Bombardier Q400 - Canadian business

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Bombardier Q400 - Canadian business
Bombardier Q400 - Canadian business

The Canadian company Bombardier was founded in the 50s of the last century. By the end of the century, many types of equipment appeared in the list of manufactured products, from trams to airplanes. The 90s were marked by several important events for the company.

bombardier q400
bombardier q400

Firstly, the corporation sold the shares of its land transportation subsidiary, leaving the Bombardier family in control. The second event occurred in 1992 - a patent was bought from Boeing for the production of DHC aircraft, better known as the Dash 8. Finally, the Quiet system ("Quiet") was created, the name of which was subsequently reduced to one first character. It is completed only with Bombardier aircraft. Aircraft Q400 - a machine designed for short and medium haul distances, is a new development of the company. It is about her, her capabilities and merits today's review.


Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 is a new, expanded version of the aircraft of the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace. In the world of aircraft manufacturing, the company occupies an honorarythird place after such concerns as Boeing and Airbus. In Russia, the products of this manufacturer are not very famous. Until recently, Canadian aircraft were used by only one company operating flights in the Sakhalin Region. However, it is known from official sources that it is quite likely that an agreement will be concluded for the production of these aircraft in Russia.

bombardier plane q400
bombardier plane q400

Unlike its counterparts, the Bombardier Q400 is a turboprop aircraft. Two motors are placed on the wings of the car. The extended version is capable of carrying about 100 passengers, which is quite comparable to the Superjet 100 aircraft. At the same time, unlike the latter, the Canadians developed an aircraft designed for one class. By type of design, it belongs to narrow-body aircraft.

In addition to the main model, the company produces several modifications, including passenger, cargo and even military versions. At the same time, there are orders for a special naval version for other countries. At the same time, there is no particular difference in the names of the modifications.


Bombardier Q400 received some interesting features. The first and cardinal is, of course, the type of motors. Most airlines "serve" jets. On the other hand, screw will be cheaper both in maintenance and, possibly, in production.

The second feature of the aircraft can be called a passenger cabin. Compared to other passenger liners, this is a business class aircraft. There are 4 chairs in all rows, a pair from eachside of the passage. Using the same comparison, you can see that places B and E are missing.

bombardier dash 8 q400
bombardier dash 8 q400

The next thing to note is that the wings are attached to the top of the fuselage, placing the entire body lower than most brethren, giving the aircraft its own airstairs on the front left door.

The presence of such a part, as well as the fact that the Bombardier Q400 can use unpaved runways for takeoff / landing, allows it to be operated at small airports.

Interior layout

Let's consider a typical cabin layout for this aircraft. Since you rarely meet him at Russian airports, for example, let's take an Air Canada aircraft. Seats at the windows are marked by Canadians in the same way as in other companies.

Since there are standard doors on the starboard side, the first row has only two seats on the left side. These seats will be an excellent choice - there is a lot of legroom in front, no one will lean back on you, and at the same time, the nearest partition is far enough away that you will not feel like you are looking at the wall. The same amenities will be available to passengers occupying seats D and F of the second row.

bombardier dash q400
bombardier dash q400

It may not be very convenient for passengers in the 19th row (last). Behind the backs is the second exit, so, most likely, they will not be able to recline. Some discomfort may be experienced by passengers sitting at the windows from the 10th to the 14th row. The arrangement of the wings prevents the fanciers from looking out the window during the flight. Moreover, in this modelthe motors are located on the wings, and despite the sound absorption systems used in these aircraft, it can be a bit noisy.

Sometimes other airlines have a different layout, but in any case, you should keep in mind that this aircraft has turboprop engines. Therefore, people sitting at the porthole in the middle rows will be slightly noisy, and besides, there is little to see. As in other liners, the seats at the very beginning of the cabin are the most convenient, and at the end of the plane there will be bad seats.

Technical data

Well, for a complete understanding - a little about the technical parameters. The Bombardier Dash Q400, as aircraft mechanics call it, has the following flight capabilities:

  • cruising speed - 667 km/h;
  • maximum - 910 km/h;
  • ceiling - 8000 m;
  • flight range - 2,500 km;
  • runway length (for both takeoff and landing) - 1400 m;
  • fuel reserve - 6,500 l;
  • take-off weight (no more) - 29,250 kg, landing (no more) - 28,000 kg.

Model description:

  • length - 32.8 m;
  • height - 8.3 m;
  • fuselage diameter - 2.69 m;
  • wing area - 63 sq.m;
  • wingspan - 56 m;
  • cabin width - 2.03 m;
  • cabin length - 18.9 m.


We reviewed the Bombardier Q400, which, although relatively new, looks dated as it uses propellers instead of jet propulsion. Nevertheless, he is quite capable of competing with the new development of Russia, namely the Superjet 100,created in the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Design Bureau.