Recreation center "Golden Lion", Naberezhnye Chelny: review, features and reviews

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Recreation center "Golden Lion", Naberezhnye Chelny: review, features and reviews
Recreation center "Golden Lion", Naberezhnye Chelny: review, features and reviews

Everyone needs to relax in a quiet, cozy place from time to time. And even if not for a week, but only for the weekend, but you need to drop everything and go out of town. There, where the trees rustle, and between them nestled a cozy recreation center. Only four houses, but how much comfort and warmth they have. The recreation center "Golden Lion" in Naberezhnye Chelny is waiting for you.

General Description

This is a modern bath complex, which is located within the city, but at the same time next to the Shilnin forest. You don't have to travel far, but the territory creates a complete illusion that the city with its worries is left far behind. Climatic conditions leave their mark on the nature of the rest, after all, this is not Sochi, but Naberezhnye Chelny. The recreation center "Golden Lion" invites you to warm up in the sauna and swim in the pool.

recreation center golden lion g naberezhnye chelny
recreation center golden lion g naberezhnye chelny

For the comfort of vacationers

Here you will feel completely safe. The territory of each of the threehouses are surrounded by a high fence. This is important to make your stay as comfortable as possible. At the same time, the developed infrastructure allows vacationers to organize their leisure time independently of each other, and in harmony with nature.

Recreation center "Golden Lion" (Naberezhnye Chelny) offers its guests the following range of services. On the territory of each house there is a gazebo with barbecue facilities. If necessary, you can leave your car in a paid parking lot. In addition, each of the four houses has:

  • Outdoor swimming pool in the yard.
  • Indoor pool. It is smaller in size, but it is enough to refresh yourself after the sauna.
  • Billiards.
  • Sauna.
  • Karaoke.

In addition, you can order food and drinks or bring everything you need with you. Thanks to its cleanliness and excellent service, the recreation center "Golden Lion" in Naberezhnye Chelny is popular among citizens and guests of the city. You need to take this into account and place applications in advance, as the houses can be busy on weekends and holidays.

sauna golden lion in naberezhnye chelny
sauna golden lion in naberezhnye chelny

What else do you need to know

Come alone or with a large group. Corporate outdoor parties are just a hit. They are remembered much better than if you had an ordinary dinner in a restaurant. If your colleagues agree that the official feast is too boring, then welcome to the Golden Lion sauna. In Naberezhnye Chelny, this is not the only place to relax, but not everyone can boast of such goodreviews.

Here you can recover in a short time and tune in to the working mood. This will help you to carry out your work responsibilities effectively. It is not for nothing that the Golden Lion recreation center receives such warm reviews, a well-coordinated team works here so that you do not experience discomfort. Baths will give he alth, strength and energy for the coming week.

entertainment at the recreation center
entertainment at the recreation center

Cost of vacation

There may be some amendments here, so it's better to call the administrator in advance and clarify the information. To date, the rates are as follows:

  • House number 1. Small and very cozy, it is ready to accept a company of up to 10 people. The cost is 700 rubles per hour or 7000 per day.
  • House number 2. Spacious and very comfortable, it is designed for 25 guests. The cost is from 500 to 1000 rubles per hour, or 10,000 per day.
  • House number 3. Designed for 30 people. The rates are as follows, 1300 rubles per hour or 13000 per day.
  • House number 4 is similar to the first one.

But that's not all. Various promotions are launched from time to time, where you can have a great time at a more attractive price.

What awaits you inside

In fact, it is better to see once than to hear many times. Each house has a large TV, upholstered furniture, that is, everything you need for a pleasant stay. To sleep double beds with all the necessary linen. There is a shower room with the necessary hygiene products.

The kitchen is equipped with a spacious refrigerator and microwaveoven, kettle and crockery. Everything that may be required other than this, you can ask the administrator. Additional information can be obtained by phone so that there are no unpleasant surprises. There is no medic at the base, so you need to take the necessary drugs and first aid items with you.

recreation center golden lion reviews
recreation center golden lion reviews

Promotions and discounts

Sauna "Golden Lion" in Naberezhnye Chelny is very popular. To bring even more pleasure to regular customers, the administration offers the following conditions:

  • Promotion "Hour as a gift". Time is money. When renting a house for 4 hours, you get the fifth hour as a gift. Think 5 hours is a lot? So you just haven't been here yet.
  • For birthdays. If you want to celebrate your birthday in nature, then this condition should be of interest. When renting a house you get a 20% discount. The offer is valid for 10 days before and after the holiday.
  • Night outdoors. Take a break from everyday life. Spend the night outside the city enjoying the sauna and swimming pool. For couples or groups of 4 people, a house from 21:00 to 09:00 for only 1500 rubles.
  • Discount on weekdays. Not everyone has free time only on weekends. If you are in the same category, then welcome. From Monday to Thursday until 18:00 50% discount. After 18:00 20% discount. Judging by the reviews, the Golden Lion in Naberezhnye Chelny offers the most interesting system of bonuses and discounts.
  • Ah, this wedding. This is an important event that requires thorough preparation. BUTHow about a bachelorette party and a bachelor party? What about the second wedding day? For honeymooners there is a 20% discount. Today, more and more couples are choosing to relax in the sauna as an ideal option to take a break from the excitement of the celebration and have fun with friends.
golden lion in naberezhnye chelny reviews
golden lion in naberezhnye chelny reviews

Instead of a conclusion

Recreation center "Golden Lion" in Naberezhnye Chelny can be considered an excellent place for family vacations and corporate parties. All houses and territory are equipped with cameras, which ensures the safety of guests. If you want to be sure that there will be a free house on a significant day, then you need to phone the administration or visit in person. So, you can not only read, but also personally inspect the selected house and make an advance payment.

Judging by the reviews, the base deserves a high rating. Clean, tidy, modern. The administration tries to provide for everyone the most comfortable conditions for recreation. Do you want a magical weekend? Come with your children. Swim in the pool, get some fresh air and just chat in an informal setting.