Rural tourism in Russia: features where to relax is interesting and inexpensive

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Rural tourism in Russia: features where to relax is interesting and inexpensive
Rural tourism in Russia: features where to relax is interesting and inexpensive

Currently, rural green tourism is actively developing. This has a positive effect on the formation of citizenship and patriotism of citizens of the Russian Federation. What is rural tourism in Russia? This is a vacation option that allows travelers to live far from the metropolis, its constant traffic jams, exhaust gases, and dust. Tourists can enjoy the eco-friendly climate in the countryside.

Rural tourism in Russia is also interesting for those citizens who have never lived in the countryside, but dream of getting to know the peculiarities of life.

prospects for the development of rural tourism
prospects for the development of rural tourism

Important points

At present, green tourism in Russia is still developing, but its prerequisite is the accommodation of vacationers in farms, in villages where there are no modern benefits of civilization: high-rise buildings, industry. Houses or rooms are rented to tourists with simple furniture, kitchen utensils, bedding. You can rent housing for any period, starting from 1-2 days.


Why is rural tourism becoming more and more popular in Russia? A vacationer who chooses this type of vacation dreams of peace, harmony, and silence. Residents of large cities want to try delicious country food made from natural products. The infrastructure of this type of tourism should have all the necessary conditions:

  • convenient transportation;
  • leisure;
  • information services.

A plus will be the presence in the village (village) of a tavern or cafe where vacationers can communicate with local residents in the evening.

tourism in Crimea
tourism in Crimea


What are the advantages of rural tourism in Russia? These are the weather in the forest for mushrooms and berries, swimming in a lake or river, fishing, hunting, boating. Not a single tourist can resist traditional village cuisine and a real Russian bath. Travelers will be able to taste rye bread, and kvass, and porridge, and honey, and borscht. Tourists can take part in agricultural work, harvesting, and folk holidays.

Anyone can learn how to milk a cow, weave baskets, ride a horse.

Target Audience

Who prefers rural tourism today? Where in Russia to have a rest to such people? Let us dwell on these issues in more detail, given the growing popularity of this type of tourism. People who have already traveled the world and now want a measured and relaxing holiday prefer to spend their holidays in the countryside. Firstturn, these are residents of megacities, tired of systematic stress, noise, frantic pace of life. They prefer the enjoyment of rural clean air and communion with nature to European resorts and world travel.

Couples with kids tend to the village. Children growing up in large cities can not only enjoy the fresh air, but also learn various village tricks: milk a cow, pick mushrooms, and fish. This type of tourism is suitable for both the elderly and young people.

History Pages

Rural tourism appeared in Europe in the 19th century - in Great Britain, Hungary, the Czech Republic. The Europeans were able to identify not only the advantages of such activities, but also the opportunity to receive a stable income. The greatest popularity in Europe and currently has rest in ancient mills and in ancient monasteries. What is the secret of the demand for rural tourism? This option of rest allows a person to change the conditions of life, to plunge into the harsh village life.

So far, ethnic tours in Russia are not yet as developed as abroad, but the rapid growth of this type of recreation is observed in Karelia, the Krasnodar Territory, the Crimea, the Pskov Region. There are interesting offers for nature lovers in Altai. There are many unique places in Russia, so there are excellent prospects for the development of rural tourism. Travelers are interested in this particular vacation option, they tend to get into remote villages that are not touched by civilization.

travel agency "Konovalovo"
travel agency "Konovalovo"

Complex "Konovalovo"

Let's stop ata brief description of some places in the Russian Federation where you can enjoy the fresh air, relax after hard city everyday life. Eco-hotel "Konovalovo" was opened in 2009. It is located in the village of Stepankovo (Moscow region). Eco-hotel "Konovalovo" offers 25 rooms and cottages with their own access to the ponds. Regardless of the category of the room, it has modern furniture and appliances to make the rest of ecotourism fans carefree and comfortable. Beautiful views open from the windows of the rooms, which makes the atmosphere of relaxation unique.

There is a restaurant on site that serves dishes from farm-based natural products. On the cozy terrace you can sit with family and friends, enjoying a shish kebab cooked by yourself.

Fans of dairy products can visit the production workshop to try a variety of yoghurts, sour cream, cottage cheese. The complex is equipped with free car parking, Internet access, children's playground. In winter, you can rent ski equipment and go for a walk in the fairy forest. In summer, fans of this holiday option enjoy fishing. Not far from the hotel "Konovalovo" is the chapel of Alexander Nevsky. You can get to the complex from Moscow by road in 1.5-2 hours.

Eco-farm located on the territory of Konovalovo offers organic food:

  • eggs;
  • fresh meat;
  • fish;
  • honey;
  • cheeses;
  • vegetables;
  • cottage cheese.

Fans of fishing are offered the following services:

  • boat rental;
  • rod rental;
  • feeding;
  • fishing tackle.

Families who come to the eco-hotel with small children can use the playground with slides, swings, sandbox. While parents are enjoying the fresh air on the benches, kids can “bake pies” and treat them to moms and dads. In addition to the playground, there is a small zoo with pets, a playroom, a swimming pond in the summer.

cheese tasting
cheese tasting

Gastronomic Journey

Gastronomic agritourism in the suburbs is becoming more and more popular. Zaraisk cheeses can be tasted at the Cosa Nostra farm. They have been making goat cheese here for about ten years.

Animals eat natural food, graze along the Dubna River in flood meadows. Ango-Nubian goats are bred on the farm, which are distinguished by hanging ears. What attracts travelers to agritourism in the Moscow region? Zaraisk cheeses are a real delicacy, which many fans of natural food dream of tasting. You can not only taste cheeses, but also buy one of the unique products. Among the varieties that are in demand among tourists:

  • Year-old Golovkof Chizz.
  • Chevrey with Spanish olives.
  • "Ricotta".
  • Artesano

The cheese factory is located in the village of Golovkovo-Maryino. With the purchase of cheeses, the tour of the farm is free. For a small fee, you can also order a photo shoot with goats.

what makes green tourism attractive
what makes green tourism attractive

Siroty Cheese Factory

It opened in the fall of 2015 in the village of Dubrovskaya, Moscow Region. On the initiative of the owner of the cheese factory Oleg Sirota, annual cheese festivals are held in the Istra region. In the farm shop, fans of gastronomic tourism are offered about ten varieties of cheese, milk, natural yoghurts with berries, and kvass. The cheese factory has panoramic windows, so during the tour, tourists can watch the cheese-making process. You can also communicate with rabbits, goats, calves, which are in the home zoo.

EcoVillage Complex

It is located near Kolomna. Having been here, you can get acquainted with different animals: from snails to crocodile. An excursion to the snail farm is dedicated to the peculiarities of growing and processing snails. If you wish, you can visit a master class, bake a French delicacy with butter and spices with your own urki. Nutritionists say that snails contain magnesium, calcium, iron, which are easily absorbed by the human body.

Cheese is also made in small quantities on the farm, so travelers have the opportunity to try a tasting set of pickled cheese, ricotta, suluguni. Goat farm "EkoDerevushka" offers fragrant and he althy goat cheeses. While parents are busy with tasting and a master class on cooking snails, kids master the technology of milking goats,get acquainted with the peculiarities of the profession of a farmer.

The EcoVillage is located in the Moscow region, in the village of Parfentyevo.

Recreation options in Crimea

This region is one of the most attractive for fans of unique natural landscapes. Tourism in Crimea is developing every day. If earlier fans of beach holidays aspired here, then in recent years, travelers are choosing other options for recreation instead of recovery and sunbathing.

For example, walking trismus in the Crimea involves walking along mountain paths, the opportunity to enjoy the unique nature. Many travel companies offer several routes at once for fans of such a holiday.

The main attraction of the Crimea are the mountains. Tourists are offered an excursion to unique caves with several floors, underground rivers, lakes. Speleotourism involves both the study of caves from a scientific point of view, and the acquisition of positive emotions from the landscapes seen.

Climbing fans tend to Crimea to improve their physical skills, to test their psychological readiness for difficult routes. The season starts from April and continues until autumn. It is in the Crimea that various climbing competitions are held.

ecotourism option
ecotourism option

Among the types of active recreation offered in this region, cycling is also of interest. The southwestern part of Crimea is considered the best place for beginner cyclists.

Professionals rush to the southern part of the Crimean peninsula, where there are many narrowmountain paths that only masters can ride.

Another type of tourism in the Crimea is ballooning. There are many air routes that allow fans of eco-tourism to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

Russia is justifiably proud of this region. The tourism industry in Crimea is on the rise. Travelers from different parts of the world rush to Feodosia, Kerch, Simferopol, dreaming of admiring the magnificent nature with mountains and rocks, and swimming in the Black Sea.

In Feodosia, annual sports tours in aeronautics are held. The demand for this type of tourism is growing. "My Russia" is a travel agency offering a variety of options for recreation in the Crimea. For example, you can learn how to control a paraglider, and then see with your own eyes the inhabitants of the seabed: mollusks, fish. Offers underwater excursions that captivate travelers from the first minutes, "My Russia", a travel agency specializing in organizing "green holidays" within the country. You can not only pick up an excursion with diving elements, but also take a master class on teaching this type of tourism.

Analyzing this region, one cannot ignore equestrian tourism. Quite a few equestrian bases operate on the territory of Crimea, which offer travelers an additional set of services: accommodation, meals.

Rural tourism is also becoming an interesting and popular area. Travelers have a rest in the villages, which are distinguished by ecologically clean nature. Once in such a settlement, the tourist finds himself in a peaceful andmeasured village life, devoid of the bustle of the city.

offers for tourists
offers for tourists


How can green tourism be organized in Russia? Residents of large industrial cities tend to leave after difficult working months and constant stress as far from civilization as possible. What is the usual rhythm of life for rural residents, the townspeople call exotic, for which they are willing to pay money.

Demand creates supply. Ecological rest is considered a trend of our time. The settlement should be located away from industrial facilities and multi-storey buildings. Travelers give preference to picturesque landscapes, the opportunity to swim in a lake or river, enjoy clean air and perfect silence, walk along mountain or forest paths.

In the house equipped for ecotourism, there should not be modern things. Foreigners and citizens accustomed to luxury are fascinated by wooden walls, natural furniture, a well, a sauna, and pets.

An additional bonus will be the inclusion of natural homemade products in the menu, the ability to milk a cow (goat), pick berries (strawberries, raspberries, wild strawberries), prepare livestock feed (mow grass).

Vegetables and fruits from the backyard, fresh milk and meat from the nearest farm, natural honey, homemade pickles are essential attributes of quality rural tourism. It is also important to think over the entertainment program, taking into account the requests of guests, their willingness to spend time participating in master classes, ethnicfestivals. Those activities that seem ordinary and routine to the villagers, for the townspeople are an exciting pastime. That is why ecotourism includes the opportunity for a traveler to milk a goat or a cow on his own, feed livestock, remove manure, weed out the strawberry garden.

In the Russian Federation there are many territories with unique nature, where the citizens would be happy to go. That is why at present green tourism is a promising direction, numerous routes are being developed, eco-villages are being built.