Hotel "Golden Valley" in Novosibirsk: address, room reservation, services and reviews with photos

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Hotel "Golden Valley" in Novosibirsk: address, room reservation, services and reviews with photos
Hotel "Golden Valley" in Novosibirsk: address, room reservation, services and reviews with photos

Among the boundless Siberian forests, on the banks of the reservoir that feeds Novosibirsk, half an hour from the center of this unofficial capital of Siberia, there is a world-renowned scientific enclave - Akademgorodok. With the light hand of the initiator of its creation, Academician Lavrentiev, its location was subsequently given the accustomed name - Golden Valley. However, the topic of this article is the modernized comfortable hotel of the same name, favorably located within the Akademgorodok itself.

The Zolotaya Dolina Hotel (Novosibirsk) has been well known to many scientists visiting Akademgorodok on business trips for many years. They note the renovation carried out in it since 2014, the improvement of living conditions. Working during the daytime in laboratories, conducting research with colleagues, scientists return to their cozy rooms in the evening, preparing in comfort for the next working


Ideally for people of science sent to Akademgorodok, the Golden Valley hotel (Novosibirsk) was built. The photo of its only building contains an image of a modernized typical eight-story building, on the ground floor of which there is a restaurant with a lounge. Some get to it from the Tolmachevo airport by taxi, others - from the city from Karl Marx Square by fixed-route taxi No. 1015, others - from the railway station by bus No. 8.

Golden Valley Hotel Novosibirsk Akademgorodok

Within walking distance from the hotel are the main research institutes: thermal physics, inorganic chemistry, catalysis, organic chemistry, nuclear physics, computer science systems, computational mathematics, computational technologies, cytology and genetics, chemical biology and fundamental medicine, cellular and molecular biology, geophysics and oil and gas biology, agrochemistry and soil science, electrometry and automation, applied and theoretical mechanics.

There is a shopping center near the hotel. The State Scientific Library of Russia is 27 km away. Novosibirsk State Opera and Ballet Theater is 29 km away.

Briefly about ecology

Academgorodok, where the hotel we are considering is located, is the most environmentally friendly area of ​​the capital of Siberia. Therefore, guests of Novosibirsk, who take care of their he alth, try to stay in the hotels of the scientific town. It rarely happens when a relict forest is adjacent to the city limits, when the enticing expanses of the Obreservoirs. In summer, there is a water park and a yacht club. In winter, vacationers are greeted by a famous ski resort.

Hotel Zolotaya Dolina Novosibirsk reviews

Those living in the Siberian scientific enclave do not feel like they are on the periphery: a well-developed transport network connects Akademgorodok with the infrastructure of the rest of Novosibirsk, which has a truly developed leisure industry.


Legally - at the address Novosibirsk, Akademika Lavrentiev Avenue, in fact - at a different address (Novosibirsk, Ilyicha St., 10) is the Golden Valley Hotel (Novosibirsk). Phone numbers for contacts can be found on the official website.

It is not difficult to book a room in this hotel, which guarantees a good price / quality ratio. The corporate site of the hotel can be found on the Internet. On the left side of its main page is a panel for booking rooms. After entering the dates of entry and departure and determining the number, the potential client is determined by the amount of payment. The payment section on the same site opens immediately after booking with the corresponding button, which redirects to the Sberbank of Russia payment gateway. The receipt printed out is an official document.

Academic institutions also use another type of booking, traditional. Private individuals usually conduct business correspondence with the hotel through the Zolotaya Dolina mailbox. A letter of guarantee is sent, and then the arriving employee makes a payment in cash or by card at the hotel cash desk.

Forlegal entities are offered and additional contacts. Note that the Golden Valley Hotel (Novosibirsk) also communicates with other legal entities and potential customers through the telephones of the directorate (management apparatus) and the reservation department. These contacts are made by the numbers indicated on the official website.

Reviews: hotel near Akademgorodok

A budget-type hotel, judging by the reviews of its guests, fully meets the needs of researchers sent to Academgorodok. Reading such reviews, one can feel the tendency of the systematic work of the administration, which was already mentioned earlier. Those visitors who have already been here several times a year note a dynamic improvement - from year to year - in living conditions.

golden valley hotel novosibirsk

Let's list what the Golden Valley Hotel (Novosibirsk) most often deserves reviews:

  • convenient location;
  • good reception work;
  • zealous and polite staff;
  • delicious and hearty breakfast;
  • hotel is kept clean.

Services Provided

The comfort of any hotel establishment is determined by the quality of the services it provides. Hotel "Zolotaya Dolina" (Novosibirsk) on the corporate website presents a list and rates of services provided, among the latest:

  • use of Internet Center;
  • issuance of video recording equipment, projector, flipchart;
  • use of the conference hall, halls of the 6th and 7th floors (the capacity of each is 20 people);
  • fax, international and long distance services;
  • providing the hotel computer network for negotiations;
  • printing, photocopying;
  • storage of luggage, documents and valuables;
  • billiards.

As you can see from the above list, services are determined by the main contingent of guests - visiting scientists who stay at the hotel for a short time, i.e. within a week.


The Golden Valley Hotel (Novosibirsk) is designed to accommodate up to 220 guests. The hotel rooms are divided into three categories:

  • quadruple - 2200 rubles/day;
  • standard single - 2300 rubles/day;
  • standard double - 3400 rubles/day;
  • Junior suite double - 4500 rubles/day;
  • luxury double - 7200 rubles/day.

As you can see, according to the level of comfort, a gradation of service levels is clearly visible: economy (2200 rubles/day), junior suite (4500 rubles/day), luxury (7200 rubles/day). The 3-star hotel is ready to cater to guests of all income levels.

hotel golden valley novosibirsk phone

Based on the feedback from the guests, we will provide readers with an additional recommendation. Guests wishing to admire the Siberian landscape from the windows of their rooms are advised to take rooms on the top floor facing NSU. In the summer heat, it is preferable to settle away from the roof.

Room service

Hotel "Golden Valley" (Novosibirsk), judging by the reviews of residents, is comfortable and cozy. In herbusiness travelers can really relax and get ready for the next working day.

Towels, soap and shampoo in the rooms are updated daily. Cleaning is done unobtrusively, in the absence of residents, also every day.

Hotel Golden Valley Novosibirsk photo

In addition to household appliances and furniture, more or less common for most hotels of this class (TV, refrigerator, shower), the rooms have a desk, as well as fast and free Wi-Fi. Please note that only the deluxe rooms have air conditioning. There is also a toaster and a coffee machine in the kitchen corner.

An iron and ironing board is available on every floor.


Three-star hotel "Zolotaya Dolina" (Novosibirsk) provides its visitors with the opportunity to taste breakfast. But this is not mandatory, you can refuse it if you wish. However, most guests characterize it as good and satisfying.

Also, vacationers can order lunch and dinner at the hotel restaurant. Individual orders are accepted. Food can be delivered directly to your hotel room.

In fact, breakfast at the Golden Valley is a buffet designed for a variety of tastes. There are no complaints about its quality, there are only thanks: hearty, varied, tasty.

Business hotel

An important aspect of staying a business traveler in a hotel is usually two things: the first is to eat and rest, the second is to collect your thoughts and summarize the amount of work done during the day.We have already written about the first aspect to one degree or another.

Zolotaya Dolina Hotel Novosibirsk contacts

What opportunities for work does Golden Valley provide for business travelers? Guests staying at the hotel have not only the opportunity to work in rooms on personal laptops, tablets, etc. via Wi-Fi, but also use the services of a modern hotel business center, technical means of communication and work with information.

According to the opinions of seconded scientists, the Zolotaya Dolina hotel in Novosibirsk provides services (we listed them above) sufficient for the effective completion of a business trip assignment. In addition, its specialized facilities (conference room and meeting rooms on the 6th and 7th floors) are quite suitable for various business meetings and meetings.

Hotel leisure

Obviously, a city non-resort hotel, which is on the balance sheet of Akademgorodok, is characterized by a limited recreation infrastructure. After all, its guests in their absolute majority work during the daytime.

However, they have the opportunity to continue to communicate with colleagues in an informal setting in the hotel restaurant-lounge. They can also comfortably spend time playing billiards.

Hotel Zolotaya Dolina Novosibirsk Rooms

However, those who want to have fun more thoroughly do not feel constrained here. The hotel, located in the city limits of the capital of Siberia, is located in an area with good transport interchange, which allows you to use the servicesnumerous clubs, restaurants, cultural institutions.

There is a botanical garden, an exhibition complex, shopping centers right next to the Golden Valley Hotel.

The hotel cooperates with leading Novosibirsk travel companies. Among the latest: Olympia Raizen Siberia, A&E, Polyarnaya Zvezda, S7 airline. Their contact information can be seen directly on the hotel website.


The hotel "Golden Valley" (Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok) is a really popular element of the infrastructure of the famous Siberian scientific enclave. Accommodation in it is relatively inexpensive, comfortable and convenient for people who come on business trips. Depending on the need and status, a guest can order a one-room suite for 2300 rubles/day, a junior suite - 4500 rubles/day, or a suite - 7200 rubles/day

A positive aspect of staying at the hotel is both a clean environment and the opportunity to use the cultural and entertainment infrastructure of the capital of Siberia.

Comfortable atmosphere in the room, courteous service allow business travelers to pay maximum attention to the business side of their visit. Moreover, the guest has the opportunity to finalize the individual elements of his business trip assignment directly at the hotel, using the appropriate equipment and facilities.

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