The dead places of Russia and their secrets

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The dead places of Russia and their secrets
The dead places of Russia and their secrets

It's the 21st century, and it seems to modern people that the world around us has been completely studied, and inexplicable dark spots have remained in the distant past. However, every year so-called anomalous zones appear, which are studied by experienced specialists.

Our article is devoted to the godforsaken places of Russia, which deserved notoriety. The nature of the mysterious phenomena occurring in these corners, to this day, baffles scientists.

Death Valley in Yakutia

When it comes to the most deadly places in Russia, Siberia immediately comes to mind. It is believed that most of the anomalous zones are concentrated in this region. And one of the most mystical corners is the Death Valley in Yakutia, located in the basin of the Vilyui River - Ulyuyu Cherkechekh. An old legend has been passed down from generation to generation, according to which an evil monster of gigantic proportions, wishing to destroy all life, pierced the earth.

Death Valley
Death Valley

In a huge funnel, the villain installed a giant copper cauldron that radiates heat even in the most severe frosts. However, the strange heat emanating from the ground did not have the best effect on he alth.of people. The hunters who spent the night in this area, in fact, admitted that they did not feel the cold. Many of those who were "lucky" not to freeze in severe frosts fell ill and died in the prime of their lives.

Danger Zone

As scientists have found out, incomprehensible metal objects are concentrated in the permafrost, and stone fragments are scattered all over the surface of the Death Valley. Geiger counters have recorded a powerful radiation that comes from underground.

Yakuts bypass the remote area, which is a terrible place, side. Trees do not grow here, birds do not sing, and moose, as if sensing danger, never enter the territory of the valley, which has taken the lives of dozens of people. Now there is not a single daredevil who would be eager to risk his life and learn firsthand the destructive influence of an inhospitable land.

What do scientists say?

Some experts are sure that many centuries ago, alien ships landed here, which for some reason could not fly home. Soon the permafrost swallowed up the "iron houses".

Others suggest that copper cauldrons are the traces of a highly developed civilization, about which contemporaries know nothing.

And still others consider the stories about the dead place of Russia to be nonsense.

Be that as it may, but all attempts to explore the mysterious valley, fanned by mysticism, failed.

Glade of death

Another anomalous zone of Siberia is Devil's Glade, which can be foundbetween the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Irkutsk Region. Terrible legends have been circulating about the mysterious place for a long time, perhaps that is why it attracts tourists like a magnet. True, as the researchers say, visiting it for the sake of idle interest is not worth it.

Devil's meadow
Devil's meadow

Gloomy photos of the ruined place of Russia cause real horror. Birds flying over Devil's Meadow fall and die immediately. Wild animals that come here by negligence also die in terrible agony. And this area has always been littered with bones. And the trees hanging over the geopathic zone turn lifeless and look like they have been burned by an invisible fire.

One of the most mysterious corners on earth

In the 20s of the last century, a rounded clearing with a diameter of 100 meters was found, on which there was no vegetation at all. The earth blazed with unbearable heat, and thick smoke poured from its depths. Then a bald spot appeared on the anomalous zone - a kind of ashes. And on the black, as if just plowed land, the corpses of animals began to appear. People approaching the deadly place felt bad, but as soon as they moved away, the discomfort disappeared.

The mystery of the dead place has not been solved by scientists. Expeditions often went here, and not all participants returned. It is known about 50 dead researchers, and some even went missing.

Many experts noted the fact that their he alth has deteriorated rapidly. It turned out that there is an unstable magnetic field, as a result of which all devices go outout of action, and living beings die due to blood clots.

There is one assumption, according to which carbon monoxide is to blame, escaping through the soil. However, this is only a version and no checks have been made. To this day, Devil's Meadow remains unexplored, and the death of animals continues.

Psychic enthusiasts and scientists are trying to unravel the mystery of the anomalous zone, but so far to no avail.

Anomalous zone of the Perm region

The Perm Territory, incredibly rich in anomalous areas, has always been considered a mysterious corner. It is famous for geopathogenic zones located on the faults of the earth's crust. All anomalies can be conditionally defined in a triangle with an area of about 70 km2. Expeditions regularly come here, and scientists constantly record unusual phenomena with the help of videos and photos.


The famous Moleb Triangle is a geoactive zone, which is located on the border of the Perm Territory and the Sverdlovsk Region, on the banks of the Sylva River. Nearby is the village of Molebka, which gave the name to the dead place in Russia.

Zone with psychophysical effects

The first anomalous zone on the territory of the USSR keeps many secrets: luminous bodies appear here, hovering above the ground, someone uproots centuries-old trees, time changes its course, mysterious creatures grow up in front of frightened people, and dark ones are visible on the film or light spots of unknown origin.

"Gentleman's set" of all visitors to Russia's godforsaken place includes nightmarishhallucinations, fear and anxiety, partial memory loss, fever, sleep disturbance, general weakness and bad mood. True, as soon as people leave these places, then all the symptoms gradually disappear.

Splash of interest in the village

Once upon a time, Mansi lived in the village, who performed bloody sacrifices to appease the gods, and for their rituals they used a prayer stone. Indigenous people who consider this place holy are immune and do not experience any inconvenience. They do not get sick and do not fear visions.

Triangle of Molebs
Triangle of Molebs

Molebka thundered throughout the Union in the 80s of the last century, when geologists discovered a huge footprint about 60 meters long in the snow. Research expeditions headed here to conduct various experiments.

Alien base?

Many years have passed, but the dead place and the anomalous zone of Russia even now disturbs the minds of scientists. Almost every day, ordinary people see UFOs and blurry figures that watch people from afar, and when they try to approach, they instantly disappear. By the way, some ufologists claim that they had contacts with aliens, but they hide the details. Many agree that Molebka is a cosmodrome of aliens who do not want to see annoying visitors here.

Aliens and UFOs
Aliens and UFOs

The villagers are also unhappy with the influx of tourists and scientists. Garbage in the forest and in the clearings, crowds of curious people who interfere with a normal life - everything makes them irritated. Over time, interest in the Moleb Triangle faded away, which is verydepressing businessmen who want to warm their hands.

What now?

Seven years ago, a wooden monument to an alien was erected at the entrance to the village. Ufologists want to create here a tourist zone for everyone who is fond of the unknown, and a UFO museum. Tourists sometimes visit this place in the hope of seeing an alien ship or witnessing unexplained phenomena. And scientists continue to study the Moleb Triangle and keep their discoveries secret.

Monument to the stranger in Molebka
Monument to the stranger in Molebka

Dead zone in Moscow region

Every day, accidents happen all over the world. But the roads most often do not cause any fear among drivers. However, there are many so-called dead zones where accidents occur with frightening frequency, and it is impossible to determine the cause that led to the tragedy.

"Roads of death" is all over the world. If we talk about Russia, then the kilometer section of the Lyubertsy-Lytkarino highway, passing through the forest, has long been considered one of the most dangerous. On both sides of it there are many iron crosses with wreaths of artificial flowers. Here you can also see the wreckage of cars - traces of terrible accidents.

A dead place on the Russian road

Drivers, survivors of car crashes, recall with a shudder that they saw a figure in a white robe hanging in the air before the collision.


As the old-timers say, once there was a cemetery on this territory, where they found the last shelter of a suicide. In addition, local residents of the village of Pekhorka remembered that many years ago a wedding procession crashed on the road, andthe dead bride takes to the track to take the lives of the drivers. There are even photographs in which the ghost is clearly visible, and, as experts have determined, this is not photoshop at all.

Revenge of the ghosts?

Ghostbusters have established that this is the place where the cruciform tectonic fault passes. In the most disastrous place of the Moscow region, the magnetic background is exceeded several times. Drivers who have fallen into the anomalous zone seem to turn off, losing control of the car. After road workers dug up the ground at the site, reports of phantoms appearing out of nowhere became more frequent. It is believed that people disturbed the burial ground, and new ghosts appeared on the road. And meeting them does not bode well.

death road
death road

But the traffic police, who do not believe in otherworldly forces, claim that the living, not the dead, are to blame. Drivers do not follow the rules of the road and violate the speed limit.

Mysteries of swamps

From time immemorial, the swampy area caused fear in humans. People disappeared in the boggy mud, and in the reservoirs, the surface of which was covered with green mud, evil spirits lived. The swamps located near Cherepovets are a real phenomenon. Several centuries ago, carts with expensive goods were found in the anomalous zone. All valuables remained intact, but the merchants who brought things for sale disappeared without a trace. It seemed that people who saw something terrible threw their good and ran without looking back, losing their minds. The owners of valuable things were never found.


Deadly places in the swamps are overgrown with legends, and, according to Slavic myths, this is where the kikimora lives - an evil spirit that draws everyone who gapes into the quagmire.

There is a sad statistic: people living in the swamp area often commit suicide. And those who attempted suicide kept talking about the harmful effects of the geopathogenic zone. According to local residents, it could not do without mysticism. It was no coincidence that the famous painter V. Vereshchagin fled from these places, who later wrote that a spirit of insanity lives on these shores, sucking out vitality.

Scientists who have encountered paranormal phenomena claim that swamps that have accumulated negative energy give it to people, forcing them to commit suicide.

Cherepovets swamps
Cherepovets swamps

But chemists suggested the following: at the bottom of the reservoirs, a process of decay occurs, causing a hallucinogenic effect on people who become aggressive. This explanation satisfied the majority of scientists, and, unfortunately, no one began to understand in detail the cause of the clouding of the minds of the locals.