Dubai Airport, Terminal 2: where is it, how to get there? Services and reviews of tourists

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Dubai Airport, Terminal 2: where is it, how to get there? Services and reviews of tourists
Dubai Airport, Terminal 2: where is it, how to get there? Services and reviews of tourists

The airport located in Dubai is the largest in the country. It is separated from the historical center of the city by 4.5 km to the southeast. The Arhut area is ideal for the location of the international airport. Every year more than 80 million people and two million tons of cargo pass through Dubai Airport. Terminal 2 is for low-cost airlines.


A major civilian airport has earned the recognition of the millions of passengers who pass through it every year. It has a modern design and high functionality, which is confirmed by specialists not only from the Emirates, but from all over the world. Due to the high workload, it is divided into several parts that have different purposes. Most passengers pass through Dubai Airport through Terminal No. 2. It is there that Fly Dubai and Emirates are located, which carry out low-cost air transportation.

dubai airport terminal 2
dubai airport terminal 2

These low-cost carriers are leaders in servicecharter flights and carry out flights mainly to the states of the Middle East. In addition, on the territory of this terminal there are cafes, hotels and recreation areas for tourists. Here they can get a variety of services that will help brighten up the wait between flights.

For the first time, the second terminal of the Dubai airport was opened in 1998 to unload terminal number 1. The main purpose of this part of the airport is departures to the nearest countries that are located in the Persian Gulf. Now this list has expanded significantly. In order to make it convenient for passengers to check in for a flight, 180 check-in counters and 14 baggage wrapping compartments have been installed.

receipt of baggage
receipt of baggage

Terminal 2 at Dubai Airport has expanded significantly in recent years, adding 12 counters for biometric passports and 52 more sections for immigration control.

How to get there

Almost all roads lead to Dubai Airport and Terminal 2. How to get here will be easy to find out. You can get there by different means of transport - taxi, bus or metro. Moreover, many hotels meet tourists who have come to rest and send buses for transfer. If you have to drive on your own in a rented car, it is recommended to follow the Al Towar and Rashidiya highways.

dubai airport terminal 2 how to get there
dubai airport terminal 2 how to get there

By subway

In order to get to Dubai Airport to Terminal No. 2 by metro, you need to choose one of two directions. They are marked in green on the diagram. Trainsrun every 10 minutes. They are open daily from 5:30 am to 12:00 pm. To travel by metro, you will need to buy special rechargeable cards that are used in the calculation. Those women who travel with children or alone can take special seats. After arriving at the airport, all interested passengers are transported to terminal No. 2 by a bus with the same number.

By bus

Another way to get to the airport is by bus number 55. To make it more convenient for tourists, this bus stops at 80 of the city's largest hotels, and then goes to Dubai Airport. There is a special flight to Terminal 2. To travel by city bus, you also need to purchase a special NOL card, transport to the terminal is free for visitors to the airport terminal.

queue at the checkout
queue at the checkout


This is the most popular way to get from the airport to the city, though not the cheapest. Opposite each terminal there is a car park where you can book a trip to any part of Dubai. The service costs 25 dirhams (450 rubles) immediately during landing, then about 1.75 dirhams (32 rubles) is added to the cost for each kilometer. If you have to go from the city to the airport, then it is better to choose the usual Taxi Public, which can be recognized by brand identification marks.

Tourist services

Many travelers who have been to Dubai International Airport in Terminal 2 have positive feedback about their visit, even if it was short-lived. Such an impressiondevelops in people, thanks to additional options that allow you to spend time between flights with the greatest comfort. Airport services include:

  • pharmacy;
  • gym;
  • agencies offering short city tours;
  • ATMs where you can withdraw money;
  • playground for little tourists;
  • children's room where mom can change her baby;
  • car rental locations;
  • areas for a comfortable stay with GoSleep hammocks;
  • food stores;
  • free showers;
  • cafes and eateries, among which McDonald's is the most popular;
  • Wi-Fi - only the first hour without payment, then you need to pay for services at will.

Many tourists note that at the Dubai airport in terminal number 2, the online scoreboard does not always work correctly. In addition, there are no such exquisite services as in the neighboring terminals No. 1 and 3. There are swimming pools, massage parlors, fur and jewelry boutiques.

shop at the airport
shop at the airport

However, the services that can be obtained in the second terminal help to brighten up a long trip and make it more comfortable. It should be borne in mind that the temperature inside the airport is cooler than outside, thanks to actively working air conditioners, so in their reviews, experienced travelers are advised to take a warm sweater or jacket into the building.


This establishment is designed to ensure that tourists can fully relax, notleaving the airport. This is especially true for transit passengers who have more than 7-10 hours between flights. The most popular hotel inside the airport is Snooze Cube. It is located in terminal 1 near the C-22 entrance.


The hotel consists of 10 small rooms. Even these modest rooms are equipped with everything necessary for relaxation. Each has 1 or 2 beds, audio system, TV and internet connection. True, the cost of one room per hour starts from 75 AED. The disadvantage of this hotel is that you cannot book a room for less than 2 hours, and the tourist will have to pay the full price of the room per night or be content with simple seats at the airport.

Another hotel, Dubai International Hotel, is located near Terminal 3. It can be accessed via Concourse A & B. This hotel is specially designed for transit passengers.

airport hotel
airport hotel

Just 2 minutes from the airport, near Terminal 3, there is another hotel - Holiday Inn Express. Here, tourists will also find everything for comfortable waiting from one flight to another. The price per room is more democratic than in Snooze Cube. In addition, the hotel offers additional services such as spa treatments.

The TIME Grand Plaza Hotel is only 3 minutes drive from the airport. This hotel belongs to the budget class, but also has a high level of service. However, it does not provide airport shuttle service to its guests.

To get to any of the hotels from terminal number 2Dubai International Airport, you will need to contact the transfer desk and drive to the place of rest on a special inter-terminal bus. It is free for tourists traveling through the airport.


For those tourists who travel in economy class, the opportunity to rest between flights is especially relevant. Experienced travelers say that sometimes the flow of passengers is so large that even there are not enough seats for everyone.

Here you can often see people sitting on luggage or even on the floor. Those who cannot afford to pay for a hotel room even settle down here to sleep. If the flow of visitors is not very dense, then you can sit in a comfortable chair with armrests. But many do not like to be in the common room under the gaze of strangers.

dubai airport terminal 2 scoreboard
dubai airport terminal 2 scoreboard

Therefore, Dubai Airport Terminal 2 has lounges for comfortable waiting. This service is available for an additional charge. Such places are called Marhaba Lounge. In order to find them in terminal number 2, you need to go to the exits F3 and F4. These areas are available around the clock. In order to get there, you will need to pay at the entrance.

The service costs 150 AED (2715 rubles) and is paid once for each person, regardless of how long he will be inside. In some recreation areas there are special hammocks for sleeping - GoSleep. They are intended for those passengers who are forced to wait for a flight all night.

Reference information

If you have questions about flight schedules, excursions, services, routes or other nuances of the route, you can go to the office of the Department of Tourism and Commerce. It is located in the arrivals hall. In order to get the information you need, you need to know English at least at a basic level.

online scoreboard
online scoreboard


Passengers who have been at Dubai Airport and Terminal 2, the reviews are positive. From this we can conclude that the majority considers this branch of the air communication station to be quite modern and technologically advanced. In some cases, the small size of the terminal is criticized. This becomes especially noticeable during the high season, when everyone who wants to check in for flights does not fit inside and they have to stand outside.

Sometimes there are problems with the correct display of information at Dubai Airport in terminal number 2 on the scoreboard. There are cases when, when checking in for a flight, passengers were sent to the wrong counters, but these problems were promptly eliminated after the appeal of tourists. Sometimes travelers complain about duty free, which is in many ways inferior to shops located in neighboring terminals. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase souvenirs and gifts for loved ones in advance during city tours.