Don Muang Airport, Thailand, Pattaya: description how to get there

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Don Muang Airport, Thailand, Pattaya: description how to get there
Don Muang Airport, Thailand, Pattaya: description how to get there

Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok has been in existence since 1914 and is currently used for domestic and international flights in Thailand. The capital is a popular destination among tourists, they can visit it from anywhere in the country with the help of low-cost airlines.

Description of Don Mueang Airport

The airport is located in the northern part of the city, surrounded by urban developments. Back in 2006, it was the second busiest in Asia, and now its functions have changed, but it still plays an important role in the life of the country.

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok

In 2011, Don Mueang was partially destroyed in a flood. The government has developed a renovation and restoration program, which is divided into several stages. This is the renewal of the runways, which were considered among the most unsafe in the world before the reconstruction, the replacement of outdated equipment. The work is being carried out gradually, so as not to complicate the lives of passengers and not to stop the main activity. More than 30 million passengers used the airport in 2015.

Bthe airport has a duty-free zone, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Duty free at Don Mueang airport

Terminals for domestic and international flights

In terminal 1, passengers of international flights are met and escorted, which are carried out mainly to the countries of Southeast Asia.

Domestic flights from terminal 2 are carried out by cheap carriers Thai Lion Air, Thai AirAsia, Nok Airway. Tourists arriving from other countries are happy to stay in the capital for a day or two, then from Don Muang Airport to fly to their main vacation spot.

Reconstruction of Don Muang Airport

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, located 45 km away, has a free bus service from 5.00 am to midnight, of course, you can take a taxi at any time. The trip takes about 45 minutes, but if you get stuck in traffic, you can get more than 2 hours.

Upon arrival at the airport, you can get a map for free, go to the bus station, show where you want to go next - staff will help you land in the right direction.

Currency exchange at the airport

Only Thai baht is accepted for payment within the country. There are several ATMs at the airport and nearby, which, when exchanging, withdraw 220 baht from international cards for service, so the method is not suitable for frequent withdrawals of small amounts. Tourists are also advised to withdraw here only the money that is needed for the first expenses, for example, to pay for a taxi orbus, as you can then change them at a better rate than at the airport.

airport lounge

Airport Buses and Don Mueang Train Station

Public buses run from the airport on 9 routes. Bus A1 leaves from the arrival hall of the international terminal through the stations Chatuchak, Mor Chit, to the Bangkok bus station. There are buses to Lumpini Park (No. 1), to Khao San Road (2) and others. Some basses have air conditioning and Wi-Fi, and fares are marginally more expensive.

Very close to the airport, 500 meters away, is the Don Muang train station.

From Terminal 1 you can go down the passage to the railway station and take an exciting sightseeing tour of Bangkok. Navigating the airport is easy. It is equipped with bright signs in Thai and English.

Bus stations at Don Muang Airport

How to get to the airport

You can get to Don Muang Airport both by train and by buses, transfers, taxis. Kiwitaxi provides transfers that can take you to Don Muang from the door of the hotel or from anywhere in Bangkok. You can pay for the service at the time of ordering on the site, the price is fixed. Various types of transport are provided from a regular taxi for 3-4 people to comfortable minibuses for 10 people.

Hotels near the airport

A hotel near Don Muang Airport can be booked at special desks right inside the building. Many hotels provide freetransfer.

Amari is a large hotel that you can enter directly from Don Muang International Airport, Terminal 1, and immediately forget about all the difficulties of travel. There are two ways to the hotel: stairs and escalator.

Amenities at Amari

The hotel has 429 beautifully furnished rooms with TV, air conditioning, shower rooms and bathtubs. Bathrobes are provided. Travelers are waiting for clean rooms, hot showers, soft fresh bedding, tea and coffee set. You can warm up after the flight in the pool and gym. Delicious food awaits at the two restaurants and lounge.

This is the best holiday option for those who have transit in Bangkok at Don Muang Airport. A double deluxe costs more than 3,000 rubles per day.

Booking hotels at the airport

In 15 minutes by hotel transfer you can get to Ebina House, where tourists are provided with comfortable rooms and delicious breakfasts for 1,800 rubles. A free shuttle will take you to the inexpensive Asia Airport Hotel, located 3 km from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. Among the many hotels in the capital, you can choose a comfortable and affordable place to stay.

Amari Don Muang hotel

Hotels in the center and excursions

If there is a margin of time, then it will be more interesting for many to stay in an inexpensive hotel in the center. The most party street is Khao San Road. Arriving for a short time in Bangkok, you can rent an inexpensive Rambuttri Village Plaza hotel to immediately be in the very center of events. Walking at night along a noisy street with thousands oftourists, during the day you can go along the river to inspect the Royal Palace or on a tour of Buddhist temples. And back at the hotel, take a refreshing dip in the rooftop pool.

Everywhere they offer to purchase one-day excursions around Bangkok with entertainment and cultural programs, if you wish, you can spend time visiting master classes in Thai culinary arts, and if there is very little time, you can go to one of the massage parlors near the airport.

Baiyoke Sky

Baiyoke Sky is one of the most popular attractions. It is the second largest skyscraper in Asia. Its height is 390 m. It houses the wonderful Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the higher the floor, the higher the cost of rooms, from the windows of which stunning views open. At the cosmic altitude, starting from the 75th floor, there are restaurants with panoramic windows. Observation decks are located on the 77th and 84th floors; high-speed transparent elevators deliver visitors to them. You can get to the skyscraper from the airport by metro, reaching the Ratchaprarop station. Restaurants close at 12 midnight.

The second largest aquarium in Asia

Siam Ocean World Aquarium is located in Siam Paragon shopping center and covers 10,000 square meters of retail space. Among the 30,000 marine inhabitants, you can see giant crabs, blue octopuses, swim with sharks. Those with a diving license can dive in the shark bay.

Jade Buddha

The Grand Royal Palace was built in 1782 for King Rama. It has installedthe most beautiful statue of the Jade Buddha, decorated with gold and jewels, which only persons of royal blood can touch. The transparent jade statue is considered one of the main shrines of Thailand.

Royal Palace in Bangkok

Museum of Modern Art and other attractions

Tourists recommend visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art, a museum introducing Thai culture and painting. The art gallery is located on 5 floors. Acquaintance with the work of contemporary Thai artists will help you take a fresh look at the country. You need to allocate at least three hours to visit the museum. The entrance ticket costs 250 baht. You can get to the museum by taxi.

Tourists will have no trouble finding things to see near Don Mueang Airport.

Arriving in the evening can take a taxi to the center, wander around the Asiatique The Riverfront night market, listen to street musicians, ride the largest Ferris wheel in Asia, its diameter is 60 meters, and the booths are equipped with air conditioning. One way trip will cost about 600 baht.

Six km from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok, you can see the wonderful Srapratum Palace.

Directly from the airport you can go to see Safari World Zoo. After driving 8.5 km, you will find yourself in the wonderful water park Jungle Water Park.

How to quickly get to Pattaya

Pattaya is located in the southwest of the country, 165 km from Bangkok, is the most noisy and cheerful holiday destination.

How to get from Bangkok Don AirportMuang to Pattaya? You can get there by bus from MoChit bus station. But a bus of flight A1 will deliver it from the airport. From Don Muang you can get to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Minibuses depart from it to Pattaya. By taxi, the trip will cost about 1,500 baht (3,000 rubles). If you take a taxi from the official counter at the airport, you will have to pay extra for the services of the travel organizer, but then you can be sure that there will be no surprises along the way.

Bus station at the airport

When traveling from Don Muang Airport to Pattaya, it is small, but there is a chance to run into scammers who will demand a larger amount of money on the way than agreed at the beginning. Therefore, for those who go on the road for the first time, it is better to use a more reliable option. Payment must be prepared in advance, as sometimes not everyone can get change without heated arguments.

But tourists arriving at night have no alternative if they want to get to the city faster than taking a taxi. You can, of course, walk around the capital until the morning, rent a hotel.

Buses depart several times a day for Pattaya directly from Don Muang Airport. They are quite comfortable, there is no big difference with a taxi ride, and the savings are significant. The trip takes from one and a half to two and a half hours, its duration depends on the time of day, what traffic jams will be on the roads.

How to get to the capital from Pattaya

And how to get from Pattaya to Bangkok Don Muang Airport? In order to get to the capital, you need to come to the North Bus Station, fromwhich the buses leave. To the Mo Chit 2 bus station, the trip will cost about 150 baht (300 rubles). Then you can get to your airport by taxi for another 200-300 baht (600 rubles).

From the center of Pattaya and Jomtien you can leave by minibuses.

From Bell Travel Service, which is located near the bus station, you can buy tickets to Suvarnabhumi, and from there transfer to Don Muang Airport in Bangkok.

If there is time left, then you can use flights with transfers, fly, for example, to the island of Phuket, and then, after walking there, fly to the capital.


Using the opportunity to travel around the country with cheap airlines, tourists can effectively plan their vacation, see interesting sights in different parts of the country, fly to popular islands.

Airfield at Don Mueang Airport

They will feel safe when traveling, as many different transfers are provided from airports to hotels, at the stations you can find out about bus and train directions, schedules and prices from the inscriptions on the scoreboard, as well as from friendly staff.

By ordering tickets on the websites of companies such as Bell Travel Service, you can be sure that you will be picked up from your hotel on time and delivered to your destination.

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