Bad Ischl: history and attractions

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Bad Ischl: history and attractions
Bad Ischl: history and attractions

Bad Ischl is the cultural and geographical center of the region called the Salzkammergut. This city lured many influential personalities to itself, inspired them to new achievements and left a good mark on their activities. What is so special about the described area and is it worth visiting - read on.

General information

Bad Ischl is located in Austria, namely, in the federal state of Upper Austria, in the resort area of the Salzkammergut (translated from German means "s alt pantry"). It is here that there are many s alt and mineral springs, the properties of which will help improve he alth.

Salzkammergut. This city
Salzkammergut. This city

Bad Ischl is washed by two rivers: Traun and Ischl. In addition to them, you can swim in local lakes, of which there are more than seventy (the water of some is even suitable for consumption). Also, the area can be viewed from a height thanks to the Eastern Alps mountain range.

Historical facts

At first, Bad Ischl was a well-known center where s alt merchants gathered. Which is not surprising, because the territory is rich in the corresponding mines. small provinceslowly but surely became a popular resort.

People came here not so much for beautiful views and marvelous heritage of architecture, but for he althy rest. Doctors examined the composition of the spring water and concluded that there is a great similarity with sea water, only with a higher level of mineralization. This contributed to greater effectiveness of the treatment.

The city received universal recognition in 1827. A Habsburg couple decided to visit a place with healing power, and the result was the birth of the future ruler and his three brothers. It is worth noting the fact that before the arrival of the Archduchess Sophie Habsburg suffered from infertility.

bad Ischl how to get there
bad Ischl how to get there

After about twenty years, Franz Joseph I arrived in Bad Ischl. Here the man met his future wife Elisabeth. Maybe not only he alth is stabilizing here, but also love is found? Franz and his Empress spent more than thirty years in the described town, at the Imperial Villa, which, without hesitation, was called a real paradise on earth.

Not only the ruler liked this land. Many composers drew inspiration from the environment and leisurely people. So, Franz Lehar, while living here, wrote twenty-four operettas.

Healer City

In the twenties of the last century, Bad Ischl was proclaimed a medical balneological resort. Why?

As previously mentioned, the city is rich in healing sources (sulphur, s alt and mineral). A certain composition is able to positively influence different systems of the humanorganism. For example:

  • Sulfate, chloride, sodium and sulfide waters are used for bathing and drinking. They treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and gynecological ailments, stabilize the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Sulphide silt mud is especially good in applications and wraps.
bad ishl austria
bad ishl austria

The environment also has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the respiratory tract, the cardiovascular system and the strengthening of the musculoskeletal system.


The sights of Bad Ischl are impressive in their scale. So, the list of must-sees includes:

  1. The summer residence of Kaiser Franz Joseph. The villa is distinguished by a beautiful passage with columns and a tympanum. Around the building is a landscaped English park with a fountain and a small white marble house.
  2. The ruins of the Wildenstein castle. The remains of the palace themselves may not surprise you, but the observation deck is another matter. The location of the former castle offers a wonderful view of the valley along Thrawn.
  3. Villa Legara - the place where the famous Austro-Hungarian composer lived. The building itself is quite modest and stylish, but here you can feel the creative atmosphere.
  4. Photo Museum in the Marble Palace. True photography aficionados will appreciate the Hans Frank collection and fall in love with vintage cameras.
bad ichl attractions
bad ichl attractions

Besides this, you should also see the parish church of St. Nicholas, the tea house of Empress Elisabeth and the confectioneryZauner.


Bad Ischl's rave reviews mean there's plenty to do here. First on the list of attractions will be the cable car to the alpine pasture Katrin (at an altitude of 1,400 m). From here, human eyes are offered to enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the area.

Speaking of mountains. Fans of extreme sports will definitely appreciate the following entertainment. In Bad Ischl, you can conquer the peak called Dachstein, which is located at 3,000 m above sea level.

bad Ischl reviews
bad Ischl reviews

For tourists are presented:

  • tennis courts and gyms;
  • golf courses;
  • racetrack;
  • bike rides;
  • skiing;
  • ice rink.

Music festivals are worth visiting during the summer season. Celebrations of folk, classical and jazz music are organized. During the holidays, you can laugh a lot and experience real knightly battles.

Resort town on the map

How to get to Bad Ischl? The fastest way is to fly to Salzburg, as the nearest major international airport is located here. You can get from Salzburg by anything: public transport, taxi, rental car.


Moreover, the use of public transport involves a mandatory transfer in a neighboring town. It turns out that the average travel time is approximately two hours.

So Bad Ischl is a must visit anyway! First, it is useful forhe alth (literally). Secondly, it is fun, exciting and educational. This trip will be remembered for a lifetime!