How long to fly to Paris from Moscow: all ways

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How long to fly to Paris from Moscow: all ways
How long to fly to Paris from Moscow: all ways

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. France has always attracted the attention of tourists. It is now possible to get from Russia to Paris in a matter of hours - with the help of flights. The distance between the capitals is 2862 kilometers. Therefore, it is easy to calculate on your own how much to fly to Paris from Moscow.

Capital airports

There are several main airports in the French capital, but Charles de Gaulle is the final stop on most routes. This airfield was named after the former president of the country. From Charles de Gaulle to the city center - just 30 minutes drive. Other airports: Beauvais only accepts European low-cost airlines, while Orly is only for domestic flights and for a select list of countries.

how long is the flight to paris from moscow

There are three main airports in Moscow from which airliners depart for Paris: Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo. Ticket prices vary. The most expensive are direct routes and charter flights, cheaper flights - with two transfers, and with one - mediumcost.

Select air carrier

In order to calculate how much to fly to Paris from Moscow, you need to decide on the air carrier. Several companies offer such flights. At least ten flights on the route Moscow - Paris are carried out per day. Departures take place not only in the morning hours, but also in the afternoon and in the evening.

Direct flights

How long is a direct flight to Paris from Moscow? This is the most convenient way not only in terms of comfort, but also time. With the help of direct flights, you can get from Russia to France in a few hours. You can calculate the time yourself, knowing the distance between the capitals. It is 2862 kilometers. The total travel time for a direct flight is 4 hours.

how much is a direct flight to paris from moscow

But this is an average. The flight time in some airlines is increased by 10-15 minutes, but the return flight, on the contrary, is somewhat faster. The flight time indicator can also be affected by weather conditions, unexpected delays on the way (accidents, breakdowns, etc.).

At the moment it is easy to calculate how long it takes to fly to Paris from Moscow, knowing that only four air carriers operate direct flights:

  • "Transaero";
  • "Aeroflot";
  • Aigle Azur;
  • AirFrance.

The airports of departure and final destination are different, and this directly affects the time. Not much though.

One-stop flights

We found out the duration of the flight on the route Moscow -Paris. How long will it take to fly if there is one transfer along the way? Such flights are operated by Aeroflot and a number of other companies:

  • Lufthansa;
  • Lufthansa c +Swiss;
  • KLM with Air France or Lufthansa.
moscow paris how many hours to fly

Transfers can take from one to three hours. Stops are made in one of the following cities:

  • Munich;
  • Zurich;
  • Amsterdam;
  • Frankfurt am Main.

Thus, a flight from Moscow to Paris will take at least five hours, and a maximum of 23. It is best to choose routes where the stop is at least 2 hours and no more than a day. This is necessary for calm orientation in a place, especially if it is still unfamiliar.

One hour or 30 minutes will not be enough to decide where to go and how to do it faster. It should be borne in mind that it is impossible to stay at the airport for more than a day, even if it is a temporary stop, without a Schengen visa.

Flights with two transfers on the route Moscow - Paris

How many hours to fly with two transfers? Such flights are carried out by several airlines: Lufthansa or in conjunction with Austrian Airlines. Transfers are made in the following cities:

  • Frankfurt am Main;
  • Munich;
  • Vienna.

At the airports of these cities, a temporary stop can take from 45 minutes to 10 hours. Accordingly, the total flight time can be from six to seventeen hours. There are also a number of other cities wheretransfers can be made: Kyiv, Riga, Stockholm, etc. The longest flights take more than 18 hours.

moscow paris how much time to fly

Determine the exact time frame will help the schedule of departures and arrivals of liners, published on the scoreboard at any airport. Or these data can be compared in advance by looking at the table on the Internet. In this case, you can make a flight plan in advance in order to have time to see local attractions.

Time difference

How long does it take to fly to Paris from Moscow? When planning any trip outside your native country, you must take into account that there are different time zones in the world. For example, the difference between the capitals of Russia and France is 2 hours. If it is 21:00 in Moscow, then it will be only 19:00 in Paris. The time is written immediately on the tickets. Upon arrival at the place, you must immediately change the clock according to the current time zone.

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