Limonarium in Saratov - a corner of paradise

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Limonarium in Saratov - a corner of paradise
Limonarium in Saratov - a corner of paradise

Saratov is one of the major administrative centers of the Middle Volga region. Its history begins in 1590. The city is geographically conveniently located and can be considered prosperous. Here at all times there was a lot of fish and bread, and the development of rail transport and river navigation made the city the largest commercial and industrial center. Saratov is famous for its museums, theaters, architectural and historical monuments. In this city, there are many tourists who travel along the Volga River and go ashore for excursions to places of military glory. In addition to them, in Saratov there is a rather exotic institution, which can only be called a Garden of Eden.

Exotics on Saratov land

The lemon garden in Saratov is one of the city's favorite sights. It was built in 2003, and since then thousands of tourists and locals have appreciated the beauty of this marvelous place. The exotic greenhouse is a favorite place for all photography enthusiasts and couples in love.

lemonarium Saratov

And the children in Saratov lemonaria feelthemselves as in a fairy tale, inventing simple stories about the iguana that lives here. The city greenhouse with such an unusual name also attracts tourists. After all, more than 30 species of tropical plants grow on the territory of this wonderful garden. For the climate of central Russia with its icy winds and prickly frosts, the outlandish flora of Limonaria in Saratov has become a place of rest and a kind of relaxation.

Healing air of the greenhouse

On the very first visit to the greenhouse, it becomes clear why the lemon garden in Saratov has become a favorite vacation spot for tourists and local residents. Tropical plants tend to bloom beautifully when winter begins in Russia and the earth is covered with a fluffy snow blanket. They exude unusual odors that can be beneficial to he alth. For example, the aroma of lemon invigorates and gives vitality to the body.

Where is the lemonarium in Saratov

It has long been known that citrus essential oil has an antibacterial effect. Judging by the name, there should be the most lemons in the greenhouse. However, there are also oranges from Spain. True, they are grafted on lemons, but they feel great in this capacity and grow by leaps and bounds and even produce a crop.

Lemons, pomegranates and other exotic fruits

A visit to the lemonarium in Saratov begins with an excursion, which is carried out enthusiastically for everyone by the workers of the paradise. Thanks to their story, you can learn about the varieties of lemons that grow in the greenhouse. There are fruits of the usual form and taste familiar to us, butthere are also those whose size is larger than a child's head and weighs more than two kilograms. Guides tell adults and children how these outlandish trees and plants are grown. You can buy a small tree as a keepsake, already at home it will remind you of an exotic lemon garden in Saratov.

lemonarium Saratov reviews

There are also grenades here. Their beautiful, red skirts can be seen from afar and they have become a kind of hallmark of this Garden of Eden. Everyone who has ever visited Saratov lemonaria leaves the most cordial reviews. Many people remember the interesting story of the guide about kiwi, because, in fact, this fruit develops on a liana. Or about flowers that please the eye. They do not forget in their reviews the healing air of the greenhouse, after which it is easier to breathe. And in order to enjoy the magical aroma, you just need to know where the lemonarium is located in Saratov. His address: Sokolovaya Gora, 6.

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