related to trailer cars, which may differ significantly from regular branded cars.

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