Mask Gorge: description, excursions, photos, reviews

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Mask Gorge: description, excursions, photos, reviews
Mask Gorge: description, excursions, photos, reviews

Vacation in the Canary Islands is the cherished dream of almost every person. And if you decide to visit this paradise, then it's time to look for the best place. Tenerife is the largest and most popular resort among tourists, which lies in the center of the mainland. It is of volcanic origin and is covered with numerous green valleys, mountain ranges and faults. One of them will be discussed today. This is the picturesque Maska Gorge.

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Main attraction

Excursions in Tenerife can be made independently or with a guide and a group. The last option is preferable, because otherwise you may miss a lot of interesting corners. And one of the most attractive is the Mask Gorge. Today we will tell you how you can go through this difficult hiking route with a length of 6 km in one direction. As part of the program, you will find:

  • Serpentine from Santiago del Teide.
  • Mask Village.
  • Trekking route.

The island is rich in beautiful canyons. But despite this, Maska Gorge remains number one due to its extraordinary picturesqueness, as well as its size. It is the deepest on the island.

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Let's go

Excursions to the Maska Gorge start on the west coast of about. Tenerife. Here you can see a lot of interesting things, but tourists especially highlight the mountain serpentine, the sheer cliffs of Teno and the freshest lava flows left after the 1909 eruption. The village of Santiago del Teide has preserved traces of this event. It is from here that the path to the Maska Gorge begins.

This part of the island developed in complete isolation. The unique microclimate ensures the development of flora and fauna. At the same time, the descent to the village is very steep. Tourists nicknamed this path "6 km of fear." But, apparently, because of this, the route is only becoming more popular. In addition, all the difficulties of the path are quickly forgotten as soon as you start your hiking journey into the mountains.

Features of the path

You simply must make this amazing journey if you get to Tenerife. Mask Gorge is located next to a small village. It is hard to believe, but until the middle of the last century there was no road to this village. Then it was a settlement lost in impregnable mountains, which only pirates knew about. They hid their schooners in the bay, while they themselves made their way to the village along inconspicuous paths. Today, the same paths are also used by tourists.

After the mountain road appeared, which connectedvillage with the rest of the world, the Mask instantly became of interest to tourists. Today, there are several companies that are ready to offer you a trip from the town of Los Gigantes. You get the opportunity to pass through the gorge. In addition, the tour includes a bus transfer to the village, as well as boats back. After all, after walking 6 km, the way home can seem very long.

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Traveling alone: ​​how to get there

Mask Gorge annually attracts tourists to admire the wondrous beauty of nature. If you are making a train by car, then the first thing you need to do is get to Santiago del Teide. This is a section of the road with excellent coverage. But that's where the comfort ends. Then you have to go on a real serpentine.

It is better to look smaller on the sides. The road winds along the mountains, and it is so narrow that it is not very easy for two cars to pass. The speed here should be minimal. Yes, and stop in order to take a photo, it will not work. There are special platforms for this. Be prepared for the fact that the places on them are always packed. It remains to shoot from the car window or rely on your memory to save wonderful moments.

What to say about the road itself. It is well maintained but is quite challenging, especially for a novice driver. Of course, it is equipped with fenders. But the road is so steep, and the gorge is deep, that involuntarily everyone tries to slow down to a minimum. And so to the village itself.

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Hiking route

Almost every day here you can see tourists who visited Tenerife for the first time. How to get to the Maska Gorge? Just follow the others. And if you get on that rare day when there are no groups, then follow the signs. They are everywhere and will not let you go astray. On the outskirts of the village you can find the first of them.

The first leg of the journey will have to go through open areas, under the scorching sun. Keep to the left side of the gorge, there is a trodden path. Then you will go deeper into the gorge and it will become much easier to walk, the exhausting sun will no longer darken the path. It's time to pay attention to the surrounding beauty. Landscapes succeed each other, and each of them is simply magnificent. The abundance of vegetation is simply amazing. Here you can find huge cacti and delicate orchids, as well as many other types of plants that we used to consider indoor.

Difficulty of the route

For an unprepared tourist, these 6 km take 3-4 hours, of course, if you move at a calm pace and with stops. There are people who pass it in 1.5 hours, but this is not a marathon, but a walk. Difficulty ranges between easy and medium. Sometimes you have to go down from the stones, which are 2-3 meters high. Somewhere it is better to crawl under them. But no difficulties should stop the traveler, who is waiting for amazing landscapes and passes.

At the end of this journey full of adventures, a kind of reward awaits you. This is a beautiful beach where you can swim and relax. But don't forget about time.If you are not going back on foot, you need to get on the boat in time. They arrive right on schedule. Now you will have a short boat trip right to the port where the car is waiting.

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Instead of a conclusion

The Canary Islands are heaven on earth. And one of the most beautiful corners of it can rightfully be considered the island of Tenerife. Reviews about the Maska gorge are regularly updated. And every time new tourists do not have time to admire the local views. They note that at other times it is impossible to focus on the route, the surrounding reality is so captivating. Some even strayed off the path. Lush vegetation of rich green color is framed by the amazing beauty of the rocks. All this creates a picture, if not of paradise, then of something very similar. Many in their reviews compare landscapes with frames from the movie "Avatar", they seem so unrealistically beautiful.

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