Greece, about. Crete, Agia Pelagia. Reviews of tourists, attractions and interesting facts

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Greece, about. Crete, Agia Pelagia. Reviews of tourists, attractions and interesting facts
Greece, about. Crete, Agia Pelagia. Reviews of tourists, attractions and interesting facts

The picturesque town is located on the northern coast of Crete - Agia Pelagia. Traveler reviews testify to the wide popularity that this area has recently gained in terms of tourist recreation.

The background of Agia Pelagia

The island of Crete - the largest of the Greek islands - is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is washed by the waters of three seas: from the north - by the Cretan, from the south - by the Libyan, and from the west - by the Ionian. Several thousand years ago, according to scientists, the most ancient civilization in Europe, the Minoan civilization, existed on the island, which is confirmed by numerous archaeological excavations and monuments of history and culture. Ancient tombs of this civilization were also found in the vicinity of the town of Agia Pelagia (Crete). Reviews of scientists speak about the uniqueness of these findings. It is believed that the ancient city called Apollonia, or otherwise Eleftherna, was located on this site, built in the ninth century BC and subsequently destroyed by an earthquake.

Agia Pelagia is a popular resort

Just a small fishing village a few decades ago was on the island of CreteAgia Pelagia. Reviews of tourists admiring the wonderful quiet bays, magnificent beaches and the unique beauty of the local nature show that it has become a popular resort with excellent recreation infrastructure. Now it is connected by a new convenient road with the capital of Heraklion and other major settlements of the island. The town is formed by several small villages, whose white houses are comfortably located on mountainous slopes, descending in a semicircle to the sea - these are Greece, Crete, Agia Pelagia. Reviews of tourists about this place are just wonderful.

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Church of St. Pelagia

At the top of the hill is the church of St. Pelagia, which gave the name to the village. This is a functioning temple, where church services are still held. During the Middle Ages, one of the first monasteries of the island of Crete, Savvatianon, was located here, and the chapel of St. Pelagia was built nearby. According to legend, the miraculous icon of St. Pelagia was found in it in ancient times. You can enter this tiny structure only by bending down, and inside the building it is impossible to straighten up to your full height. However, numerous pilgrims came here, hoping for a cure for serious illnesses. They tried to transfer the icon to the monastery church, but somehow it ended up in the chapel again.

Climate of Agia Pelagia

In a quiet bay at a distance of two tens of kilometers from the capital of Heraklion, Agia Pelagia is comfortably located on the island of Crete (Greece). Reviews of tourists characterize the local climate as temperate subtropical with hotdry summers and wet warm winters. The swimming period lasts from April to October. In mid-spring, the air temperature reaches 23 degrees, and the water warms up to 20 degrees Celsius and remains warm until mid-autumn. July, August - the hottest period, at this time the water in the sea warms up to 25 degrees. And the average temperature in winter reaches 16 degrees Celsius.

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Features of Agia Pelagia

The main advantage of Agia Pelagia was the protection of its bay from the northern winds that raise high waves in the open sea. It is closed on three sides by mountains, so here the sea is calm even during heavy waves. Small coves on the coast form comfortable windless beaches with clean white sand or pebbles, attracting a huge number of both locals and tourists. Even for holidays with children, wonderful beaches on the island of Crete (Agia Pelagia) are suitable. Reviews say that they are well equipped for outdoor activities, and crystal clear water allows you to see the seabed.

Beaches of Agia Pelagia

1. In the village of Fodele, the birthplace of the famous Greek artist El Greco, there is a beach well protected from the winds. It is conveniently divided into two halves: the western part is well equipped for a comfortable stay, the eastern part is designed for lovers of complete privacy.

2. One of the popular beaches is Monofartis, located north of Agia Pelagia. Sheltered from the winds, it has an excellent recreational infrastructure and is a favorite diving spot. Here you can alsotake courses for beginners at the Diving Center with professional and very attentive instructors.

3. Nearby is the beach of Psaromura - it is also protected from the wind. There are sun loungers and umbrellas on the shore, and there are taverns and cafes nearby.

4. West of Agia Pelagia is the pebbly beach of Cladissos, with all modern amenities.

5. The amazing beach of Filakes is surrounded by steep cliffs and you will have to get to it by water. This is perhaps the most beautiful beach on the entire northern coast. Fine clean sand and azure sea attract extreme sports lovers.

6. Despite the narrow beach strip of the coastline, the central and longest beach of Agia Pelagia, Crete attracts with fine white sand and developed recreation infrastructure. Reviews rest here are characterized as excellent and comfortable.

7. Lygaria is a beautiful sandy beach, located in a closed lagoon and perfectly equipped for outdoor activities. It gets especially busy on weekends.

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8. Maid Beach is named after the village. This pebbly beach is very popular with locals and lovers of fishing and diving.

9. One of the most beautiful is the pebble beach of Amoudi, which can only be reached from the sea. It is famous for its mysterious caves in the rocks.

Hotel service

A variety of hotels - luxurious and small villas, large modern hotels and economy class hotels - are located on about. Crete, Agia Pelagia. Reviews of grateful guests confirm their excellentservice and convenient location. Due to the relief of the area, a magnificent panorama of the sea coast opens up from the windows of the hotels. Many hotels of Agia Pelagia (Crete) are located near the coastal beach strip. Reviews of tourists note that the most popular are those that are located near the beach - no need to climb after swimming on the steep slopes. And for those who find such a walk good for the body, there is a large selection of beautiful hotels located higher in the hills.

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Some of the hotels in Agia Pelagia

1. A magnificent hotel on a green hill near the sea - "Diana Apartments". Spacious rooms open onto a balcony with a wonderful view of the picturesque bay.

2. The comfortable hotel "Pela Mare" is surrounded by a beautiful flowering garden. There are two swimming pools on its territory. The beach is also close by. Leaving, many guests also leave a review: “The rest in Agia Pelagia (Greece, Crete) was just amazing!”

3. The luxurious hotel "Savvas Apartments" is located next to the beach of Agia Pelagia. The comfortable rooms are equipped with balconies and a terrace overlooking the sea.

4. "Sunday Life" - this cozy hotel is located within walking distance from the beach. Its French windows overlook a spacious terrace with a unique view of the seascapes. The hotel also has its own swimming pool, and the local restaurant serves products grown on its own plot.

5. Hotel "Belvedere" is located in a wonderful bay nearwith the beach and away from the road, so it's quiet and peaceful here. Spacious rooms open on one side to a balcony under which lemon trees grow, and on the other - to a terrace with a beautiful panorama of the sea.

6. A wonderful botanical garden and a zoo, as well as several swimming pools and restaurants are located on the vast territory of the Capsis Elite hotel.

7. Surrounded by lush gardens, the Aute of the Blue Elite Hotel has three private beaches and greenhouses, an amusement park for children. There is also a spa with hydromassage.

All about the rest in Agia Pelagia, reviews, tips - all information can be obtained at any hotel in the city.


Not far from Agia Pelagia is the most famous historical monument on the island - the Palace of Knossos. Knossos was the main city of Crete during the ancient Minoan civilization. The legend connects Knossos with the legendary name of the Cretan king Minos, familiar from Greek mythology. According to some assumptions, it is here that the famous Labyrinth is located, from which the thread of Ariadne helped Theseus to get out.

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On the hill of Kefalos, where Knossos was subsequently built, the first settlement appeared in the 7th millennium BC, over the course of many millennia it turned into a grandiose and powerful palace city, consisting of one and a half thousand rooms. The palace has an almost square shape, but it does not have an orderly layout of the premises. They form a unique mess aroundcourtyard. Despite such asymmetry of the rooms, the systems of lighting, sewerage, as well as water supply and ventilation are well thought out. All engineering communications are placed in such a unique way that repairs can be carried out at any point. In the ceiling, light wells are arranged in a special way, thanks to which magnificent lighting was created. Water was supplied through two stone gutters from tanks, one of which was filled from a natural reservoir, and the second - during the rains.

The magnificent frescoes that adorn its walls speak of the we alth and luxury of the palace. Most of them are kept in the museums of Heraklion. The frescoes depict flowers, plants and animals, elegant dancing people. There are no military plots or images of leaders. There are also no paintings with religious themes.

Constant excavations of Knossos began only at the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to an English archaeologist, the world learned about the ancient civilization and its great monument.

Fodele Village

Next to Agia Pelagia, in orange and lemon gardens, the village of Fodele is hiding, famous for the fact that the famous El Greco lived and worked in it. Now there is a museum of the artist with reproductions of his paintings and a bust made by a famous sculptor. Nearby is the church of Panagia with unique frescoes from the 14th century.

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According to scientists, on the site of the village of Fodele in ancient times there was an ancient city of Astali.

Zeus Caves

The famous caves are located on the Lassithi plateauZeus - Dictean and Idean. According to legend, Zeus was born in the Diktea cave. In the first hall is his altar, which was decorated with statues, fine utensils and other decorations, which are now kept in the archaeological museum of Heraklion. Passing into the second hall, you can see an underground lake, where, according to legend, a newborn was bathed. Fantastic stalactites and stalagmites give the cave an unrealistic beauty. Nearby is the Idean Cave, where cult ceremonies called the Idean Rings were held.

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Greece, about. Crete, Agia Pelagia is a delightful place, a paradise of nature, designed for a wonderful and comfortable stay. For many families, this resort has become a favorite destination for their annual vacation.

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