Where is Lake Balaton? Reviews and photos

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Where is Lake Balaton? Reviews and photos
Where is Lake Balaton? Reviews and photos

Lake Balaton has long attracted attention. It is so large that tourists and locals call it the sea. It is good to relax in the vicinity of Balaton. There is a well-thought-out infrastructure and well-maintained beaches. What travelers themselves think about this place - the publication will tell.

General information

Balaton is a lake in Hungary, which is located in the western part of the country. The reservoir stretches for almost a hundred kilometers, so it is considered the largest in Europe. No wonder it is also called the Hungarian Sea. On average, the distance to the bottom of the lake is 3 meters. In the deepest place, this value does not exceed 13 meters. The water in Balaton is silky, has a yellowish-green tint. Surprisingly, in the evening it is warmer than the air. In summer, the lake warms up to 20-26 degrees. Warm waters have a good effect on the nervous system, having a relaxing effect. There are many attractions, vineyards and entertainment options around the lake.

View of Lake Balaton

Interesting facts

Balaton comes from the Slavic wordblato and translates as a swamp. The reservoir was so named because of the shallow depth and greenish tint of water, which is obtained due to the large accumulation of plankton.

Locals tell tourists that Lake Balaton holds many treasures. According to one legend, a girl is crying at the bottom of the reservoir in the church. Until her tears run out, Balaton will have warm water, geysers and healing springs.

Location of the lake

Geographically, Balaton is located in the Middle Danube Valley, about a hundred kilometers from Budapest. The area of ​​the lake is almost six hundred square kilometers. The reservoir is surrounded by resort villages around the entire perimeter. In the north of Lake Balaton there is a national Hungarian park. A protected nature reserve runs along the southwestern coast. It is a wetland that has become a haven for a variety of birds.

How to get to Balaton

The nearest airport is 135 kilometers from Budapest. As reviews of Lake Balaton show, tickets are much cheaper during the high season. But you can save a lot if you go to Hungary by car or bus tour. The transport infrastructure in the vicinity of Lake Balaton is well developed. From Budapest, the lake can be reached via a modern motorway. In the south and north of Balaton there is a railway that connects the resort with the capital. Also, passenger ships constantly go along the lake itself, which stop at each pier.

Time difference

When planning your vacation in Balaton, keep in mind thatlocal time will differ from Moscow. In summer, a new day starts one hour earlier. In winter, the difference is minus two hours.

Location of Lake Balaton

When is the best time to go?

Most tourists like to travel to Central Europe in summer and late spring, as reviews of Hungary show. Lake Balaton in terms of recreation will be most interesting in August. If this month is not possible to go on vacation, then you can go in June or July.

For an active pastime on the water, vacationers recommend visiting the northern shore of Lake Balaton. It has long been a popular area. As practice shows, tourists most often stay in three-star hotels that serve breakfast.

Water in Balaton

It is worth noting that the water in the lake is warm, clean, but not transparent due to the plankton living there. But he does not scare away vacationers at all. Every year more and more tourists gather here.

Lake Balaton beach

In general, the lake is very shallow. You will have to move about three hundred meters from the shore in order to swim a little. These places are perfect for families with children. These are the southern shores with pleasant velvet sand.

Fans of diving and swimming at depth should go to the north of Lake Balaton. There you can dive well under water already twenty meters from the shore. The bottom is rocky and quickly gains depth. These are Balatonfured, Keszthely and other resorts. For a feeling of extreme sports, you can go to the Tihany depression. Its depth reachesalmost 13 meters.

The sunniest place is the eastern part of Lake Balaton. Those who like to sunbathe on the beach prefer to spend their holidays here.

It is worth noting that Lake Balaton practically does not differ from sea water in its composition. Therefore, the lake is good for the skin and the body as a whole.


Festival in Balaton

All conditions have been created for a comfortable stay in Balaton. Vacationers here have plenty to choose from. Almost every resort village has sanatoriums, tennis courts, golf courses, volleyball courts and riding schools. The taverns with gypsy music and Hungarian cuisine give a special flavor. Nearby activities include coastal walks, boating, sailing and fishing. The lake is home to both common carp and silver pike perch. True, for fishing you need to obtain a special permit. Festivals are also constantly held in the vicinity of Lake Balaton. The photo above shows one of them.

Resort areas

Today Balaton is a popular tourist destination in Hungary.

Balaton - lake in Hungary

You can stay in several resort areas:

Siofok. It is the largest coastal town of Balaton. This is the center of nightlife and the concentration of well-maintained beaches. The beautiful river Shio also flows here

Balatonfured. Very popular on the north coast. Usually people come here to visit the famous Rabindranath Tagore alley and healing springs

Quiet. Nearbywith Balatonfured. Here, rest on Lake Balaton is associated with viewing architectural sights

Santod. In this village you can entertain yourself with equestrian sports and horse riding parades, which are held periodically. From here you can quickly get to the Tihany Peninsula by crossing

Beach at Balaton

Keszthely. Great old resort town. It attracts tourists with convenient beaches, authentic streets and the Festetics Palace, which is made in the Baroque style and is located in a picturesque park

Badacsony and Szigliget. The main highlight of these northern coastal villages are cozy restaurants. They serve exquisite and delicious Hungarian wines, for which many tourists come. When visiting the villages, you should definitely take a look at the ruins of the ancient fortress of Castle Hill

The cost of rest in the vicinity of Lake Balaton

Hotels are generally very cheap in Hungary. Rest on Lake Balaton also turns out to be very budgetary. At the same time, local hotels offer their guests high-quality two meals a day.

For clarity, you can consider how much a week-long vacation at Lake Balaton will cost (when staying in a 3-4-star hotel).

  • Balatonfured - 298-812 euros (21-57 thousand rubles).
  • Siofok - 316-943 euros (22-66 thousand rubles).
  • Tihany - 342-565 euros (24-39 thousand rubles).
  • Balatonmaldi - 436-582 euros (30-41 thousand rubles).
Lake Balaton

Tourists who have already visited the lake say that these amounts needadd some more expenses. These are a Hungarian visa (80 euros / 5600 rubles), a plane ticket (250 euros / 17500 rubles) and medical insurance (1 euro / 70 rubles for one day). If you plan to include an excursion program in your vacation, then put about 50 euros / 3500 rubles on it.

Travelers note that an average weekly vacation at Lake Balaton costs a thousand euros/70,000 rubles. Of course, if you wish, you can buy a ticket to a local sanatorium for a ridiculous price.

What to bring home?

It is also recommended to take some money with you for souvenirs, handicrafts, Hungarian goodies and national alcoholic drinks. Travelers are happy to bring them home from Lake Balaton. Attention should be paid to souvenirs with the image of a lake, painted porcelain and the Rubik's cube, which were invented in Hungary. Girls are happy to buy clothes from local designers. Marzipan sweets, Hungarian salami, Tokay wine, herbal balm and fruit vodka are good gastronomic gifts.

Summing up, it must be said that Balaton perfectly combines beach, medical and youth recreation. Both active tourists and calm couples with children can have a great time here. Despite the fact that food and accommodation in Hungary are inexpensive.

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