Description of the hotel Ganita Holiday Club Resort 5 . Ganita Holiday Club 5 : reviews of tourists

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Description of the hotel Ganita Holiday Club Resort 5 . Ganita Holiday Club 5 : reviews of tourists
Description of the hotel Ganita Holiday Club Resort 5 . Ganita Holiday Club 5 : reviews of tourists

Mediterranean Sea, high mountains, hot climate until late autumn and generous four fruit harvests in one season - all this reminds us of Turkey. Meeting tourists from year to year, the Turkish people have learned all the rules of real hospitality. The Ganita Holiday Club 5hotel, as one of the most suitable places for a tourist holiday, annually attracts active young people and couples with children. This hotel is also constantly chosen by respectable business people for the purpose of holding important commercial and other business events.

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Location of Ganita Holiday Club 5

This tourist complex belongs to the category of five-star hotels in Alanya, Okurcalar settlement. Since the founding of this wonderful resort complex (in 1993), several large-scale restorations have already been carried out, the latest of which wasrelatively recently - in 2010. Ganita Holiday Club 5is located at a distance of 90 km from the main airport of Antalya. For a more detailed representation of the location of the hotel, find the resort town of Side, which is located at a distance of 30 km from Antalya, the city of Alanya is located at the same distance from the hotel.

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The place where the Ganita Holiday Club Resort 5hotel is located combines all the fundamental ingredients of a truly picturesque landscape. On the one hand, the azure coast of the Mediterranean Sea, on the other - mountains covered with forests. This is a truly magical place, as well as a great opportunity to improve he alth and get enough energy from such fresh air, which is especially necessary for young children.

Many of those who have already spent their holidays in this place once again return to Ganita Holiday Club 5again and again. Reviews, photos can be read and viewed in magazines and online, but to fully taste the atmosphere, feel the calm rhythm of the bliss that this resort offers, is possible only after visiting the hotel as a guest.

The territory and attractions of the hotel

The territory of the Ganita Holiday Club 5hotel is amazing, especially for those who set foot on it for the first time. On a 60,000 sq. m. there are so many different exotic trees that upon returning home after a vacation, every woman will feel the desire to visit some flower shop and buy a similar plant to revive a piece of memories at home on her windowsill. Numeroustrimmed green lawns, curly shrubs and countless variety of flowers and unusual flower beds have turned the entire hotel area into a truly wonderful garden of Eden category 5Ganita Holiday Club 5. Guest reviews allow you to verify this.

Against such a beautiful garden, the predominance of the blue color of the outdoor pools stands out in a special way, which is in harmony with the shadows cast by tall palm trees and sun umbrellas standing in a row.

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Even without leaving the hotel, you can visit a large shopping center where your attention will immediately be attracted: a Turkish jewelry store, a leather and fur store, various clothing and accessories boutiques, showcases with fancy souvenirs from Turkey, a beauty salon, a hair salon and a professional photographer's studio who can immortalize your adventure with a series of quality photographs.

Also on the territory of the hotel there is a respectable conference hall "Begonville", an antique open-air amphitheater where evening events are held, parking for rented and private cars, a recreation area by the outdoor pool, summer terraces, playgrounds for sports, luxury two-storey villas, all buildings included in the complex, providing a good rest for all hotel guests.

All about hotel rooms

The Ganita Holiday Club Resort 5 offers 434 comfortable rooms for accommodation in the main six-story building and forty-one two-story villas. Of these, 256 rooms of various types, 162two-story duplex rooms with a higher level of comfort, 138 standard rooms, 162 for families with small children, 19 non-smoking rooms and two specially equipped rooms for people with disabilities.

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The first thing that guests of the hotel pay attention to when checking into the rooms is that they have a lot of free space, flooded with rays of sunlight coming from the balcony. The interior of the rooms is decorated in a soft and very pleasant, relaxing atmosphere, both day and night. All rooms without exception have a spacious balcony with a summer terrace. The view that opens from this vantage point will definitely remain in your memory for a very long time. You will feel like a guest of the Garden of Eden, which is surrounded by the rays of the scorching sun, the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and majestic mountains.

The rooms offered by the Ganita Holiday Club 5 hotel are equipped with the latest progress. The reviews of the guests who have already been there are always positive, and this is quite reasonable, because a comfortable microclimate is provided by air conditioners of the "split" system, in addition, each room has a mini-bar rich in drinks, you have at your disposal a safe and a private bathroom (bath, shower, hairdryer, toilet, sink, mirror, shower accessories, towel).

Almost all rooms also have a cot for babies, the floors are covered with either laminate or Turkish carpet. All rooms are kept completely clean and tidy. About it every daythe staff of the hotel, which justifies the 5category - Ganita Holiday Club 5, takes care of. Reviews in which tourists leave their impressions testify to this.

Entertainment and Leisure Services

If you are relaxing in a Mediterranean resort, you are unlikely to be bored, especially when it comes to a hotel like the Ganita Holiday Club 5. Alanya often offers to embark on a new exploration, for this it is enough to sign up for a tour of the historical sights of a country with a very ancient and rich culture. Just one sea trip on a boat will surely remind you of what beauty you are among.

Without leaving the hotel, you can start your holiday by the outdoor pool. To take your favorite drink while relaxing by the pool, you only need to lend a hand to the bartender. For thrills, you will have to walk a few steps to the water park belonging to the hotel. A variety of slides for both adults and children, allowing everyone to have fun!

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Every woman knows that it is difficult to compare with anything the feeling after a spa treatment. Therefore, to get real relaxation, we recommend that you visit the beauty center of SPA treatments, as well as a sauna, bath, jacuzzi or Turkish hammam. Perhaps you need to improve your back he alth? For this, you can turn to professionals in a massage parlor. If you are going to rest in Turkey in the hot summer, you should know that such procedures help to cope with the load onorganism in the process of acclimatization.

Every day after dark, the hotel invites artists and musicians to provide entertainment for all hotel guests. Everyone can continue the party until the early morning, arranging discos by the pool, where a special ultra-romantic atmosphere is created when the lights are turned on in complete darkness.

Active recreation and sports

Everyone's day of rest is completely different. Sometimes tourists who have arrived at the resort begin to realize all the opportunities for recreation provided to them, unfortunately, only a couple of days before departure. Others, on the contrary, take a hyperactive start, and spend the last couple of days like a five-year-old child tired of eating sweets. One way or another, many plan to return again and spend their next vacation at a 5Ganita Holiday Club 5hotel. Reviews testify to this.

If you like active events or are determined to try your skills in various sports, a whole list of such entertainments is at your service, namely: an open area for fitness and aerobics, basketball, volleyball), there is also a gym, two tennis courts, tables for billiards and ping-pong, the ability to rent a water scooter or a boat.

Not all of these services are free, but, you see, ten days in this mode can greatly strengthen the immune system, as well as improve psycho-emotional he alth.

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All Inclusive Meal System

As you know, strawberries alone give four crops a year in Turkey. Ganita Holiday Club 5covers a buffet and invites guests every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The treats offered by the buffet chefs are always full of variety, all products are fresh, the dishes are always in sufficient quantity and extremely tasty. Only meat and fish delicacies cause a special appetite. In addition, fruits and vegetables, a countless variety of beautiful and delicious salads, and many other treats are crowded on long tables.

A special menu has also been developed for dieters, diabetics and just small children. During the preparation of dishes, special ingredients are used. Even for the little guests, they organized a separate children's corner for lunch and dinner, where you can leave the child alone, of course, if the mother allows it. For breakfast, children are offered their favorite semolina or rice porridge.

Every evening, a special dinner is served to the youngest guests at the buffet in the main restaurant of the Ganita Holiday Club 5. An afternoon snack is also served daily from 12:00 to 16:00 by the outdoor pool for everyone. Hot or cold drinks, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, can be ordered at the restaurant during meals, as well as in the bars on site. This is all you need to know about the food that the Ganita Holiday Club 5hotel provides to vacationers. Reviews of tourists who have already had the opportunity to visit there are always very appetizing.

Hotel beach area

Hotel Ganita Holiday Club 5has a beautiful beach area, located on the first coastline. The beach itself has a sand and pebble base, the entire territory of 150 m is kept in perfect cleanliness and its condition is regularly assessed. The recreation area on the beach is equipped with everything you need: shelter from the sun, umbrellas and sun loungers. Every five minutes, a vendor brings ice cream, baklava, pastries, watermelons, boiled corn and soft drinks.

Young people very often arrange mini-volleyball tournaments on the beach. The entire coastline is dotted with sports fields, so the possibilities for entertainment are endless. You can rent a motorized swimming apparatus, fly on a parachute (this attraction is in high demand), swim on a banana, dive into the depths of the sea hidden from view or swim alone with the exotic inhabitants of the Mediterranean.

There is always a special atmosphere on the beach. The sea gradually imposes its own rhythm and allows all your fatigue and unnecessary thoughts to go along with the waning wave. At the height of the velvet season, it is not recommended to be on the beach from 12:00 to 16:00. This period is best devoted to daytime rest. And don't let it upset you, because after 16:00 all the fun just begins.

Paid hotel service

Some of the services provided by the hotel require a separate fee. As a rule, you have to pay for all types of amenities and entertainment that are not included in the price. These services include: visiting a massage room, renting billiard tables, renting licensed water skis,flying with a licensed parachute, as well as renting catamarans and canoes.

Separate payment requires ordering food in the room, calling a doctor, visiting a hairdresser. Imported alcoholic drinks, ice cream and bar snacks are also available for a fee.

ganita holiday club resort 5 reviews

Free hotel service

The number of free services in the hotel speaks first of all about the level that the 5 Ganita Holiday Club 5 hotel corresponds to. The reviews that we studied before writing this review help to study all the nuances of the rest in this place and draw some useful conclusions. Some services, of course, should be free, which, unfortunately, is very often lacking even in expensive hotels (this includes, for example, umbrellas, sun loungers and towels for relaxing on the beach).

For tourists to feel like real guests, their vacation should not stop if they forgot their wallet in the room. Therefore, the list of free services should contain items such as food, accommodation, entertainment and all the necessary amenities that provide the tourist with a positive emotion during their stay at the Ganita Holiday Club Resort 5. Reviews really help to get a proper idea of ​​the hotel. Special thanks to everyone who takes the initiative and shares their own opinions.

The list of free services of the hotel we are considering includes:

  • fitness center visit;
  • visiting the sauna, steam room and Turkish bath-hammam;
  • ping-pong tables;
  • darts for playing darts;
  • chess set;
  • volleyball court;
  • outdoor aerobics;
  • mini football field;
  • entertainment shows and other activities;
  • discos and night parties.

Family holidays with kids

In order to spend a full-fledged family vacation with young children, you need a number of relevant services, which is provided by Ganita Holiday Club 5(Alanya). Parents' feedback justifies the expectations of the hotel management. Parents bring their children (4-12 years old) to the mini-club, where they can always draw, build construction sets, watch educational videos, cartoons and play mental and physical team games with the teacher.

There are two outdoor swimming pools with a safe depth level for children. Children can swim and ride on the slides in front of you, while you yourself can sunbathe by the pool. If you wish, you can use the services of nannies who will spend the right time with your baby with care, or take a stroller and stroll through the picturesque green garden.

The hotel's restaurant has a children's menu, which is especially convenient if you are traveling with very young children. To make a family meal with children as comfortable as possible, you can use highchairs. There is a children's playground on the territory of the recreation area. It will also be interesting for children to visit the zoo of the Ganita Holiday Club 5hotel, reviews of which you can also study. Entertainment programs for childrenvery entertaining.

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