Alushta, private sector. Rest in Alushta - reviews, prices

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Alushta, private sector. Rest in Alushta - reviews, prices
Alushta, private sector. Rest in Alushta - reviews, prices

If you want to have a good vacation, not just lying on the hot sand of the beach and sipping lemonade all day long, but also want to learn something new, see places with a rich history, ancient buildings, remnants of the culture of ancestors and their way of life, then Alushta, Crimea is what you need.

People who have already been here note that there are many wonderful landscapes, interesting excursions to places of former glory, museums, exhibitions and many other useful entertainments that will be interesting not only for adults, but also for children.

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Of course, it is now popular to go on vacation abroad: to Turkey, Italy and other countries, but this requires additional efforts and costs: from a passport to a flight, which is also not always safe. In addition, not knowing the local language is a big stress, and you won’t be able to fully relax.

Therefore, tourists assure that the city of Alushta is a great option for those who want to explore the CIS countries, listen to speech close to hearing and relax without constant stress. After all, why leave or fly away when there are so many unknown and beautifulclose to home? Alushta, the private sector and VIP class rooms, are always at your disposal.

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Alushta in history

Alushta is a Ukrainian city full of its remarkable places and memorable events. Its history began with the emperor Justinian, who built a fortification called Aluston, which is reminiscent of three Greek towers that have survived to this day, even despite the destruction and the inexorable passage of time: Alushta went through several wars, the Ottoman conquest and occupation by the Germans.

By the way, it was here that the good old film about Shurik's adventures with the participation of Natalya Varley, the film "Three Plus Two" and many other films were filmed. And it was Alushta who served as a muse for the writer Ivan Shmelev, which was reflected in the epic novel “The Sun of the Dead.”

Industry of Alushta

Despite the fact that the climate in Alushta is somewhat more severe than in other resort cities, Alushta wine is rightfully recognized as one of the best thanks to the developed vineyards since the 19th century and rich crop production. More than 20 popular wine brands are produced at the local winery, which is part of a large concern.

Mostly employment in Alushta is related to the service sector, and the main income of residents and those who come to work is to serve tourists who prefer to rest in Alushta: renting apartments, private houses, hotel rooms. Guides, tour guides and employees of sanatoriums and boarding houses are always held in high esteem.

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Climate of Alushta

Summer Alushta -real subtropics with a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius. Winters are mild and temperatures rarely drop below freezing. There is not much precipitation, the air humidity is about 70%. The swimming season in Alushta is quite long: from May to mid-October (however, it is better for children to swim from mid-June to the end of August). The average water temperature is at least +20C. Therefore, rest in Alushta will give you many pleasant moments.

Sights of Alushta: reviews

To learn more about the history of Alushta, vacationers recommend visiting the Ivan Shmelev Literary Museum, the local history museum, the museum in memory of the author Sergeev-Tsensky and the Beketov house-museum. They say that the Byzantine fortress, the dacha of General Golubev, the magnificent view of the city embankment and other memorable places will not leave anyone indifferent.

There are many temples and churches in Alushta, made both in the classical Byzantine style and in Eastern traditions, which have long been smoothly integrated into European culture.

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Entertainment in Alushta: reviews

People who have been here claim that in addition to places related to history, rest in Alushta will allow you to visit many interesting music festivals, exhibitions, concerts. You will never get bored at a disco by the sea, and you can go to the cinema or visit local attractions with your children. You can also dine in a restaurant, try local gourmet dishes that Alushta is famous for. The private sector has a developed infrastructure, so you will not be cut off from civilization.

Tourists say that for thrill-seekers, entertainment is more extreme, but at the same time completely safe: for example, horse tourism is developed here, where everyone can saddle a horse for a reasonable price. Since Alushta is Crimea, there are a lot of different mountains, which allows mountain tourism as an additional type of recreation. Well-thought-out routes allow you to capture the beauty of the Crimean Mountains within a few walks under the supervision of professional guides.

For especially "desperate" tourists, there is an opportunity to look at Alushta from a bird's eye view: air excursions are also very popular and in great demand. Under the guidance of pilots, masters of their craft, you can get an unforgettable experience enhanced by the fresh air and favorable atmosphere of this beautiful city.

Housing in Alushta: reviews

Vacationers say that Alushta, the private sector, is accessible to almost everyone. Prices depend on many factors. You can rent any type of accommodation: a hotel room, an apartment, a private house or a place in a hostel. Many owners offer their services to tourists who are accepted by Alushta. The private sector is very popular. Prices range from 500 rubles a day to several thousand, depending on the amenities you want to have.

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Many tourists consider holidays in Alushta unforgettable and want to return there again and again, but already taking all their family and friends with them, because it is impossible for a few days of rest here"taste" all the delights that Alushta is rich in. The private sector offers vacationers a lot of entertainment.

The main thing is to properly plan your vacation, entertainment expenses, and you will not be bored or experience any inconvenience. Children will also find something to do in Alushta. Both in expensive hotels and in housing in the private sector there are playgrounds and attractions. Therefore, both adults and children will have a rest from everyday life, duties and fuss.

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