Sanatoriums and boarding houses of Sudak: reviews and photos

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Sanatoriums and boarding houses of Sudak: reviews and photos
Sanatoriums and boarding houses of Sudak: reviews and photos

A trip to the Crimea always brings a storm of emotions and impressions. After all, each town and village of the peninsula has its own charm and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Moreover, guests come here regardless of the season. One of the cities loved by many tourists is Sudak. Boarding houses here are represented by a huge assortment, so you will not have problems with accommodation. But before we find out which are the most popular of them, let's get to know the seaside town closer.

Interesting facts: Pike perch is hospitable

The city became famous as a resort at the end of the 19th century. It was then that he was a favorite place for poor intellectuals and students who could not afford the fashionable resorts of the South Shore. The city is located on the shores of the Sudak Bay, it is bordered by a clean, fairly large and comfortable beach. The bottom of the sea here is soft, it drops gradually, which is why the place is so popular among tourists.

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Three roads lead to Sudak, which can be reached by car. It is 106 kilometers to the capital of Crimea, 80 to Alushta, 67 to Feodosia. The climate of Sudak is unusual. Here dry air and high temperatures mix in the east and the spirit of the Mediterranean in the west. Exactlythis city boasts the longest holiday season. It lasts from the end of May until the end of October. The water temperature in the hottest time can reach 32 degrees. If you're looking for a place where your short break won't be interrupted by rain, then Sudak is the perfect option. On the beaches under your feet you will find quartz sand. The city is famous for the production of rose oil and vintage and champagne wines. Currently, active construction of boarding houses and hotels continues here. After all, the residents of the city need to somehow withstand competition with their neighbors - Feodosia and Alushta. Let's now take a closer look at the boarding houses of Sudak, where you can stay.

Zvezdny boarding house

The Zvezdny boarding house (Sudak) is located in the central part of the city. It is only 500 meters from the sea coast. Boarding house "Star" (Sudak) covers an area of ​​5 hectares. The building has five floors with double and triple rooms. They are fully equipped with comfortable furniture. Each has a refrigerator, toilet, shower room, loggia, washbasin.

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Tourists, arriving in Sudak, boarding houses are usually looking for close to the sights to make it easier to organize leisure. Not far from the "Star" is a local water park, a famous monument of the Middle Ages - the Genoese fortress. When you buy a ticket to a boarding house, you pay for breakfast. But lunches and dinners will have to be purchased additionally. Meals are organized in the dining room, which is located in the residential building.

The Zvezdny boarding house has sufficient infrastructure. Herethere is a gym with exercise equipment, a playground, a tennis court, a library, an Internet cafe. You can play billiards, rent sports equipment, visit the cinema, order tickets, leave your car in a guarded parking lot.

Boarding houses of Sudak attract tourists by the fact that by living in them, you can solve a number of he alth problems. The medical profile of Zvezdny is diseases of the respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system.

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Minimum price per room per day 1200 rubles. It includes three meals a day, accommodation, use of the pool, children's room, beach, luggage room.


Many at least once in their lives the road led to the Crimea. Sudak boarding houses offer varying degrees of comfort. And they all get different reviews. There are many people, and opinions too. For example, you can read ambiguous opinions about the Zvezdny boarding house. Many write that they liked everything, the institution is in a convenient location, there are shops and a market nearby. It is recommended to book rooms in advance, otherwise they may not be available upon arrival. Some tourists complain about the long road leading to the boarding house without any sights. But you will have enough time to see the local beauties. Guests like the territory, the proximity of the beach, quite tolerable food. Some claim to have returned to Soviet times. However, for such a price you will get the maximum possible: cleanliness, comfort and delicious food, and even the opportunity to heal. Sanatoriums and boarding houses of Sudakthis is what they are aimed at - to receive guests who want not only to relax, but to get rid of he alth problems.

Resort "Crimean Spring"

It is also called the boarding house "Spring". Sudak is an amazing city, it has a lot of institutions, where you will enjoy your vacation. One of them is the Crimean Spring boarding house. It occupies 10 hectares of area and is a huge botanical garden. There are many plants of local latitudes and exotic species. Walking along the alleys among trees and small architectural forms is a pleasure.

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610 people can live here at the same time. Guests are offered accommodation in three buildings on 4 floors. There are rooms for one, two and three. For those who prefer luxury options, there are detached cottages. There are cozy gazebos next to them.

On the territory of the boarding house there are sports grounds, a well-equipped billiard room, a sauna, modern swimming pools, a restaurant with excellent service and delicious cuisine. There is also paid parking with reasonable prices. The pebble beach is only 400 meters away. It is guarded, there is a first-aid post, there is an inventory rental point.

As for food, there is a buffet system. The cost of the tour includes breakfast, lunch and dinner at strictly defined hours.

In this boarding house you can easily improve your he alth. Consultations are carried out by a pediatrician, a physiotherapist, it is possible to take a rehabilitation coursetreatment. There is also a dental office, offering therapeutic baths, showers, etc. If you come with kids, you can visit the children's room.

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The minimum price for a double room per night is 2650 rubles. It includes accommodation, meals, use of the children's room, animation.

Coming to the Crimea, Sudak, you want to find boarding houses that are not too expensive. And this institution is just famous for its pricing policy, which is designed for different tourists.

Reviews about the boarding house

After studying the opinions of visitors, we can make an unambiguous conclusion that, sorting through the boarding houses of Sudak, it is worth choosing this option. In any case, there are much more positive reviews about this place than negative ones. Tourists praise the excellent organization of the reception, a wonderful team that sincerely cares about the guests. There are also many good things about nutrition. Some guests were dissatisfied only with the fact that they recovered significantly during the rest in the boarding house. Is this not an indicator that the food here is tasty and plentiful? Tourists note the well-groomed territory, the cleanliness of the rooms. Healing air, the unique nature around, the historical value of the area - all this people enter in the "pluses" column. The infrastructure is called developed, the beach is clean, and the staff is friendly and professional.

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Another option

The assortment of places for recreation in Sudak, of course, is not limited to the boarding houses described above. There are many institutions in the citywhere you can not only live and relax, but also be treated.

One of them is CURRENT "Sudak". It occupies the top lines in the rating of "Pensions of Sudak" in terms of positive reviews from tourists. The territory occupies 17 hectares - and all this is a masterpiece of landscape gardening art. There are more than 10 buildings, the institution is designed for 1500 guests. It has a rich history, as it was rebuilt in 1948. But don't be afraid. The last renovation took place in 2011. Therefore, comfort and the best conditions await you.

Forefront of the Peninsula

CURRENT "Horizon", judging by the reviews, is not far behind. Boarding houses of Sudak are proud of this representative. The complex is located 700 meters from the sea, occupies more than 4 hectares of area, is guarded and offers a wide range of services. The six-story building has excellent rooms with everything you need for a comfortable stay. The reconstruction was carried out recently, tourists praise the infrastructure, there is a lot of entertainment not only for adults, but also for young guests. And the medical center of the complex is famous throughout Sudak. City boarding houses enable guests to heal various ailments and regain the joy of life.

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If your choice fell on the Crimea, you are planning a fruitful vacation, prefer a holiday in Sudak. The boarding houses of this city will meet all your requirements. Among other things, you will be able to see local sights, visit other cities of the peninsula, enjoy the beneficial climate and accumulate a charge of positiveenergy for the whole year ahead. Boarding houses of Sudak are waiting for you.

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