Western high-speed diameter: scheme

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Western high-speed diameter: scheme
Western high-speed diameter: scheme

The long-standing need to create a transport link between the northwestern regions of St. Petersburg and its central part was embodied in the large-scale construction of an intracity toll highway called the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter.

western speed diameter

How it all began

The history of the development of the project began back in 1990, when the government of the USSR, in a regular decree on the prospects for state building, put it in the plan for the coming decade. For many years, the leaders of the now Russian state did not disregard the issue of improving and developing the transport infrastructure of the Northern capital.

Construction work began in 2005. The construction of the highway is ongoing, with the phased commissioning of ready-made sections of the track.

Meaning of Expressway

The result of many years of work will be a high-speed highway connecting the southern part of the city (Moskovsky and Kirovsky districts) with Vasilyevsky Island and Primorsky district. The new road will allowthe main transport load from the central part of St. Petersburg, as well as in the southern and northern parts of the city.

In accordance with the master plan, the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter of St. Petersburg consists of three sections: Northern, Southern and Central. The total length of the transport system reaches forty-seven kilometers. Almost half of this length is occupied by bridge structures, overpasses and tunnels.

western speed diameter spb

Uniqueness of building objects

The presence of a large number of artificial structures was dictated by the peculiarities of the industrial infrastructure and the landscape zone in the area of ​​the highway. In order not to violate the integrity of the previously erected facilities, as well as to demonstrate respect for the green area, the project architects decided to build a significant part of the route on flyovers.

Nothing like this has ever been built in Russia. The Western High-Speed ​​Diameter became the leader in the field of innovative construction. St. Petersburg can rightfully be proud of its modern facilities, which will surely become the new sights of the Northern capital.

Some of the structures can be considered unique. This will be the cable-stayed bridge under which the Ship fairway passes. The length of the central span of the mentioned structure is more than three hundred meters. Another bridge crossing the Petrovsky fairway has a main span of two hundred and twenty meters in length. At the intersection of the Sea Canal, work is underway to builda four-hundred-meter bridge structure with two tiers.

west speed diameter diagram

Active sections of diameter

The first segment of the South Section was inaugurated in October 2008. It was fully commissioned four years later. The southern section originates from the Ring Road and connects to the transport interchange on the embankment of the Ekateringofka River.

The length of the Southern Highway is eight and a half kilometers. Almost two-thirds of the way is occupied by flyovers and bridges. This is the most critical section of the diameter, supporting the intensity of the movement of a continuous flow of large-sized transport in the direction of the Big Sea Port.

The Western High Speed ​​Diameter was continued with the opening of labor traffic on the Northern Section in August 2013. The ceremony was attended by the President of Russia. The length of the new route was over twenty-six kilometers, which is more than half of the total length occupied by the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter. The traffic pattern runs from Primorsky Prospekt to the highway of international importance E-18 called "Scandinavia".

western high-speed diameter on Vasilievsky island

Central section of track

As for the Central Section, intensive work is currently underway to build it. The western high-speed diameter on Vasilyevsky Island will be laid along the border of the entire territory, connecting it with the Admir alteisky and Primorsky districts of St. Petersburg. The total length of the route -about twelve kilometers. This is the technically most difficult part of the project, as ten artificial structures are planned to be built here. According to preliminary calculations, the launch of the Central Thread is expected by the beginning of 2016.

western speed diameter

Economic and technical indicators of the project

The Western High-Speed ​​Diameter represents Europe's largest example of partnership between public and private investors. As a result of the merger of cash flows, a budget was formed that exceeded the amount of two hundred and ten billion rubles. Half of them are budgetary funds, forty percent are the money of private investors. The remaining ten percent was raised through the issuance of government bonds.

Four to eight lanes are provided on different sections of the route. The maximum speed limit for road transport on the motorway is 110 kilometers per hour. After the commissioning of all sections of the route, the expected capacity will be at least one hundred thousand cars.

Current Fares

The Western High-Speed ​​Diameter is a toll highway, the funds from which will be used to maintain the grandiose structure in the appropriate technical condition.

The current sections of diameter are divided into several tariff zones, where the fare depends on the type of vehicle and time of day. For cars and small trucks, the price ranges from tenup to forty rubles. Owners of heavy trucks must pay between thirty and one hundred and thirty rubles.

western speed diameter transponder

Payment forms

For the convenience of using the passage, motorists are offered several forms of payment. For those who rarely travel on the WHSD, you can buy a ticket for cash or pay with a bank card.

Another payment option is to use contactless smart cards, which can be borrowed from the track operator. BSCs can be anonymous or personalized. Registration of the latter provides the user with a discount of ten percent. It is enough to regularly replenish the account on the card, and the movement on the road will be almost unhindered.

When regular freight is carried out via the Western High Speed ​​Diameter, the transponder becomes the most acceptable method of payment. A special electronic device is fixed on the windshield of the vehicle and guarantees instant payment at the entrance to the highway. Transponders can be rented from the expressway operator. Permanent use of the electronic means of payment provides preferential travel with a discount of up to twenty percent.

western high-speed diameter st. petersburg

The active highway is designed to help make St. Petersburg the largest transport interchange in Europe. After the full commissioning of the entire line of the Western High-Speed ​​Diameter Highway, it can be safelynominate as a candidate for the official title of the wonder of the world of the twenty-first century.

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