The travel pass is a great way to save money

The travel pass is a great way to save money
The travel pass is a great way to save money

It's no news to anyone that you need to buy a ticket to travel on public transport. This issue is especially relevant for tourists, because taking a taxi is quite expensive, and traveling by public transport, you can not only save money, but also join the culture of the country. The ticket for public transport varies from country to country. It can be for only one trip on one mode of transport, it can be for a trip on several modes of transport, or it can only be valid for some time after its designation.


A tourist who came to an unfamiliar country for the first time needs to find out on what basis you can buy a ticket here (time or travel), and what type of transport it applies to. This will help to avoid unpleasant situations when meeting with controllers in transport.

In addition, it is worth asking if it is possible to buy a single ticket for a longer time. Such tickets generally reduce travel costs by more thanhalf. Especially for tourists who travel a lot in order to have time to see all the sights of the city.

Single travel ticket moscow

It is also worth considering that in some countries the city is divided into zones, and a ticket that is valid in one zone is no longer valid in another. This may not even be noticed, since stops are considered the point of changing zones, and it is difficult for an unprepared person to keep track of this. But when meeting with the auditor, such ignorance can fly into a round amount of a fine. For example, in the Czech Republic outside of Prague, a zone begins to operate, to which all travel cards apply. After a few stops, another zone begins, in which the cheapest ticket, which still has a margin of time (in the Czech Republic, tickets are valid for a certain time), will no longer be valid.

Single ticket

If in the Czech Republic travel cards are valid for some time, and during this time you can travel on all types of public transport, then in Moscow you will have to buy a ticket for each type of transport. It will cost a fairly large amount, the way out of this situation is to buy a single ticket. Moscow will then become much cheaper in terms of transport, and you will not have to be afraid of meeting with the controller. And also you will not need to buy a new ticket each time, switching to another mode of transport.

There is, of course, the opportunity not to buy a ticket at all and ride as a hare, but this option is only suitable for those who like to tickle their nerves. After all, the ticket control system is well established inany country, and you won’t be able to ride like that for a long time. After all, you need to know at what stops controllers usually come and approximately at what time, and a tourist can find out such information only by riding for a very long time and along the same route.

The best option for a tourist is to buy a ticket and don't worry about the little things, but enjoy your vacation. After all, the cost of public transport is significantly less than the cost of a taxi, and you should not reduce this savings to an even smaller figure, because folk wisdom says that the greedy pays a lot, as a result it turns out to be true.

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