Seychelles: attractions, description of the republic

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Seychelles: attractions, description of the republic
Seychelles: attractions, description of the republic

The paradise of our Earth, which has practically not been touched by a human hand and which is located thousands of kilometers from human civilization, is the Seychelles (the sights are described in our article). The Seychelles offers palm-lined beaches, unrivaled diving, snorkelling, and fully forested areas teeming with wild life. Today, the Seychelles archipelago is one of the most visited places by tourists.

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Attractive features of the islands

Seychelles, whose sights surprise even the most sophisticated tourists, have unique beaches, unique flora and underwater world. Such beauty is not found anywhere else on the planet. Here you can meet unusual birds and animals.

There is practically no agriculture in the republic, and there is no industry at all. The local government preserves the nature given to it by God, and is verysensitive to this issue. The Republic of Seychelles prohibits any expansion of the tourism business, and new hotels cannot be built here. All this is done so that the number of tourists does not increase.

Only in this area there is something that simply fascinates a person - these are magnetizing stones that have lain on the island for many thousands of years. It seems that aliens from outer space left them here. Since ancient times, stones have been used by white sorcerers. With their help, they plunged into a trance and predicted the future.

Mahe, La Digue and Praslin are the granite central islands of the republic. All other islands are coral atolls.

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The largest island in the Seychelles archipelago

The largest and most visited island is Mahe. Dozens of luxury resort hotels, impenetrable tropical forests, beaches with their pristine charm and incredibly interesting historical sights make this area irresistible in the eyes of tourists. The island offers its guests a fascinating excursion program.

The capital of the island is the city of Victoria - the largest city of Mahe and the smallest capital of the planet. There are attractions at every turn: a copy of Big Ben on the main square of Victoria, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which is the most important religious landmark of Mahe.

Mahe Island invites art lovers to visit the Craft Village area. This is a kind of village of artisans, in which the best craftsmenpresent their products. Also, travelers should try the Mont Fleury garden, which has a huge collection of palm trees. Among them there are very rare species of trees.

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Small but interesting island

Moyen Island is interesting not so much for its sights as for its history. Two centuries ago, only a pirate's foot stepped on this territory. Over the past two centuries, only four owners have lived on Moyenne. Until 2012, Brandon Grimshaw was the owner of the island, and after his death, the territory became part of the Republic of the Seychelles.

On the island, Brandon lived with Creole René Lafortune, who lived there for about 10 years. He was encouraged by Grimshaw's offer to settle on the island and gladly accepted his offer. Men actively engaged in the multiplication and protection of fauna and flora. Each of the men planted 16,000 trees. Grimshaw also purchased several giant endangered tortoises for Moyen.

Sights that deserve the attention of tourists

The Seychelles, the sights of which every inhabitant of the Earth wants to see, have some more interesting places that all tourists visiting the republic should see. So, one of these places is the gallery of the famous artist Michael Adams. It is housed in a classic chalet with a small shop and workshop. Here you can buy your favorite canvas, postcards and author's calendars.

The Royal Spice Garden is another interesting attraction. It is foundedin 1772. Today, the manor houses a small restaurant serving national cuisine, a museum and a souvenir shop. The exposition of the museum is dedicated to the life of the planters of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

In the northern part of the archipelago, you can find the one-of-a-kind nature reserve Seychelles Morne. Walking through the reserve is extremely popular with tourists. Tropical forests cover a significant part of the Seychelles Morne, and during the tour you can admire rare species of trees.

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What else is there to see?

The Seychelles, whose sights are inexhaustible, can boast some more of their highlights. For example, on the island of Praslin, Seychellois palms grow, which are called Coco de mer. The fruits of these trees can weigh up to 25 kilograms. Some trees are thousands of years old.

Here, on Praslin, lives a black vase parrot - a bird symbol of the Seychelles. Many tourists visit pirate graves, which are of great interest.

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