Thailand: interesting facts, culture of the country, sights, photos

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Thailand: interesting facts, culture of the country, sights, photos
Thailand: interesting facts, culture of the country, sights, photos

Thailand is a big fabulous country that every person should visit at least once in their life. There are pristine beaches, discos, historical temples and many attractions. In the article, we will consider interesting facts of Thailand for tourists. After all, it is in this country that there are many amazing things, and few people know about it. It's time to open the veil of secrets.

Interesting food facts

This is an amazing country with many interesting things. So let's take a look at 10 interesting facts about food in Thailand:

  1. Practically all locals eat fruits with added sugar and hot red pepper. It is even better to add chocolate to the dish, which will give its zest. Some cooks also add s alt. Thais consider this combination to be ideal.
  2. In Thailand, fruits are eaten unripe. As a rule, they are used in a variety of salads. The most delicious is considered with the addition of green mango.
  3. There are many such fruits and vegetables growing in the country: eggplant (50 species), mango (40 species) and ginger - there are about 400 varieties.
  4. Localsthey love to cook dishes that combine 4 different tastes - sweet, sour, bitter and s alty.
  5. Like other Eastern countries, chopsticks are served in Thailand. This custom came to them immediately after China many years ago.
  6. In cafes and restaurants, ordinary cutlery is served with chopsticks. These are spoons and forks, but the order of use is completely different than that of Russian citizens. With a spoon you need to cut a large piece of meat or a vegetable, and with a fork these pieces must be put into a spoon.
  7. Locals believe that eating alone is very bad, as trouble will come. That is why, if there is no company at home, they go for lunch (dinner) in a cafe or restaurant.
  8. Thais believe that in no case should food be thrown away, this can bring hunger for many years to come.
  9. In Thailand, unlike other countries, deep dishes are most often used. No matter what dish: first, appetizer or second.
  10. An energy drink with the interesting name "Red Bull" appeared for the first time in the country.
Interesting facts about Thailand

Want to experience real Asian food? Then you need to visit Thailand, where there are many restaurants with a variety of delicious dishes with a special, unknown zest.

Interesting facts for kids

Thailand has a lot of positive emotions not only for adults, but also for children. Leisure is for every person. So, let's look at the main interesting facts for children:

  1. Cooking courses are held in almost every city in Thailandfor kids. Here, kids will learn how to combine a variety of ingredients and cook simple but original dishes. Such entertainment is suitable for school-age children.
  2. Thais came up with an original entertainment for preschoolers - riding elephants through the jungle.
  3. Children will never see giant pandas like they do in a zoo in Thailand.
  4. Climbing was invented for middle school children. Of course, there is insurance. But the children will plunge into an amazing adventure.
  5. Thailand has a monkey mountain where animals live at the very top and, strangest of all, wait for tourists to bring them some treats.
  6. Only in Thailand are shows with elephants and crocodiles, which is another fun and bright palette of impressions for children.
  7. Children's Day is celebrated on January 13th.

The country has a large selection of interesting and exciting attractions especially for children.

Thailand interesting facts about the country

Moreover, there are many hotels where a nanny is offered during the absence of parents. After all, if the child is very small, you should not take him with you on excursions in the heat.

About tourism

Each country has its own characteristics. The same can be said about Thailand. Interesting facts about tourism amaze visitors. Consider the main ones:

  • The country does not speak raised tones. It is considered bad manners.
  • In Thailand it is not customary to walk. Here they ride tuk-tuks, motorbikes, taxis or rent a car for a while.
  • From Thailand prohibitedexport figurines or crafts with the image of Buddha.
  • Tourist season starts at the end of October and ends in February. The coldest day when the country is +28 degrees.
  • You must take off your shoes before entering the temple, as you show respect for local traditions.
  • You can take out of the country a maximum of 50,000 baht.
  • Visa can be obtained in Bangkok on the day of arrival.
  • The country has left-hand traffic. This must not be forgotten.
  • Most stores open at 10:00 and close at 20:00.
  • In restaurants, you must leave a tip, which is 10% of the check.
Interesting facts about Thailand for tourists

Many facts really surprise tourists. You will not have time to get used to the customs and traditions of the country, and the vacation is already over.

About holidays

Locals call their country the "State of Smiles". Indeed, they are not far from the truth. Indeed, in Thailand, some kind of holiday is celebrated almost every day. As the saying goes: "If there was a reason to have fun."

So, interesting facts about holidays:

  • as a rule, many holidays are not tied to specific dates;
  • for local residents, a holiday is an important part of life and it’s a sin not to celebrate it;
  • Thais celebrate the New Year 3 times - European, local and lunar calendar (January 1, April 13 and February 16);
  • locals celebrate Thai Elephant Day; it is believed that the country on the map is very similar in appearance to this animal;
  • Thailand likes to walk on October 8at a festival dedicated to vegetarians; people subject themselves to various tortures - they walk barefoot on hot coals, make piercings on delicate parts of the body, etc.; it is believed that in this way the gods will forgive them all their sins in advance, because they have injured themselves for the sake of the future.
Thailand interesting facts for kids

Thailand is the only country in the East where the locals know how to drink heartily and have fun today, and tomorrow, as if nothing had happened, go to work.

About the locals

Thais are very friendly and hospitable people. However, they have their own distinctive features. For example, local residents drink alcohol extremely rarely, and even then, on major holidays. It is also unacceptable for men with a naked torso to appear on the street. Even bare shoulders are considered bad manners.

Buddha is the most revered by the locals. You can only talk about him in a positive tone.

thailand interesting facts about food

Besides, the Thais have one golden rule - never touch anyone's head. This is considered a great disrespect to the person. Never show bare heels. They might even get beaten for it.

About shopping

Of course, many tourists are very fond of shopping, shops, markets. Therefore, interesting facts about Thailand for tourists were selected not only about local residents or children, but also about shopping:

  1. Discounts happen in large stores much more often than in shops.
  2. Thailand is ideal for shopping a few days beforeholidays. After all, it is then that tourists are offered good promotions. These days, goods can be bought much cheaper.
  3. The market on the water is a landmark of Thailand. Sellers and buyers sail in boats along the canals. Some offer goods, others buy. However, the prices here are too high, as the traffic is quite high.
  4. You can bargain with local residents not only in the markets, but also in shops, which is a novelty for the Russian people.
  5. In a large store you can buy not only food and electronics, but even a car. For this, there is no need to go to specialized salons. However, car prices are high.
Interesting facts in Thailand about tourism

Even after the holidays, many stores still have promotions and discounts until the end of the season. That is, until February.

About Thai

As you can see, there are many interesting facts about Thailand. The same can be said about their language. For example, local residents do not have such a rule - "not written with verbs separately." After all, there are no spaces between words. Therefore, you need to be well versed in the Thai language in order to understand where the sentence begins and ends.

Interesting facts about Thailand

Besides, the locals don't know the rules of punctuation, as they simply don't have commas, colons, semicolons or ellipses. Thais only know quotation marks and parentheses.

As for plurals, that's how they exist. For example, the singular "dec" (child) in the pluralsounds dubbed "dec-dec".

The pronoun "I" sounds depending on who exactly speaks. If a man, then it will be “pom”, and from the female lips you can hear “chan”. This is the difference.


Thailand is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world. You have learned many interesting facts about the country. Thailand has amazing features and traditions that captivate and amaze tourists.

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