Guest houses in Kaliningrad: an overview

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Guest houses in Kaliningrad: an overview
Guest houses in Kaliningrad: an overview

Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg until 1946) is the westernmost administrative center of Russia. A modern city with a population of half a million has become a major railway, transport hub and seaport. Many historical and architectural monuments attract travelers and tourists, for whom comfortable hotels and guest houses in Kaliningrad have been built.

A Brief History of the City

On the banks of the Pregel River in the middle of the XIII century was built the castle of the Teutonic Knights, which laid the foundation for the city. The local Prussian tribes tried several times to besiege it in order to drive the Teutons out of their lands, but to no avail. At the end of the 13th century, German colonists began to settle on the conquered lands, who subsequently assimilated with the local population.

guest houses in Kaliningrad

Near the city, two more settlements arose - Lebenicht and Kneiphof, which also received city rights, but in fact they were united under the common name of Koenigsberg. To avoid confusion, the castle and the original Königsberg becamecall Altstadt - "Old Town".

Guest houses in Kaliningrad

Guest house "On Kashtanova" (Kashtanovaya alley, 1B) includes a complex of four two-story buildings, which are buried in the greenery of shrubs and a garden. The cost of rooms is from 2200 rubles per day for a double standard, and one of the houses is rented for 6000 rubles. Each room has a fully equipped shared kitchen, and barbecue areas with all accessories are equipped in the garden. The hotel organizes tours and bike rentals to explore the city

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Guest house "Albertina" (Kaliningrad, Demyan Bednogo st., 13A) has 29 rooms with room rates starting from 2000 rubles. The interior of the apartments is made in warm colors and presented with classic furniture. On the ground floor in the fireplace room you can comfortably relax and play a game of billiards. The hotel is located in the historical part of the city, near a small shady park. There are cafes and restaurants within a ten-minute walk, as well as many historical sites worth visiting

Cheap guest houses

Guest house "Ashman Park" (Kaliningrad, Gertsen St., building 1). This hotel complex has a Russian wood-fired sauna with a swimming pool, a fireplace room with a billiard table. The restaurant with several halls can accommodate up to 30 people, where you can spend time with a close-knit company or celebrate a small celebration. The cost of living in a standard room is from 1400 rubles per day. There is also an hourly rental service, starting from an order of 700 rubles per3 hours

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Guest houses in Kaliningrad with bath complexes are also presented:

  • "Status";
  • "Count Orlov";
  • Comme il faut.

The price for accommodation in a double room is practically the same and amounts to 1500 rubles per day. Three-hour rental will cost 700 rubles. Sauna and bath services are 650 rubles per hour for six people, additional places will cost 100 rubles.

Streletsky Guest House (Kaliningrad, Streletskaya St., 7) is a new mini-hotel located in a park area at a distance of one kilometer from the famous King's Gate. The cost of living ranges from 1700 r / day to 2200 r / day. Seventeen cozy rooms are equipped with modern furniture, TV, refrigerator. Breakfast (buffet) is included in the price in the morning. The territory is equipped with a gazebo for relaxation, there is free parking

guest house albertina kaliningrad

Country complexes

Guest house "Okhota" (Kaliningrad, Svobodnoye village). Leaving the city, you can feel the beauty of communication with nature. The hotel and restaurant complex "Okhota" will offer a cozy room and a delicious dinner. The hotel has five standard rooms with an extra bed, where you can relax after a walk or a Russian wood-fired sauna. The guest house's restaurant has two banquet rooms for up to 150 people for weddings and celebrations

Don't discount guest housesKaliningrad, which are located on the coast. They can offer VIP services to any guests - from lovers of sunbathing in sun loungers to fans of active hunting and fishing.

Guest houses in Kaliningrad
  • Nemonien guest house (Kaliningrad, Malaya Matrosovka village) offers not only a restaurant and a sauna. People come here to fish and hunt. The hotel organizes autumn hunting and fishing all year round in the ponds and boats out into the bay. After that, visitors can relax in cozy rooms and a restaurant with a fireplace room.
  • Next to the "Nemonien" is the fishing estate "Gilge" (Kaliningrad, the village of Matrosovo), which has a good hotel fund. The mini-hotel organizes fishing trips, boat rentals, speedboats and ATVs. In autumn, the guest house hosts an international boat spin fishing tournament.


Visitors praise the guest houses of Kaliningrad. The hospitality and friendliness of the staff, comfortable conditions, modern furnishings, beautiful interior and cleanliness of the rooms are noted. I am glad that for the convenience of guests, many hotels offer additional services: excursions, walking and cycling around the city, hunting and fishing, airport transfers and accommodation with pets by agreement.

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