"Mall" - what is it? We find out

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"Mall" - what is it? We find out
"Mall" - what is it? We find out

Today, more and more often you can come across such a word as "mall", hear such a phrase as "city mall", or even see glossy magazines with this name. What is called this mysterious foreign, but already tightly entered into the Russian lexicon word? Let's figure it out in this article.

mall what is it

"Mall" - how much in this word…

So, the mall - what is it? If we talk about etymology, then this term comes from the English mall, which translates as a shopping center (complex) or a place for walking. It's that simple!

In Russia, it is customary to call malls huge shopping centers that have begun to open in our country in all more or less large cities. This is a place where you can not only shop and buy absolutely everything you need, but also have a great time with family, children or in the company of best friends.

These islands of commerce and entertainment will satisfy even the most demanding visitors. What is not here!

Siberian Mall

This shopping mall is located in the very heart of Novosibirsk and is truly a family center. An entire floor here is dedicated tochildren, this is a huge number of shops of various children's goods, and a large modern playground.

Cinema buffs can always watch all the premiere screenings of world blockbusters, for this there is a convenient multiplex cinema. A mall with a large number of cinema halls means a wide repertoire and the ability to choose the right time for a film screening session. This is such a cinema! To visit the mall profitably, the schedule of its movie premieres can be viewed on its website.

Mall in Novosibirsk will delight its guests with a food court where you can find cozy restaurants and cafes offering a wide range of dishes for every taste and budget. Here you can also find a sports bar, he althy food is now very fashionable and in demand.

cinema mall

A huge number of shops and hypermarkets, bowling and other entertainment, and in addition, a comfortable spacious parking lot make the "Siberian Mall" an ideal place for shopping and pastime.

The largest mall in the world

The largest shopping mall in the world until 2013 was The Dubai Mall. Its total area exceeds 1.2 million m², and its commercial area is 350,000 m². It was opened in November 2008 and is located in the new business district of Dubai - Downtown.

In addition to 1,200 retail outlets, there are, for example, one of the largest oceanariums in the world, as well as an Olympic-sized ice rink. There is a so-called Grove here, it's just a piece of the street, covered with a sliding roof. The largest world marketgold is also located here, and this is neither more nor less, but 220 gold jewelry stores.

Probably, everything that can be seen here is too long to list. To find out - the mall, what it is, you need to visit the "Dubai Mall".

However, in 2013, the Dubai Mall lost the palm to the new New Century Global Center, built in Chengdu in southwest China.

18 floors of this giant occupy an area of ​​1,700,000 m2, which is quite a bit less than the area of ​​the whole state of Monaco!

Here you can visit an entire artificially created village, as well as relax on a real beach, albeit with an artificial sun!

City Mall

The largest mall in Russia

It is easy to guess that the largest mall in Russia is located in the capital. Moscow Vegas amazes visitors not only with the scale and number of retail outlets, but also with its entertainment options.

Here is an extreme amusement park, including a Ferris wheel 18 meters high, a rock, motorcycle and autodrome, go-karting, a labyrinth 4 floors high.

Siberian mall

Naturally, the center has a huge children's area and a multiplex cinema. By the way, there are 9 halls here. In addition, the Walk of Fame, located here, already boasts autographs of such world celebrities as Milla Jovovich, as well as Robert De Niro.

Rating of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Russia

TOP of the largest malls in Russia that have already been put into operation and successfullyoperate, heads, of course, the Vegas shopping center in Moscow.

The Mega Belaya Dacha shopping and entertainment complex is in second place. It is also a metropolitan mall, the highlight of which is a 9-hole mini-golf course, billiards, bowling, as well as an ice rink and a 15-screen modern cinema.

Several next positions in the rating are also occupied by metropolitan shopping malls. Such as "Golden Babylon Rostokino", "Mega-Khimki", "City of Lefortovo".

Let's turn to the regions. Krasnodar shopping center "OZ MALL" may appear in the near future, in particular, in Omsk and Saratov. The entertainment component of this mall is represented by a 10-screen cinema, an ice rink (its area is 1000 m²), and a bowling alley. The Minipolis children's entertainment center is planned here - a kind of theme park, where special stations on specific topics will be equipped. This gives children the opportunity to get acquainted with the functioning of municipal and social services (police, hospitals, schools and kindergartens), as well as commercial enterprises, in particular, to find out what a mall is. It will have its own cafes and restaurants using special currency.

Ranking of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in Europe

The TOP of the largest malls in Europe includes many of those shopping and entertainment centers that were listed in the previous rating. Thus, Mega Belaya Dacha shopping and entertainment center (2nd place), as well as Mega-Khimki (8th place) and ZolotoyBabylon Rostokino" (9th place).

3rd place in this ranking is Puerto Venecia, located in Zaragoza (Spain). A distinctive feature of this shopping center, of course, is an artificial lake, on which guests of the center can swim in boats. Lake area 7500 m².

mall schedule

The 4th place is also taken by the Spanish mall - Marineda City + Marineda Plaza (La Coruña, Spain). In addition to a huge number of shops and boutiques, as well as entertainment centers, there is a business center and a 4-star Carris hotel.

5th position of the shopping and entertainment giants belongs to the British MetroCentre, Gateshead (Newcastle).Austrian Shopping City Sud takes the 6th place, it is also the oldest of the presented malls. It was opened back in 1976.

So now the reader has a clear idea of ​​what a mall is.

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