Raymar Hotels Resort 5(Turkey / Side): photos, prices and reviews of tourists

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Raymar Hotels Resort 5(Turkey / Side): photos, prices and reviews of tourists
Raymar Hotels Resort 5(Turkey / Side): photos, prices and reviews of tourists
raymar hotels resort 5
raymar hotels resort 5

Raymar Hotels Resort 5 (Reymar) welcomed the first resort guests in 2013. It belongs to the third generation of hotels in the Land of the Star and Crescent, in which design and service meet the highest criteria. It is an hour's journey from Antalya Airport. It is located 19 km from the city of Manavgat, whose recreational opportunities are compared with the nearby resort of Side (Turkey). 5-star hotels in this region are traditionally in demand among tourists, so the modern hotel complex we are considering was originally designed for modern infrastructure.

Of course, its geographical proximity to Side contributes to the popularity of the hotel. The map of the archaeological sites of Turkey is the most interesting here. Side itself is an open-air museum, and the hotel we'll talk about today is a convenient starting point for excursions.

About tour price

Tour price per person for 7 nights in Velvetthe 2014 season is 21.2–21.7 thousand rubles. The difference in prices (compared to the economy class) is quite noticeable. Of course, the price of a day board here is more than $ 100, but the advantage over standard service is obvious. With all the variety of tariff strategies that Side hotels practice, the prices in the hotel we are considering are quite moderate for the five-star class. The boarding house in this hotel complex quickly became popular. The number of applicants significantly exceeds its capacity, so if you decide to go here, think about accommodation in advance.


The modern silhouette of the hotel and the unusual design have led to a harmonious combination of modern and neo-Ottoman style. The graceful, plant-like curvature of this dynamic design façade is paired with a stylized Ottoman dome with spire. Vacationers of the multi-storey hotel complex are delivered to their room by high-speed elevators, including panoramic ones.

side turkey hotels 5
side turkey hotels 5

The exterior of the hotel building is memorable. The guests of Raymar Hotels Resort 5, judging by the reviews, have a feeling of being in a modern comfortable castle. Why? Style. It is felt in everything here.


The hotel area is quite compact - 7000 m2. Its layout has a minimum of perpendicular lines. The pool, terraces and lawns are designed in a curved design, but they fit perfectly together, creating a sense of unity.

Obviously, over time, the landscape design of the territorywill become even more refined. Still, one year of existence of the hotel complex is not enough to fully implement the entire landscape design project. Most likely, the English lawns of Raymar Hotels Resort 5 will be adorned with royal palms and plants, to which the masters of topiary art will give spectacular rounded and conical shapes.


raymar hotel turkey
raymar hotel turkey

The hotel complex has recreation areas around two outdoor pools. The use of umbrellas, sun loungers and mattresses is free of charge. Towels are provided under the same conditions. Note that the hotel itself has another indoor pool.

The first pool - the original form - is preferred by lovers of passive relaxation, fans of goodies from the nearby bar and connoisseurs of good literature. Agree, it’s quite pleasant to lie quietly under the canopy of an umbrella with a cocktail and a book. Another category of hotel guests who prefer this place are family people, as there is a small safe swimming pool next door and a playground for children.

Such a worthy assortment of snacks by the pool is not available in all 5Side hotels. "All inclusive" - the usual system for guests - in the pool bar is determined by the level of ultra all inclusive. Its terrace can accommodate up to 300 people. Here, vacationers are offered pizza, french fries, hamburgers, salads, ayran, high-quality packaged juices. From alcoholic drinks, beer is offered (the most delicious is Efes), red and white wine of local origin (by the way, good), cocktails(we recommend Baileys), vodka. Imported drinks are paid, local drinks are free. Note that the local low-alcohol drink is not a handicraft at all, because since ancient times the population has been engaged in winemaking in the Side region (Turkey). 5 star hotels are willing to buy products from local farmers. Judging by the reviews of holidaymakers, the local rosé wine is just a "bomb"!

Outdoor pool preferred by outdoor enthusiasts. It is large enough to play water polo and swim at the same time.

Design of public areas of the hotel

The public area of the hotel is made according to the principles of open architecture. This can be said about the reception area, and the restaurant, and the dance floor. Interesting design, continuous panoramic glazing, high-quality air conditioning, artificial stone floors, designer shoes, professional three-level lighting. Reviews of vacationers indicate that an unusual atmosphere of freshness, cleanliness and spaciousness reigns here, and a barely perceptible floral aroma hovers in the air.

raymar hotel photos
raymar hotel photos

Unique designer solutions

Each room of the Raymar Hotel (Turkey) is designed according to individual projects. The floor of the spacious reception area, as if in a palace, is lined with artificial stone, reminiscent of plain marble. There are recreation areas decorated in oriental style.

The hall of the main restaurant, which welcomes guests with a buffet, is very stylishly decorated: light ceramic flooring, interesting design of monochromatic white ceilings. tablesarranged along the continuous glazing area in such a way that a panoramic seascape opens up in front of the seated.

The cooking area of the Raymar Hotel (the photo shows this) is in direct line of sight. Between the zones are three large cross bars for buffet meals.

side hotels prices
side hotels prices

The design of the dance floor is simply fantastic: only professional architects can create compositions using pink and lilac shades. It is difficult to combine these tones in the design, but if done correctly, and even with soft lighting pouring from decorative panels, you can create a surreal atmosphere.


The hotel's room stock consists of standard rooms (208 units with an area of 24 m22) and two-room family rooms (18 units with an area of 37 m22). The rooms are luxury renovated. Stylish designer furniture is located harmoniously. The color scheme is ideally matched: snow-white ceiling, pastel walls, light laminate on the floor. Harmoniously introduced into the composition, dark blue, dark purple and accent pink elements make up a single complete composition. Furniture and plumbing are new, expensive. The Raymar Hotel rooms (Side) contain all the household appliances necessary for a good boarding house. The bathroom has a comfortable shower with hydromassage. A magnificent seascape opens up from the huge balcony.

Room service

Cleaning in the rooms of the guests daily. Bed linen is changed every other day, towels are changed every day. To call the cleaning lady in each room there is a special button. In the bathroom, through the efforts of the staff, a complete set of shampoos, conditioners, gels, and creams is maintained. The minibar is constantly updated with juices, mineral and drinking water.

It is no coincidence that the Raymar Resort (Turkey, Side, 5 stars) is listed in the ratings of the hotel business of the Star and Crescent Country for its level of service.

turkey side 5 stars
turkey side 5 stars


The beach of the hotel complex is sand and pebble, sand 70%. The adjacent water area is ideal for swimming: the water is crystal clear and well warmed up, the entrance to the water is gentle. From 12 o'clock on the beach there is a snack bar. Bartenders work in a team: they quickly and smoothly serve all vacationers, and this is 300-400 people. There are practically no queues. As part of the ultra all inclusive, vacationers have the opportunity to enjoy ice cream and chilled juices, eat hamburgers, snacks, pizza, salads.

Bartenders whip up wonderful cocktails for children: milk with ice cream, fruit with syrup and sparkling water.

Beach Raymar Hotels Resort 5- quite spacious, well-equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, deck chairs, mattresses, umbrellas. Towels are issued free of charge at the request of spa guests without any problems. There is a shower and toilet. There is also a trampoline for children and adults. Animators organize beach volleyball competitions.

On the beach, vacationers are offered paid entertainment. For ordinary bathers, this is banana and cheesecake riding. More experienced amateur athletes receivethe pleasure of water skiing.

With certain skills, you can ride a jet ski. If you don’t have such skills, it’s better not to take risks: for an overturned motorcycle, an entrepreneur will withhold from an unlucky water biker the amount of money lost for simple money.

Exciting experiences can be obtained from a parachute attached to a speedboat.

side map
side map


Hotel animators work for five plus. They entertain guests throughout the hotel from early morning until late at night. In the mornings, they do morning exercises and aerobics by the pools.

Special attention is paid to children by the mass media. Two animators play with them daily throughout the day.

Contests "Miss Hotel", "Mr. Hotel", "Best Couple" are regularly held. Often, the crowd introduces hotel guests to each other. Holiday evenings with an interesting program are organized for holidaymakers every day. Moreover, according to the reviews of the guests, the program is not repeated even once in two weeks.


The hotel has 4 restaurants. The base one, which provides the main power, has the design described above. The main dishes on the menu are represented by a rich assortment. There is a whole bunch of meat dishes prepared not only from chicken or turkey (as in the Turkish economy class), but also from beef, veal, lamb, lamb. However, in addition to meat main courses, there is always a decent selection of fish and seafood dishes.

Once a week, vacationers can dine in one of the ultra all inclusiveof three restaurants open by appointment: Turkish, Mexican or Fish.

Paid services

hotels side 5 all inclusive
hotels side 5 all inclusive

In addition to all-inclusive services, the hotel complex also provides paid services. For example, if slow Wi-Fi works for free in all rooms, then fast Internet, through which you can play and watch videos online, is charged and sold hourly in an Internet cafe. By the way, the best free Wi-Fi is not in the rooms, but in the reception areas and restaurants.

Paid at the hotel and some household services: extraordinary cleaning, laundry and hairdresser services, dry cleaning.

Also, therapeutic and cosmetology services are provided at separate rates: procedures of the SPA center, beauty salon, masseur, jacuzzi, peeling.


Five-star hotels are often visited by vacationers who value a relatively passive holiday. Good service, plentiful food, interesting animation and cultural program of the hotel fully satisfy all needs. That is why vacationers of such hotels rarely buy excursions - the hotel complex itself presents a very decent level of relaxation. Another thing is vacationers of three- and four-star hotels. In hotel complexes with a less advanced service, people save money on the tour itself in order to purchase more excursions. However, the list of the most interesting excursions in Turkey may also be tempting for the guests of the five-star hotel Raymar Hotels 5Standard. Judging by the reviews, the guests of thisThe hotel complex prefer excursions to Pamukkale, Cappadocia, Dalmatas grotto, Ich-Kale fortress, ancient city center of Side, Goynuk canyon, Mira-Demre-Kekkova.

raymar hotels 5 standard
raymar hotels 5 standard


The five-star Raymar Hotels Resort 5can be recommended for relaxation. The hotel complex, belonging to the latest generation of establishments in the resort business of the Land of the Star and Crescent, confidently demonstrates a high level of service. Reconciled management, well-trained friendly and attentive staff. Really five-star-class recreational facilities: beach, swimming pools, spa, varied and plentiful food. Professional animation that brightens up leisure time.

It is important that this hotel complex, owned by German owners, is distinguished by really high-class management. And, of course, the original design plays an important role in attracting attention and promoting popularity.

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