Waterpark "Volzhskiye Dali", Saratov - photos and reviews

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Waterpark "Volzhskiye Dali", Saratov - photos and reviews
Waterpark "Volzhskiye Dali", Saratov - photos and reviews

Sanatorium "Volzhskiye Dali" (Saratov) is located on the banks of the legendary Volga River, just fifteen kilometers from the city. The he alth-improving complex occupies twenty-three hectares of forest land, the base buildings are surrounded by oak forests and stand on hills, which go around the buildings in the form of a horseshoe. The purest air of the forest is intoxicating, the river draws freshness and coolness, the body feels pleasant humidity.

Volga gave Saratov

Recovery in Saratov

Volga protects the peace of tourists and brings them recovery. There is no sudden change in temperature, jumps in atmospheric pressure. The climate doesn't make you feel bad.

The name "medical and he alth complex" speaks for itself: the rest will be somewhere far from civilization and the whole world. Tourists who have already visited these parts say that they are amazed by the Volga Dali (hostel). Saratov invites guests and residents of the city to take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern megacities in the thicketsrelic plants. The complex is surrounded by hills that protect it from the wind.

volga dali saratov beach

Why choose "Volga Dali"? Saratov attracts tourists with an interesting and mysterious world, colorful and picturesque landscapes. Nature itself has created this corner for relaxation and recovery.


The sanatorium "Volzhskiye Dali" has one more advantage - the beach. Saratov is loved by tourists because the he alth-improving complex is equipped with a modern designed coastline with a multi-tiered embankment. On the beach you can sunbathe, rent a boat, scooter or pedalo. Vacationers say that it is very interesting to spend time on specially equipped sports grounds. After an active holiday, you can dine in a cafe right on the waterfront.

water park Volga Dali Saratov

The beach is not the only pride of the Volga Dali recreation center. Saratov will not leave its visitors indifferent. If the weather does not allow you to enjoy the sun on the beach, you can get a beautiful tan in the local solarium.

Sanatorium: reviews

Tourists who have already been here assure that "Volzhskiye Dali" (Saratov) is a modern he alth complex, which includes buildings for living with economy and luxury rooms. Inside each building, all rooms are decorated by specialists; on the walls you can see paintings by famous artists of Saratov. The whole complex will surprise you with sophistication and beauty. On the territory of the camp site there are: a gym, saunas, baths and much more - eachthe vacationer will find something to his liking.

People who have already rested here assure that everyone has the opportunity to treat their illnesses in the Volga Dali sanatorium. Saratov offers a wide range of general medical services.

The highlight and pride of the he alth-improving complex is the water park, which is part of the sports center.

Entertainment reviews

Tourists assure that the water park "Volzhskiye Dali" (Saratov) is a great opportunity to relax and unwind from the bustle of the city, to recover from hard everyday life.

For more than one year, a medical center with water attractions has been operating on the territory of the camp site. The building was built in accordance with modern standards and technologies, according to a special project, thanks to which the ventilation and air conditioning system provides a full supply of healing air that penetrates the medical and physical education center. Room temperature and humidity are controlled and remain optimal, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Water park is a great attraction that was created by more than one master. The bowls of the pools are lined with mosaic tiles and illuminated by lamps, fountains in the form of rain divide the water sheet into zones. Tourists say that thanks to the new and powerful treatment facilities, the water at the attractions is always clean and clear. The water park has two jacuzzi lagoons that will plunge you into the world of pleasure. Also, visitors will be pleased with the underwater volcano, steep slides for adults who love extreme sports. And, of course, it has attractions for the little ones too.visitors to the water park "Volzhskiye Dali" (Saratov). It offers entertainment for all tastes.

sanatorium volzhskiye dali saratov

The center is equipped with whirlpool baths, which are located right in the pool at different levels. In addition, there are also showers in which there are ordinary showers and special ones equipped with various nozzles that supply water at different angles.

For fans of the bath there are two pools for cooling, there is also a separate water bowl for babies under five years old. From September to May, the water park gives you the opportunity to swim at any time.

Besides rest, this is a great opportunity to restore your he alth in case of problems with the musculoskeletal system. A dedicated physical therapy trainer will teach you the right exercises. Water rides can be visited not only by guests of the camp site, but also by those who want to have a good time on the weekend with family or friends.

Additional services: reviews

On the territory of the complex there are two halls provided for organizing corporate events, seminars or conferences. There is also an assembly hall, which can accommodate about two hundred people and has sound-reproducing equipment. The sanatorium has an equipped conference room for seventy people, workplaces are equipped with computers. In addition, the complex has its own restaurant where you can order any dish.

Tourists assure that the sanatorium "Volzhskiye Dali" (Saratov) will provide rest for every taste. Here you can go fishing and think about the meaning of life in silence on the river bank, or you can tickle your nerves andgo diving with an experienced instructor. For romantic natures, excursions along the beautiful Volga River are provided.

volga dali hostel saratov

If you took your children with you, they will not be bored here - animators work for the little guests who will take your children to the fairy-tale world. You can enjoy clean air by cycling or rollerblading. In the resort, all equipment, gear and transport can be rented.

Recreation all year round

The he alth-improving complex is beautiful at any time of the year. In winter, the guests of the sanatorium go in for winter sports: skating or skiing. And what a wonderful winter forest! Hiking along the snow-covered coast of the Volga will bring a truly unforgettable experience.

Whatever vacation you prefer, regardless of the season, you will get an unforgettable experience, return to normal life full of strength and energy.

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