Serbia airports: description, information, how to get there

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Serbia airports: description, information, how to get there
Serbia airports: description, information, how to get there

The most convenient way to get to Serbia is by plane. The country has two international airports. The largest of them is located in the capital and is called Nikola Tesla, this is where flights from Moscow fly. Another international airport in Serbia - Nis, serves the nearest cities in Europe. Kosovo has Limak Airport, which is as busy as modern European air gates.

Airport in the capital

Nikola Tesla Airport is located near Surcin, 18 km west of Belgrade.

He started his work in 1962. At that time, a 3,350-meter long landing strip, a large aircraft maintenance terminal and a control tower were built. Later, a new passenger terminal was erected, the runway was extended and expanded, and in 1997 CAT II equipment was put into operation, which made it possible to use the airport for landing and take-off of aircraft in conditions of poor visibility.

Airport in Belgrade (Serbia)is the base for the national airline Air Serbia, Wizz Air and others.

Airport in the capital

How to get to the center

You can get to Serbia's main airport by car along the E-70 and E-75 motorways. Regular buses run to the center of Belgrade every 30-40 minutes, the ticket price starts from 80 dinars (50 rubles).

In order to improve passenger service, the Belgrade City Council has decided on a fixed price for taxi rides from Nikola Tesla Airport to the city. According to this decision, the capital was conditionally divided into 6 districts, each of which has its own price. You can use the discounted rate if you contact the TAKSI INFO office located in the baggage claim hall.

Nikola Tesla Airport has announced an official app for Android and Windows mobile platforms. The app contains real-time flight information as well as all the data you need to travel. The app is available in English and Serbian.

Belgrade airport

Check-in for a flight

When you arrive for your flight, you need to check in at the counter marked with the logo of the desired airline. Information about the flight schedule is available on the scoreboard.

Information desks are located:

  • 101 - 311 - terminal 2;
  • 401 - 410 - zone 2B;
  • 501 - 608 - terminal 1.

When registering for a flight, you must present a travel or electronic ticket, identification documents. After completing the check-in procedure, the passengerreceives a boarding pass. You can get it by registering online and by mobile phone.

Small airfield

Airport (Nish) Constantine the Great is located in the village of Medoševac and is an alternate airfield for Belgrade and Podgorica. The first flight was made on May 1, 1935, when the Serbian carrier Aeroput flew on the route Belgrade - Nis - Skopje - Bitola - Thessaloniki. After the end of World War II, a concrete runway was built, and between 1985 and 1986, work was carried out to build a passenger terminal, a technical block, and upgrade the runway.

Nis airport

Nis Airport (Serbia International Airport) was officially opened in 1986, the event was accompanied by a grandiose air show attended by tens of thousands of residents.

Flights depart from the airport on routes Basel, Dortmund, Zurich, Bratislava, Berlin, Stockholm, Düsseldorf and Milan.

You can get to the city center by taxi, the parking lot is 50 meters from the passenger terminal. Depending on the trip, the cost can start from 250 dinars (150 rubles).

This Serbian airport also provides transportation services for passengers from Constantine the Great airfield to Nis and back. The schedule has been adapted for incoming and outgoing flights.

Flights to Kosovo

Slatina Airport (Limak) is located 15 km from Pristina, a city on the Balkan Peninsula, partly recognized by the Republic of Kosovo. In 1990, he was granted international status, onThe territory has modern aircraft maintenance hangars, and the length of the runway is 2500 meters.

Airport in Kosovo

More than three dozen airlines operate with the airport, providing transportation to thirty different destinations.

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